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24-09-2011, 20:39
Came across an interesting rules debate the other day.

I was playing with my Dark Elves and of course using a hydra. My friend was playing Empire. He hits and wounds my hydra with a fireball. I fail my scaly skin save and then I roll to see who takes the wound. I rolled a 5 and lost a handler. So my hydra who has regen was unscathed by the flaming attack. Am I permitted to take regen saves for the remainder of the phase?

24-09-2011, 20:41
You need to read the rules for the hydra, it doesn't randomise wounds. Army book over rulebook.

24-09-2011, 21:08
What tmarichards said is true, no randimazation so noregen save.

24-09-2011, 22:27
I also got a regeneration question...

I played a Dwarf player the other day, he shot my hydra with the cannon, just a normal cannon nothing else.

He claimed I had to make a regeneration roll for each multiple wound the cannon caused, instead of the inital one.

He claimed it was because regens are taken last, after the wounds are caused, and alas after multiplying wounds, so it was not counted as a save like wards and armour saves...

24-09-2011, 22:40
Thats an interesting one, I've always taken my saves before calculating multiple wounds, so we only had one set of saves to make.

The way my gaming group looks at it is that the cannonball/sword, whatever, is still only hitting you once, its only doing multiple wounds because its so powerful. So because its only hitting once, you only have to take one armour/ward/regen save.

I just looked up the rulebook and P73 says 'Each UNSAVED wound inflicted by an attack with the multiple wound special rule is multiplied into more than one wound.'

P 74 says 'A model with the regeneration special rule is permitted a special regeneration save after it has failed ay armour save it my have, instead of taking a ward save.' So there you go, regens are taken the save time as a ward save, which means its done before the wounds are multiplied.

So hope that clears it up

24-09-2011, 22:44
Well we play it like that with Armour save, and ward save, because you take it to prevent a wound..

But if you haven't taken a wound you got nothing to regenerate. So they clame that you get hit by the cannonball and it wounds you causing multiple wounds, then you regenerate, what ever damage it causes...

They also said that regen isn't a save like wards and armour saves :/

24-09-2011, 22:46
You take the regen save before the wound multiplication, as per the rulebook

24-09-2011, 22:53
Ok great!