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Oogie boogie boss
24-09-2011, 16:48
Okay, so i want to start a Savage Orc army after years of playing Skaven, and wondered if anyone has any tips for using them tactics wise? I haven't written out an army list yet, but i've got an idea of what i want the army to eventually made up of. The list goes thusly:

40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
50 Savage Orcs Big 'Uns
15 Savage orc Boar Boys
15 Savage Orc Boar Boys
8 River Trolls
8 River Trolls
8 River Trolls
1 Giant
1 Giant
Assorted Characters, all Savage.

I very much want this to be a themed army, with the theme in question being bruatal, low-tech Savage Orcs, hence the absence of war machines.
I'm not sure about the Arachnarok yet. I like the model, but i'm not sure if it's 'blunt' enough for this army.
Also, i don't want any Black Orcs. Personally, i like Animosity and thinks it adds character to the army.

So, thoughts, comments, suggestions?:p

24-09-2011, 17:54
It sounds like it'll be a fun, themed army.

I'd suggest a unit or two of spider riders if that doesn't harm your theme too much. Possibly a single troll unit or two.

You've got some nasty combat units but not much to control movement.

Oogie boogie boss
24-09-2011, 18:12
True, Spider Riders would be useful, and would still fit into the theme of the army. I might go for a couple of units of 50 Forset Goblins with short bows, as i think if you're gonna have gobbos, you should have lots.
As for inhibiting movement, i mainly play against Dwarves, Brettonians and Lizardmen. The Dwarves aren't manouverable enough to require inhibition, the Brettonians inevitable come straight forward to try and break the centre, so it's only the Lizardmen with their skinks which might out manouvre me. That being said, the Lizardman army i normally play against is very Saurus and Stegadon heavy (5 Stegadons and units of 30 Saurus), so that will generally look to close quickly, which suits me.
Still, i should have options to keep versatility, as you never know who's gonna start collecting what.

30-09-2011, 21:55
Wurzzag and that item that boosts their ward in a Horde of Savage Orc Big Uns.

01-10-2011, 03:22
Wurzzag and that item that boosts their ward in a Horde of Savage Orc Big Uns.

the shrunken head.. Wurrzag goes to a 4+ and everyone else has 5+

There are a couple ways you can look at theme lists.. You can either build it with units as a theme, or model the theme in.
An example would be my list:
Lev. 2 Shaman w/ shrunken head
BSB boss w/ armor of destiny and some weapon (i forget)

30 savage orcs w/ big stabba and mus/banner
37 savage orcs w/ full command (run as horde with characters)
5 wolf riders w/ mus
5 wolf riders w/ mus

6 trolls
3 spear chukkas
10 savage boars w/ mus/banner or swiftness

Giant (NO warpaint- useless 20 points)
2 mangler squigs
pump wagon

I wanted something effective, and it's all pretty much in theme except for the manglers. I'm modelling them as crazy boars with riders that are barely hanging on (razorgors w/ savage riders)
the spear chukkas even have tiki gobbos manning them and the pump wagon is a looted skaven doomwheel they found in lustria modified to have a boar on a running belt to power it :)

01-10-2011, 03:39
I'm pretty sure real savage orc tactics are run at them and try to cut their heads off.

03-10-2011, 05:50
Tactiks? Dat sounds like Goblin talk to me, you ovusly ain't no propa savage yet! Tactix are for whoosie umies and weedy goblins, we savage iorcs are so strong and tuff we can just run at da enemies and chop off der 'eds!!! Often yellin WAAAGH!!!! really loud to try n scare em away!

[Disclaimer: Savage Orc Tactician may not be a reliable source]

Seriously, I like your list a lot and seriously you pretty much just want to run at them as fast as possible and bash 'em up! However, some spiders would be very useful for getting rid of war machines.

Oogie boogie boss
03-10-2011, 09:13
I like it. It's subtle. :p