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23-09-2011, 22:40
Alright guys,

Got O&G and HE since i restarted warhammer and have been buying O&G but never put a list together. Now im doing TOFP on here i will soon need to buy some O&G stuff as i currently just own BFSP O&G set and i have brought Wurzag, Grimgor, 30 Black Orcs, 1 Doom Diver, 2 Spear Chukka and 40 Savage Orcs.

I have some other odds and sodds like extra archers etc but this is the list i have made off what i have with extras added to get me to 2500 pts but obviously i wanna know if its any good and if i can improve before investing in more models.

- Night Goblin Mob (100 NGs)
Full Command
w/ - Night Goblin Shaman
Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll

- Savage Orc Big-Uns (40 SOs)
Big Stabba
Full Command
w/ - Savage Orc Great Shaman
Lvl 4
Lucky Shrunken Head

- Black Orcs (30 BOs)
Full Command
Razor Standard
w/ - Black Orc Warboss
Obsidian Blade
Armour of Silvered Steel
w/ - Black Orc Big Boss
Armour of Destiny

- River Trolls (3 Trolls)

- Spear Chukka

- Spear Chukka

- Doom Diver

- Rock Lobba

Points - 2495

Any advice welcomed and appreciated. I fear i am physically light on number of units as obviously ive bulked out into big hordes...



23-09-2011, 23:43
Few things.
-Since you have the pumped savages, why not go for a savage lord with a free ward save, rather than the Black Orc?
-I'm yet to be convinced that 100 goblins do anything that 70 can't do. That would save enough points to beef the trolls up into something approaching a combat unit. (6 regular trolls?)
-Why the razor standard on the Black Orcs? They have the option of being strength 7 anyway - if they get charged by cavalry, it won't be getting much of an armour save as it is. I think you'd be better off with 4 more guys so you get closer to full attacks back. (or 3 more guys and the flaming banner, in case of Abomb)

24-09-2011, 17:07
a couple of things....orcs need numbers....consider cheap orcs with double choppas in units of like 40 ...use like 2 maybe 3 blocks of them....add some boar or wolf callvary as well too....i sounds crazy but a unit of 40 orcs ill be like 300 pts each

24-09-2011, 23:51
Make the two Black Orcs regular (or savage orcs). You're not using the armed to da teef rule, since you have a magic weapon, and neither are you using your heavy armour or the ignore animosity rules (they are in black orcs), as it stands now.

You're better off with a savage warboss, in the Big uns for a free +5 ward (as someone said), give him Gw, and he's dead cheap.

26-09-2011, 15:12
Thanks for the input guys.

I will eventually buy some regular Orc boys and run a list stacked with them but for now with the models I've got I'm looking to more big elite blocks.

Anyway I'll post a full list later but I've basically done as suggested, dropped two black orcs to savage. And reduced my NG block to 70. I have now raised my trolls to a combat block of 6 and still have 150 pts! Unless I'm wrong this is a huge saving so what next? More artillery or some more trolls? Or another small unit/split my black or savage orcs up?

Also what would you take out to downsize to 2000pts? Drop numbers in blocks, drop artillery? Drop magic items? Help me :)