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Dr Bannana
24-09-2011, 08:29
I posted a list like this one a few weeks ago, but have made some significant changes and wanted to see what you thought.

Lv4 Archmage 350
Forliath's robe
Silver Wand
Crown of Command

Lv2 Mage 165
Seerstaff (Mindrazor,Withering)

Noble 168
Guardian Phoenix
Armour of Caledor
Great Weapon

29 Spearmen 286

10 Archers 110

10 Archers 110

10 Archers 130

What if I swapped this:

14 Swordmasters 238
Standard, Champion

14 Swordmasters 238
Standard, Champion

For this:

5 DPs 150

Tiranoc chariot 85

14 WL 238
Champ Standard


25 Phoenix Guard 455

Rare - 250

Total: 2500

Mage joins the PG, BSB and Archmage join the spears.


rbt - archers - SM - Spearmen - PG - SM - fire archers - archers - rbt

or on a hill the missile troops group with the combat units in front.

BotEF is to hopefully knock off regeneration for the shooting phase.

Comments and suggestions appreciated :).

25-09-2011, 15:16
I would always take Life magic over High- spells like Regrowth and the Dwellers Below (obviously!) are too good to pass up. Personally, I've never liked the Eagle as a rare choice, but if you've found a use for it, go right ahead. :) The only real concern I have is if the Phoenix Guard are slain, you also lose both mages. Perhaps stick one in a unit of Archers to not risk putting all your eggs in one basket. Otherwise, a solid list.

Dr Bannana
25-09-2011, 17:50
Thanks for the comment, i have made some ammendments.:)

25-09-2011, 19:19
I think swordmasters are not really good when they're used this way. They are ultra-squishy, and with so many in a unit, you can't really afford to throw it away. I think 5-7 with no upgrades are the way to run it, so if they shoot them up, it's like 75-105 points lost instead of more than twice that, and if they don't, swordmasters will easily bring some serious pain.

Other than that, it seems viable

25-09-2011, 19:21
if you want big swordmaster blocks then take the banner of arcane protection for them gives em a 5 up ward on magic give the champ iron curse icon for a 6 up ward againts warmachines and they all of a sudden live more :-)

Dr Bannana
26-09-2011, 06:09
Thanks for the comments guys, how about i swap 1 unit of SM for white lions and drop the other for a tiranoc chariot and 5 naked DPs?

26-09-2011, 06:52
I'd drop the crown of command on your archmage and simply put him in the white lions, they're already stubborn. With you being ethereal and being able to get a 5+(4+) regeneration save on the whole unit, or +2(+4) T combined with the destructive force of white lions makes it a truly fearsome unit. All you have to be aware of is magical attacks, though most of them can be neglected with that other item if you fear him dying.

I'd also be tempted to increase that unit to like 18, just to make sure they don't suffice when they reach enemy lines (and a musician! maybe drop the chariot for that?)

26-09-2011, 14:19
Where to start... Well lets start with you list. There are 2 buffs in the lore of life and you currently have 3 units that need them. Assuming that you get all of your buffs off each turn you are going to have one unit eat it before it gets to combat. So contrary to all the other advise you will recieve, I suggest you combine your units of swordmasters into a unit of 18-24. A unit of 21 formed up 7x3 is extremely effective and is much easier to buff then 2 units of 14.

RBTs... some people swear by them, others can't stand them. There seems to be no center on them. I am in the "can't stand them camp" because in the era of hordes and large units of elite troops they just will not claim any victory points and more often then not will not even take a rank off of weak rank and file. Great eagles on the other hand are usefull in every turn and are one of the least random things in the army list. +2 for combat res by getting rear charges, threatening warmachines, killing lite scouting units, Mage hunting, their uses go on and on. I would take 2-3 eagles and no rbts, use those points for a unit of 5 naked princes or something.

Now on to advise on protecting your mages and unit set-up. The iron curse icon will be next to useless against the amount of fire the swardmasters are going to attract and the standard of arcane warding is even worse. Hexes and stat tests are the spells people are going to throw at that unit and magic resistance works against niether of those.

The crown of command is a nice piece of gear but is it needed in the unit you are going to be putting the level 4 in? That depends on that unit I would say. As one of the buffs the lore of life will be packing can only be targeted on the wizard and his unit (see earth blood), the best place for him would be in the unit of sword masters or the unit of spearmen as pheonix guard already have a 4++ save and therefor can't benefit from a 5+/4+ regen. The spearmen can absolutely benefit from stubborn, the swordmasters less so. If you go the swordmaster route dropping the crown for something more usefull like the banner of eternal flame would be nice but with the spearmen route I would suggest you keep things the way you have them.

I think you have a solid list and in the right hands should preform very well. Just try to stay away from empire warmachine spam and you should do well.

Dr Bannana
26-09-2011, 15:50
thanks for the comments, i thought that the PG with their 4++ already would not need life buffs. i also realised i screwed up the numbers for the command...

27-09-2011, 15:36
When i said 3 units, I ment the 2 units of swordmasters and the spearmen. You are absolutely right that the PG are rock solid on thier own with thier 4++. They won't be slaughtering things at str4 but mindrazor can fix that.