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23-09-2011, 06:50
And I mean all Cav! No cannons, crossbows, anything!

I revised this after playing Vampires and Warriors the other night (and still did shocking well.)

I dropped a pegasus knight for a lvl 2 and changed some magic items around.

Everything is on horses, so I won't mention them in the army list

Arch Lector: General, Great Weapon, Armor of Destiny, VHS, Sigil of Sigmar
**This guy killed Vlad and a Chaos Sorcerer in challenges. The 4+ guaranteed ward is great, allowing me to cast the buff prayers instead

BSB: Charmed Shield, Crown of Command
**The always essential stubborn hat!

(These two are in with the big knight unit)

Lvl 4: Life, Dispel Scroll

Lvl 2: Fire, Seal of Destruction

Warrior Priest: Ironcurse Icon, Sword of Might
(This guy goes in with the IC Knights)

15 Knights: Full Command, Steel Standard

10 Inner Circle Knights: FC, Flaming Banner

6 Knights: Great Weapons, Musician, Standard

5 Pistoliers: Musician

5 Outriders

What you see if what you get. Life makes my knights into crazy tanks, just drowning guys in sustained fights. The speed of the army allows me to get into flanks where I want. The pistoliers are there to annoy the living crap out of big units, getting in the way and redirecting so I can get the charges I want. Lvl 4, 2 scrolls and +3 DD should help me with shutting down magic phases.

23-09-2011, 10:24
Looks like a fun list to play. I would worry about the 15 knights fighting power though. After the inital charge they will be strength 3. I would perhaps consider giving them all Great weapons instead to ensure they keep their destructiveness while only sacrificing -1 to their armour save in CC.

23-09-2011, 16:44
If anything, that's what's making me rethink my second lore. Light, Shadow, Beasts and even Fire help with that.

23-09-2011, 22:49
Looks like a fun list :) It's very character-heavy though. You effectively have 4 casters - do you really need a L4 and a L2?
I'm surprised you dont have either a War Altar or a tank. I'd have thought at least one would be a must for a list like this.

24-09-2011, 00:16
I suppose I don't really NEED 2 casters. I really do think a lvl 4 is essential though. The lvl 2 is practically a utility scroll caddy as a list like this needs the anti magic.

What do I do with the extra pts if I dropped the lvl 2? It's only like 4 knights... or potentially another unit of pistoliers I suppose.

And I feel bad NOT having a Steam Tank in here, lol. At 2400 I certainly will. My 2400 is this plus 5 more pistoliers and a STank.

25-09-2011, 07:29
How do you need Anti-Magic? You get +3 Dispel dice per turn and +4 to any dispel rolls from the Level 4, you probably don't need either scroll, but I guess the Dispel Scroll is a safety net.

I'd grab 4 or so more Knights, probably to the 6 man unit, or a Ward Save for the Level 4 and, instead of the Armour of Destiny - grab Heavy Armour, Holy Relic and Dragonhelm for an extra pip of armour save for just around 5pts more.

I'd second calls for Great Weapons on the large Core Knights, although the 1+ armour save is nice, Core Knights need the hitting power, IC Knights can keep the save.

25-09-2011, 23:26
I was/am just worried about the unit deleters like dwellers or 13th. With so few units that aren't actually that good individually I just worry the unit is gone and the game is over. So many times, TOO many times Ive had them chuck 6 dice and not miscast.

28-09-2011, 05:13
I am actually bumping this up to 2400 for a try against Dark Elves tomorrow. It worked shockingly well in 2 games vs Vampires and Warriors. It's the combination of speed and reslience that really makes the army work.

At 2400 I put the main bus to 18, make the GW knights to 10 and add a pegasus rider with the Casket. I should be able to completely shut down magic phases, even against the jerkoff Mindrazor list :)