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23-09-2011, 18:29
Alright. I'll admit this might be in the wrong section, as I wasn't really sure where to put this.

I have one question about Luthor Huss: One of his Special Rules is 'Fiery Demagogue.' Now I've looked in the Empire book and the 8th edition rulebook for this special rule but I couldn't find it.

Does anyone know what the rule is/does?

Sorry for the short thread here, I'm going to a local tournament tomorrow and I really need to know what the special rule is.

23-09-2011, 19:33
The rule was in the playtest version of the book, but was removed before publication of the final version. Someone forgot to remove it from the entry though.

I'm not sure what it did, although I'm sure someone must have an idea.


23-09-2011, 19:58
The Errata in the Empire FAQ says "replace Fiery Demagogue, Blessings of Sigmar, Righteous Fury and Prayers of Sigmar with Chosen of Sigmar". If the tourney is 8th you dont need it