View Full Version : 2500pt Sigmarite/Nuln army

23-09-2011, 01:17
Arch Lector, War altar, AoMI, Hammer of Judgement- 275pts (General)
Arch Lector, Heavy Armor, Shield- 134pts

Captain, BSB, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone- 123pts
Warrior Priest, Heavy armor, Shield- 134pts
Warrior Priest, Heavy armor, Shield- 134pts

49 Halberds, Full Command- 265pts

49 Halberds, Full Command- 265pts

30 Flagellants, Prophet of Doom- 310pts

38 Greatswords, Full Command- 410pts

Great Cannon- 100pts
Great Cannon- 100pts
Great Cannon- 100pts
Mortar- 75pts
Mortar- 75pts
Mortar- 75pts

BSB and foot lector go with greatswords for my main fighting unit. 30 rerollable WS 4 Str 5 attacks, and 40 full plate stubborn wounds will be hard to move. Good protection for BSB, and Arch lector gives them LD 9 should the general die, and hatred.

Warrior priests go with halberd units to form a battle line with the greatswords. Warrior priests will be placed in the extreme corner of the unit, in horde formation, so should be safe from most attacks.

Horde of 30 Flagallents are there mainly for theme and fulfill core requirements. With brionas timewarp, they can pump out 50 ASF str 5 attacks so they will hit a flank hard and work outside the Generals leadership range.

Artillery provide fire support before close combat starts. Should get 1-3 solid rounds of shooting, depending on the enemy.

Magic phase will consist of casting a few prayers, followed by 6 dicing a lore of light spell (net, timewarp or banishment). Magic defense will be extreme with 6 additional dispel dice.

23-09-2011, 05:58
Drop the second arch lector. Put the 2+ save armour on the BSB. On the first archlector, if you're taking a magic weapon go with the Mace o' Hellstrum. Or put the 2+ armour on the lector, just use a GW, and put the MI on the BSB.

Also, you're Nuln! Use some handguns somewhere, crikey!

And, upon further consideration and in direct contradiction of my post a couple of days ago, drop one of the cannons and mortars and pick up some points elsewhere to get two hellblaster rocket launchers in.

And I don't think you need Flagellants and Greatswords. One or the other I'd go with, and heck, maybe pick up a Wizard. You'll have the lord points after dropping the other Lector, and you can get a lot of spells off if your opponent dispells your prayers.

My first thoughts anyways.