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23-09-2011, 19:11
Hi all

I will be attending a local tourney in November (at Phoenix Games in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) that features an interesting format twist.

Essentially, everyone will be playing 2000 points armies plus 500 points in monsters or unholy pact stuff from Storm of Magic, but not the mythic weapons. Note that no spill over between the standard force and the SoM force is allowed.

Here is the Ogre List I am considering. Comments and criticism welcome! However, if you want to add something, you need to provide thoughts on where to cut as well. Also, the inclusion of the Bonegrinder Giant is the only thing set in stone.

Slaughtermaster - extra level, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation (370)

Bruiser, heavy armour, battle standard, Warrior Bane, Talisman of Endurance (169)
Butcher, dispel scroll (125)

7 Ogres, Ironfists (224) - the Butcher goes here
8 Ironguts, standard, musician, banner of eternal flame (374)
10 Gnoblars (25)

6 Maneaters, heavy armour, 2 great weapons, 4 extra hand weapons, scout & stubborn (354)
3 Leadbelchers (129)
3 Mournfang Cavalry - heavy armour, ironfist, standard, musician (230)


Storm of Magic Selection
Bonegrinder Giant (375)
5 Sabertusks, Scouts, Bane Claws (Killing Blow) (125)

Total: 2000 points + 500 points.

Thanks in advance for any and all comments.


28-09-2011, 06:17
Why not an ironblaster instead of leadbelchers. I imagine it will be more useful against the high T and multwound monsters you'll face.
I don't think you'll need the extra strength on your slaughtermaster as must as say fencers blades or just dropping it for the points for the ironblaster.

28-09-2011, 13:32

Thanks for the comment.

You raise a good point. Normally, I don't consider the Ironblaster to be a necessary choice in an Ogre army, but for an event that is going to feature people taking monsters in bulk, it probably has a strong place.

The greatest barrier to me adding one is that I don't own one, and with my wife having lost her job recently, the budget isn't big enough to include both playing in the event and purchasing that particular kit.

Note: to anyone else looking at this list, don't take that to mean my ogre army is seriously constrained. I have 6000 points in ogres, 1850 of which is painted (in both instances before magic items and assuming Bruisers/butchers instead of Tyrants/Slaughtermasters). The only real non-options are the Thundertusk and the Ironblaster.

I am waiting on the owner to put out the scenarios, because if fulcrims are in use for any/all fo the games, having some Gorgers might be very useful...