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23-09-2011, 01:01
Daemons list

Level 3 wizard Lord of Change with twin head and master of Sorcery. (life)
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut with armor of khorne, firestorm blade, and Great Icon of Greater Despair.
Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin with slime trail.
30 bloodletters full command with Icon of Endless War (horde formation)
30 plaguebearers full command with icon of eternal virulence (horde formation)
2 units of 6 flamers
5 flesh hounds

Skaven list

1 grey seer on bell with 40 stormvermin full command(horde formation)
1 plague priest on furnace with 40 plague monks full command (horde formation)
40 clan rats with the flame template weapon team with full command (horde formation)
1 doom wheel
1 abomination
6 rat ogres with 3 handlers

we did Blood and Glory (misunderstood the rules, thought our breaking points were 2 but actually 3)
we each had 5 fortitude.

Had lots of pieces of terrain, following the D6+4 terrain pieces template and I think the roll was a 5. After terrain placement the Skaven player chose the side that had a Temple of Skulls fearing that the Lord of Change (already a deadly threat) would become unstoppable should the Gods choose to favor him. After back and forth placement, the skaven had the bell unit facing my exposed left flank (though it would take him a few turns to get there) and my bloodletters facing his plague monks, my plaguebearers facing his clan rats in the center. To my right was all my flamers and flesh hounds facing his doomwheel and abomination.

The daemon player (me) won the roll off and declaring that winners want the ball I elected to go first. My line advanced and I rolled a 6 and a 4 for winds of magic. Lucking out I got throne of vines off with irreversable force / miscast and confidently rolled a 1! Oh no! On the miscast chart I rolled... a 4! At this point I was laughing. Obviously one of the Chaos Gods saw me as a threat and decided to end my quest for glory here and now. I declared that if I rolled a 1 3 that he would have a win and if I could just do a redo of the magic phase. So I rolled and got a 4! Shoo! So a heart attack later and a roll of a 1 to wound my lord, I was back to casting! Albeit with a few less dice. I decided its time to go big or go home so I cast Dweller's Below on the 40 man unit of clan rats hoping to send them scurrying home so I can focus on the more serious threats facing my plague bearers. I increased the value to 21 and rolled my dice, scoring a 25. The Skaven player tried to dispell but his feebly magics were no match!

Suddenly the clan rats where engaged in a wild melee as gnarled creatures emerged from the ground tearing at the terrified rats, dragging many down into the bowels of the earth... (19 died out of 40)

With that my magic phase was over, hopefully they would fail their leadership. They elected to stay and seek vengence for the lives of their bretheren. (dang it!) That or they feared the welcoming home having failed to serve their master sufficently.
In the skaven players turn he did some manuvering trying to get his screaming bell around on my bloodletters flank and setting up counter charges. His magic phase was fairly unimpressive as he flung a few spells around and ended up killing 4 bloodletters.

His shooting phase was disappointing as his doomwheel refused to shoot his abomination. And that was his turn.

My turn 2

I declared a charge with my bloodletters against his plague monks and a charge of plague bearers against his clan rats. My flesh hounds charged his doom wheel and that was charges. Everyone but the flesh hounds failed to get into combat (even with the extra D6 on the bloodletters, boo) and so the flesh hounds were now in combat with the doom wheel and I knew I was going to get counter charged pretty heavily. But no worries. Magic came around and I cast flesh to stone on the blood letters and regrowthed a shocking 2 bloodletters back to the unit (he successfully dispelled shield of thorns) So atleast my bloodletters were ready for a fight!

Shooting, I put 4 wounds on the abomination and got set up with the other flamers to support either my plaguebearers or my bloodletters should they need it.

4 flesh hounds could get into combat, 8 str 5 hits failed to wound the T6 doomwheel! Argh! The doomwheel killed 1 hound and I was left with 2 hounds after bungling a stability test... Geez!

Turn 2 for the Skaven player
rat ogres and plague monks charged in on the bloodletters successfully and the abomination failed by an inch to get the flamers. The bell was moved and was now poised to charge the flank of my bloodletters in his next turn!

Magic was unimpressive again and shooting his flamer scored a great hit on my plaguebearers and killed the herald in an impressive display of dice rolling. He also cooked several plaguebearers. Frustration is now in full effect, but all was not lost.

Combat the doomwheel fired 3 powerful blasts of lightning but could only kill 1 hound (I was nailing that 5+ ward!) and the grind was pathetic. The hounds almost put a wound on the wheel except for a well rolled 6 on armor save. Geez >.<

Took a wound on the last remaining hound and then the real fight. He used his banner to reroll all his failed to hit and to wound (that flesh to stone was my only saving grace) I killed 15 plaguemonks and he killed 6 bloodletters. Combat went to me and his frenzy was beaten out of him however the plague monks no matter what happened would never leave their beloved furnace behind and hunkered down for a long and gruelling fight. The rat ogres only able to get 2 ogres into the fight had no success and a ogre and with a handler were killed in the fighting. They decided they had enough and scurried away from the melee.

Turn 3 for me
Charged the remaining clan rats successful. Magic was disappointing as I got nothing off. The horned rat was safe guarding his followers it seemed and losing the +4 toughness was devastating. Atleast in shooting I fried the abomination that was just an inch away... My opponent was very frustrated at that as he claims he has never gotten it into combat. And for good reason I told him! So atleast a little bit of a silver lining on a really tough round.

Combat was still mine but it was a lot more back and forth as his numbers advantage along with additional hand weapons were starting to make its mark along with that furnace getting its hits in... My herald was unstoppable and I was having fun watching him just tear up rat men and getting covered in gore as the juggernaut beneath him was fling up chunks of rat as well.

Turn 3 for our skaven player was good as his bell finally saw combat and was in great position as it was in my bloodletters flank, sadly my herald with a 0+ armor save was the only thing they could swing on because I had already lost my rear rank. He cast death frenzy on his stormvermin and rallied both his rat ogres and his clan rats (they had fled, the plaguebearers killed 2 with poison and 4 with regular attacks and had taken 1 casualty) Aside from death frenzy that was all he got off. He had finally freed up his doom wheel which moved just 3 inches away from my flamers.

Combat, he swung everything he could into the herald and only scored a single wound! Whew! Numbers dwindling I killed the remaining monks leaving just his furnace (hmm I wonder if I had turn 1 just focused on killing that thing what would have happened... hrmm....)

So at this point I lost combat by 2 but with my lord right next to em I was able to not lose any more to instablity.

My turn 4

I recharge the clan rats with the plaguebearers.
Shield of thorns is all I get off.
6 flamers kill his flamer team and the other 6 put 1 wound on the doomwheel (graaahhh!!!)
plaguebearers finally finish em off and they flee off the board as the plaguebearers reform and turn around.
The bloodletters lose combat by 2 but I was able to seriously wound the furnace by bringing it down to 1 wound!

His turn 4
The doomwheel charges a flamer squad.
The grey seer casts death frenzy on the rat ogres as they charge back in to try and finish the bloodletters off (I thought that was a huge huge huge mistake and was thrilled to let that one go off)

Combat sees the flamers getting destroyed as 3 were killed in shooting and the other 3 killed in impact hits and combat. The herald is finally killed and so was the furnace. And the rat ogres EPIC failed. So many 1s and 2s my jaw hit the floor slightly less harder then his jaw. He rolled a 6 for their wounds as well. However he won combat by 2 again and even though I only have 2 bloodletters left I passed my instability test and would have to be killed to the last daemon.

My turn 5
I cant risk my plaguebearers and Im just shooting for a tie so I leave them their and I fly my lord behind the bell and try to buff up my bloodletters. Not that it matters, 2 bloodletters just aint gonna do it. But shield to thorns is great and trying to get that block of quickly diminishing death frenzied stormvermin is top priority.
Combat he kills the final 2 bloodletters and he faces his last remaining rat ogre while his bell will try to get to the plaguebearers.

His turn 5
Charged my lord with rat ogres and charged my remaining flamers. My flamers epic failed in stand and shoot and didnt do well in combat as the impact hits and death frenzy init 5 left no attacks back. The rat ogre just died and the lone handler's heart exploded as he was still death frenzied. Comical end fatality! The doomwheel also moved and it was clear that the only way he could win was if he made some seriously epic rolls in charging/random movement.

My turn 6
flew behind the bell and generated 10 power dice. ALL OR NOTHING! Dwellers below with 6 dice. Irreversable force/miscast! I told him, well just roll on your grey seer, if he dies thats gg (I went ahead and rolled a 4 and ignored my miscast). He rolled a 5 and his grey seer died instantly. Breaking his fortitude for the win.

We shook hands and I went home and took a long hot bath. I was worked hard for that win. (Had we know the rules better the game would have ended when I killed his standard bearer back in turn 3 or 4) but hey it was still a lot of fun and one of those games I wont soon forget.

Finaler remarks
Doomwheels are so rock hard! Im definitely going to drop 6 flamers to field a good unit of bloodcrushers. Aside from that I really liked my list, I mean I know plaguebearers are thought of as crap but I just enjoy them so =P to nay sayers. That and next time Im going to try to bring down the furnace as fast as possible!

27-09-2011, 22:19
Boo dwellars-!
Odd the skaven player had clanrats in horde instead of bus formation.
Why bring rat ogres-? Unless brought in groups of 18+ they just die too easily without Skweel.

28-09-2011, 07:05
Heh. Enjoy dwellers while you can, soon people know how to avoid it.

28-09-2011, 10:47
My turn 6
flew behind the bell and generated 10 power dice. ALL OR NOTHING! Dwellers below with 6 dice. Irreversable force/miscast! I told him, well just roll on your grey seer, if he dies thats gg (I went ahead and rolled a 4 and ignored my miscast). He rolled a 5 and his grey seer died instantly. Breaking his fortitude for the win.

I think the Grey Seer can roll a 1-5 (strenght of the rat ogre on the bell) to withstand the dwellers (always use the highest profile)?

28-09-2011, 12:46
Heh. Enjoy dwellers while you can, soon people know how to avoid it.

What do you exactly mean :confused:

28-09-2011, 18:15
Dwellers is one of those spells that can catch somebody off guard, and the grey seer should have only failed on a 6 by virtue of being on a bell. Any who my point was, People will learn how to Out range/target your mage. That coupled with miscast will make relying on one big spell less and less worthwhile. Grats on the win!

29-09-2011, 22:46
We werent sure which one to use and we just did a roll off (for the final dwellers below FTW). 8TH has been rocky in my gaming area, so not a lot of games go down here and O&Gs are my main so I dont have a lot of experience with lore of life.

02-10-2011, 21:51
nice rep, and tough armies. Rolling just for the seer is why he failed, everybody knows dice prefer to be rolled in groups (to make it harder for tzeentch to manipulate the results)