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25-09-2011, 06:44
I can't use Hellheart against Cupped Hands (or at least, it seems too risky to me to wait until the Slann has passed off its first miscast before being able to use HH against the second) - what can I do to protect my Ogres from Slann magic?

25-09-2011, 12:06
Should go in the rules forum (probably there already) but iirc on the wording of the hellheart it says it forces the enemy to take the effect of a roll on the miscast table without actually causing a miscast. As such cupped hands won't be able to pass it on to you.

So the hellheart will work though there is some debate about this. Best to clarify with your opponent before the game.

After that you can take a dispel scroll and make sure you hit the enemy as quickly as you can and charge as many units as possible.

Lore of life is not too hard to counter, one of the units will gain +2/4 toughness which will keep said unit alive against pretty much anything, that is fine, its just 1 unit, as long as your in combat with 3-4 units the same turn you can afford for one of them to be well protected.

The regen can only be cast on the slann's own unit so make sure to hit that unit with the mandatory flaming banner unit. You should be able to dispel one of the spells so just choose wisely which one you want to get rid of.

If your flaming banner is on your guts you might want to dispel the toughness spell (with all your dice if need be) etc, just realise that most of the spells he casts will go through and decide which ONE spell you really want to counter (either throne of vines or the toughness spell from life)

You have much higher movement speed and even swiftstride on the cavalry so you should be able to set it up so you get the charge, in which case the enemy will possibly have less buff spells on if he spent his dice on dwellers etc. Also you will hopefully be able to get a spell off on your turn as well (hopefully but cogitation does make it hard)

It really depends on the lore the enemy is using, but just realise that you cannot dispel many of his spells, decide before which one scares you the most and save your dice for this.

Also remember the slann can cast with 6+1 dice if it wants to.

How you react also depends on the rest of his army, if he is running around with 30 skirmishing chamo skinks you will be taking a lot of damage from shooting each turn so you want to get into CC as fast as possible, if he doesn't have so many you can afford to wait an extra turn to set up the best charges.

It really depends on more than just the slann, the build of his army and the lore he chooses will effect your game play a great deal.

Definitely take a dispel scroll though, both the scroll and the heart if you can.

25-09-2011, 13:57
thanks very much - I guess clarifying with the opponent is the number 1 tactic to make sure Hellheart has the desired effect! Though I didn't even think of this as a rules question because to me, the wording seems quite clear in favor of Cupped Hands working. We'll see what he thinks!

All the rest is super useful too - I usually play LM, so playing against them is making me regret the power of a Slann with LoL.