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25-09-2011, 08:03
i'm looking at buying the imperial Armour 9 and 10 pack but before i spend $150 i want to have some idea what i'm getting. could someone tell me what their contents are and if they have army lists in them?

25-09-2011, 09:54
The background to the Badab War is certainly interesting if you want t read about how Imperial politics can often cause internal problems, and also why certain Space Marine chapters are regarded as loose cannons. Because its all from a 'human' perpective, I personally think it has far more depth to it than the humans vs aliens stories.

Rules-wise, there are two army lists: in IA9 you have the Tyrant's Legion, basically the Badab sector PDF forces combined with support from the overstrength Astral Claws chapter (you find out why this is in the story) - basically a hard core of Space Marine units backed up by most poor-quality (read: conscript level) IG units that they literally use as cannon fodder, plus a selection of Guard heavy equipment in support. Not a power list, but very characterful.

In IA10, to go with the stories of the many sieges carried out to quell the Tyrant, there's a Space Marine Siege Assault list. A very different kettle of fish, this denies you the use of some common equipment - mostly Drop Pods - but its backbone is formed of LOTS of Dreadnoughts. There's some extra equipment for Tactical troops in the form of Siege Pavises, and SM tanks can be taken in squadrons. Because its a very specialised and potent army, it also has extra objectives which you have to fulfill to win games.

Missionwise, IA9 focuses on boarding assaults and fighting inside spaceships - spectacularly bloody affairs for both sides. There are strategems a la cities of death for attackers and defenders and a lot of rules for hazardous scenery and tunnel fighting, quite unlike normal games. Bags of character :).

IA10 focuses more on siege assaults and battering your way into fortified positions. Again, lots of scope for constructing siege style missions.

Outside of the two army lists, there aren't that many 'rules' per se. There's a long list of Special Characters for various lesser-known Space Marine Chapters who took part in the two stages of the war. Commander Culln puts in another appearance, together with a several other Chapter Masters, Captains etc for the forces of both sides. Nothing overwhelmingly hard here, but again a nice way to characterise a SM force. The Astral Claws are of course well represented.

Equipmentwise, you have the Caestus Ram and the Land Raider Achilles, but most of what is used is either already in Codex SMs or is detailed in the books themselves (like some of the more specialised stuff employed by the Tyrant's Legion.

Oh, and finally, pre-downfall Lugft Huron is a bad-ass :).

25-09-2011, 16:58
The story of the Badab war is really, really cool if you've ever been infected by a love for marines.

The sheer number of special characters allows you to customize your army in new ways - introducing tonnes of variety into what could have been a pretty boring marines vs. marines snorefest. All of those Chapter Tactics rules can make it alot more interesting to play against other marine players. IA9 has 12 special characters, IA10 has 10...

The army lists are pretty decent. I like alot of the stuff in the Siege list, but I wouldn't expect it to see regular use, unless you are used to playing lots of themed games at high point values. The ability to take squadrons of dreadnoughts and marine tanks is a little crazy IMO, but this is balanced somewhat by being forced to take an extra objective to pull of anything but a draw.

Tyrant's legion is pretty awesome list though... really excellent to represent a kind of marine-heavy Lost and the Damned list. I played a game against this list just the other day and despite ripping through over ninety models, I lost due to random game length. This list is designed for attrition warfare.

Boarding actions are very cool as well. They aren't super hard to set up if you just cut out a bunch of hallways and rooms and then use a scattering of random pieces to provide some cover. There are some cool extra rules such as Catastrophic Damage which can cause some crazy terrain effects, and the Cold Void rule for playing in de-pressurized compartments. The Cold Void rule makes any weapon at S4 or higher rending unless you have an armour value, 2+ save or are Void Hardened (available to some units as strategems, to some units from the Tyrant's Legion and via some of the Special Characters in the book) and makes for some really messy close-quarters fights as well as nearly perfectly representing how I imagine marines operating in boarding assaults (terminators become that much more awesome simply by virtue of ignoring the Cold Void). If you're getting sick of the usual mechanized craziness of normal 40k, you'll dig this type of game.

Hope this helps...


The Good Doctor.