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13-04-2006, 00:20
I thought I'd conduct a completely unscientific survey to find out how people first came across GW games and miniatures. This is due to Mad Docs contention that the GW retail chain is necessary to introduce new people to GWs business.

So how did you come across GW:

GW store
Independent games store
Other retail store
GW outrider event - eg at a games convention, or running intro games at a library or school.
Any other (please specify)

Personally, I first came across GW when I saw, and had for a present, Heroquest in my local branch of WHSmiths, which is a jack-of-many-trades sort of retailer on all UK high streets that sells books, stationary, board games, etc.

Alco Engineer
13-04-2006, 00:30
I guess really it was from playin Heroquest with some friends and then I got into space crusade, but getting into real GW, was when I was in yr6 and a mate had a white dwarf that had pictures in it. It was when the metal catachans were first released. they looked really cool. After time I got into Blood Bowl. Reading battle reports and then getting the game at the end of the year.

Mmmmm....... Blood Bowl.......

13-04-2006, 00:53
As near as I can remember it was spotting a friend's models while I was round at his house one time. He was a spectacular painter, never played, but was into the artistic side of things. Having flipped through a couple of his magazines, admired his miniatures and asked some (embarrassingly ignorant) questions I picked up WD 192 while in WH Smiths. I've been enthused on and off ever since.


13-04-2006, 01:11
People can say the Mk is.. that is... was horrible, the miniatures were bad and etc... but for me it was the first step into the whole gaming scene.
I liked playing it a lot but i found the whole competitive scene was kind of a pain in the behinds, but as I was playing, a warlord showed me some white dwarf magazines... It made me end up buying the two towers box of LOTR and finally getting my first high elves to start an army...
It's not been so long... a couple years actually, but it's been a nice ride :)

Quin 242
13-04-2006, 01:23
I was at an RPG convention and saw some guys playing bloodbowl.. started with that and then got into necromunda... then it all went pants and I have a whole room devoted to little people now :(

13-04-2006, 01:23
Got started in '88 or there abouts. I don't think there was a GW store in the states at the time, atleast I didn't hear of one until a few years later. Outriders and their events weren't even a concempt at the time, and the internet was not much then. A friend, more to the point the father of a friend, was a gamer and introduced his son's friends to GW and other games.

13-04-2006, 02:06
HeroQuest commercials on TV.

13-04-2006, 02:55
Same with me. It's kinda funny that someone wants to find out some stuff about what kind of marketing is required to bring people into the hobby, and he didn't even consider the issue of television adverts despite the fact there's a thread right there about it where several of us mention that they were what got us into the hobby in the first place.

It's the kind of schoolboy error I'd make! ;)

People can say the Mk is.. that is... was horrible, the miniatures were bad and etc...

What's Mk?

13-04-2006, 08:34
Got into D&D in the early 80's via my next door neighbour. Borrowed his white dwarf and started buying regularly circa issue 60ish. Never looked back apart from brief period in wilderness in mid 90's

seriously considering continued purchase of WD at present though. The WD team need to go and spend some serious time in the archives looking at old issues, including the pre warhammer ones to get things back on track

13-04-2006, 09:07
Via my Dad who used to paint for Bryan Ansell and whose group used to demo at the old Citadel factory.

13-04-2006, 10:11
Got started through a friend way back in 1984, the days when you had to travel to Hammersmith in London, when GW only had the one shop! Thanks for making me feel old.

13-04-2006, 10:31
Initially (about 20 years ago!! :wtf: ) a few school friends and me played D&D then someone got Blood Bowl, someone else got Heroquest and i think something called Dark Future (car war type thing??)...then over the years we all found the other sex, beer and other things so i really didn't have any involvement for over 15 years then, late last year, i bought a White Dwarf on a whim as opposed to a martial arts mag (i was angry due to the latest injury i'd got in training so ignored the martial arts mag)...nostalgically remembered the fun of my childhood and it went from there!

Morathi's Darkest Sin
13-04-2006, 11:26
88 for me also.

I read Dragons of Autumn Twilght that came free with a Dragonlance chronicles game in 87 and that got me into the idea of fantasy.

Then in eartly 88 saw a mates White Dwarf which was full of what is now called Epic and it looked realy cool. Got brought Heroquest, then moved into Space Hulk, then Blood Bowl and haven't really looked back since.

13-04-2006, 11:55
It must have been around 1995 time when I was still at school. I fell in with a bunch of airfix hobbiests like myself, one of which collected a strange "wargame" known as "WARHAMMER 40,000" he showed me a few promotional pamphlets containing some of the early boxed sets and early sm tanks and I instantly fell in love with them. Of course back then it was all scary new ground for me and the rules seemed secondary to the models. I spent a month trying ot figure out what I would spend my pocket money on, a box of termagants or (I think) splash out on a box of Tallarn IG.

My brother had his birthday and he decided he wanted to get in on it too so he brought the space hulk boxed set. the first model I ever painted was a Termninator that I used enamel red to paint straight over the plastic, and yellow on the crux etc. He also brought Bjorn the fell handed for some reason.

The first thing I brought was the tallarn squad which I painted using about 5 paints (emerald green, flesh wash, chaos black, bg metal and snakebite leather)
After asking aorund school I managed to pick up a second hand boxed game complete with extra tactical squad, apothecary, bionic leg commander and chaplain all for 20 quid, unpainted and prety much unused.

It was so long ago I cant be sure, but I think the entire earth was destroyed.

Some guy (UK)
13-04-2006, 11:59
Feb. 2003- the BGIME advert- the models and terrain looked spectacular, bought the first issue of BGIME, then went into a GW two weeks later, only to be horrified by the prices (geez, look at them now). I stayed buying BGIME for several more issues, then went and bought the starter set for LOTR, and carried on from there. I didn't start 40k until 2004- and i'm still doing it now.

Later, Some Guy

Dr Death
13-04-2006, 12:13
It was the magazines and rulebooks at my godbrothers house that started pricking my interest. Particularly the 5th ed warhammer beistary, all those wonderful garish colour schemes, but it wasnt untill i went round to a mates house, jetlagged from an overnight flight back from a holiday in 1998 that i became "converted". I still remember painting some really quite terribly sculpted skaven from what i think was an early version of heroquest with "vermin fur" (before they renamed it vermin brown). A couple of weeks later i bought my first box of single part skaven plastics on those bases that didnt allow you to rank them up properly (those were the days 5 for 8 figures).

I'll actually be celebrating my 8th year of wargaming in a couple of days. Oh sweet nostalgia.

Dr Death

13-04-2006, 12:19
Bought a White Dwarf, back in 1998, to read on holiday, it was the cool picture on the front that actually attracted me, and simply could not put it down. When I came back I found my nearest store and the rest is history.

The Judge
13-04-2006, 12:23
Nearly seven years of gaming now... and I'm starting to turn into a GW cynic...oh dear.

I was at a friends and his brother collected... I was intrigued.

13-04-2006, 12:28
Heroquest, same as everybody else my age!

I think Heroquest/Space Crusade should be a poll option by itself.

13-04-2006, 12:47
Friends got me into role playing, then in about when I was about 11 or 12 (1988?) I started bumping into GW stuff (normally silly board games and the like) when I was browsing around for second hand rpg things to blow my pocket money on. Got a few copies of WD (back when it wasn't a catalogue), and ended up getting into Space Marine and Adeptus Titanicus with a friend a few years later. Think I remember playing a bit of Space Hulk as well.

Kept the roleplaying going, but ditched GW for years, until a bunch of us here in Sheffield were persuaded by a friend to blow our hard earned wages on little toy soldiers in a flurry of nostalgia and recaptured childhoods. Ended up getting into 40k, then Portent, then Warseer, then WFB. Haven't played for months now, and kind of get the feeling I might not for a while (although the new eldar will be tempting, and I have a pile of unpainted dwarfs making me feel guilty).

13-04-2006, 12:51
About 1990 a mate of mine in the airforce started playing RT 40k and I started from there at first. Played on and off for about 3 years and my nephew got into 40K in 93/94 and I started playing more form then on, been playing every since.


The boyz
13-04-2006, 13:21
I think it was about 1994/95 when I started, I have always played with airfix soildiers and glued various airfix planes and battleships together. Then I went over to my mates house and his older brother was there in his room painting these wierd miniatures and I took one look at them and looked through a thew old issues of White Dwarf he had lying around and was hooked.

Inquisitor Samos
13-04-2006, 13:42
There was no such thing as a "GW company store" in the United States when I first discovered GW's miniatures and games; I found them in an independent game and hobby store. That was well over fifteen years ago, however: GW products were all import items at the time.

13-04-2006, 17:07
Mine was Space Hulk (1st edition). It was a time when there were no GW shops here in Germany at all and it was *difficult* to get minis over here (if you did not had a credit card and good english languange skills at least :p).

Have fun,


13-04-2006, 17:54
My friends worked on me until I relented.

Crazy Harborc
13-04-2006, 18:55
I am one of those 10 "any others".

Once upon a time long, LONG ago......three gamers got tired of mail ordering what they needed. They "snow jobed" their wives (two of us did anyway), pooled their (too little money) and opened the only wargamers hobbyshop on our side of the state. That was during the mid 70s.

GW was very new to the USA (the guy on the phone had a very strong accent). Yes, the British DO have accents:eek: :D We carried some GW products along with a large selection from 8/10 well known (at that time) minies makers.

We were really too soon with our store. We got burned out at trying to run a shop in our spare times. We said goodbye in the mid 80s.

Been there and done that. I have NO desire to do it again.

13-04-2006, 19:04
Well I first saw it in a PC magazine and was really interested, then I saw it for the first time at a Christmas fair where they were having a small Fantasy tournament. Bought my first High Elf minies the next day :D

Captain Brown
13-04-2006, 19:12
I walked into a games store at ten and could barely see over the counter. However I was fascinated by the models and pictures of Dragons and Knights. Several years later the same store owner pointed out this new game he had just received called Rogue Trader. He wanted to try out the system and so was fought the 'Battle at the Farm'.

13-04-2006, 22:53
Like many others, I first encountered Star Quest (MB-published version of Space Crusade) and was fascinated by the miniatures and the games themselves (it's pretty easy to impress 12-years old boys with big guns, robots and firefights in a rather "dark" space setting, I guess). Just a little time later (must have been the mid-90ies, 1997 something), I was pretty much a tank modelling (1:35 WW2 tanks mainly, I didn't play with them, just assembled, painted, built two dioramas with my dad) enthusiast already, I found this modelling store in a mall quite far away from home and was totally amazed by the sheer volume of modelling kits they had there as well as GW stuff.

Hehe, I remember how confused I was from reading the box titles...from Star Quest I knew that Chaos = Evil. When I read "Space Marines Terminators" I thought they must be chaos because they terminate Space Marines. On the other hand, Chaos Space Marines Terminators looked MUCH more evil so they could hardly be with the "good guys" to terminate CSM.:D

I saw the 40k kits and fell in love. They were just dead cool. First my brother and I planned to use Space Marines miniatures in Star Quest and he got himself the SM bike squad and the 5-man plastic box of Chaos Space Marines. Less than a month later, I spent an enormous heap of cash (in relation to little sigur's financial situation) and got the 40k box, a Predator and the old metal squad of CSM (the one with the champ with powerfist, missile launcher guy and flamer guy).

So I started reading the books and didn't stop reading them for years.;) I was a real fanboy with nobody to play with. Then, 1998, they released 3rd edition 40k which shattered my world.

14-04-2006, 02:58
I was on vacation in England in 1982 and happened into a large department store (might have been a Harrod's). In the toy and game section they had some GW goodies. I bought my first few Skaven and Dwarfs (pre-slotta base), and the rest is history. It took me almost 7 years to play my first game though.

14-04-2006, 04:38
Iwas living in Montrerrey mexico and had to come to the states and one of my friend told me got to a comic books trore and buy me something call 40k "waramer" there are some blue dudes that looks cool so I went to one fo the storews bought 2 blister (assault marine and missile launcher sm) he show me some white dwarf magazine and pffft I was hook on this horrible vice and that was around 7-8 years ago......I cant stop now

14-04-2006, 04:49
Many years ago I bought some Space Marine Medics (yes, that long ago). I had been collecting for many more years , but this was my first GW purchase. It was at an Indy store. I'm not a big fan of GW stores - nothing against the staff, they're just too limited.

14-04-2006, 13:52
independent game store in the states

probably back in about '90 or so I remember seeing GW stuff at a comic book store next to a movie theatre I used to frequent. The big boxes (space hulk, blood bowl, advanced heroquest) lined up atop a cabinet were so inscrutible yet tempting. Id never heard of any of the games, nor saw anyone else ever looking at them. That year after much agonizing I bought a copy of Space Marine with my Christmas money and it began... within a couple years I think I had bought Space Hulk, Blood Bowl, WFB (the box with elves and goblins), Space Fleet, Rogue Trader. Didnt play any 40k until 2nd edition came out, and even then Epic was the better game for quite a while.

Sometimes I wish I had never opened that Pandora's Box :/

14-04-2006, 15:00
Indie - There were no GW stores when I started

14-04-2006, 15:37
I just hapened to pop around a friends house and he was painting some of the white plastic orcs that you used to get in a box with skave, woodelves and some other mini's, and that was it i was hooked

14-04-2006, 18:26
My first glimpse of GW was Fantasy 1st ed in Hungate's hobby store in Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC. I bought it and other early GW games like Apocalypse and Chainsaw Warrior in roughly 1985.
The torture never stops.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
14-04-2006, 18:56
Heroquest did for me. Got it for my 8th or 9th Birthday, and haven't really looked back since.

After a few years of Heroquest and Space Crusade, a friend showed us a White Dwarf, and we stumbled upon the Edinburgh store. The rest, as they say, is history. And expensive.....

14-04-2006, 19:36
I started about 8 years back when a friend introduced me to 2nd edition. Although I like being an Ork player, I didn't start with them because I wanted to, I did because no one else would! :p

And for my first game, there I was with a squad of Goffs and Gretchen, soundly getting thrashed by Blood Angels. I never got to grips with 2nd edition, I always left it to my opponent to tell me if I was doing something wrong or right... :D

16-04-2006, 02:08
I started out with Dark Future, followed soon by the first Spacehulk. Both introduced by a good friend. Unfortunatly, I lost contact with him years ago, as he stopped gaming and I just got more involved. It took a long before I actually had some painted armies though. My Epic eldar was my first (I still use them about once a year). Now I play alot of warhammer, but I still love the games I started out with. I even bought Dark Future in an auction a few years ago, just for sentimental reasons.

16-04-2006, 02:20
One of mu Uncles was into modeling, wargames, roleplaying and generally anything scifi or fantasy related. He had a large ish pile of WDs which in the end at least some of were left at my grans once he got older. So from reading those old white dwarves and playing about with WW2 and Roman era models and stuff I got an interest in wargaming.
So from the Uncle and very very old White Dwarves, Thrud was so cool and Dark Future/Space Hulk/Judge Dredd all look great. I started playing 12+ years ago and had an interest even before that, I techincally got into fantasy first but Space Hulk was the first game I really properly played.

16-04-2006, 03:10
White Dwarf in a newsagents, sitting lookin' cool with a wizard model on the front (amber, if I recall).

16-04-2006, 08:58
Friend. Specifically, friend with a copy of Battlecars. Good times. Eventually that led me to Warhammer, by way of Talisman, Chainsaw Warrior, Blood Bowl, and Epic Space Marine.

Opus T. Penguin
16-04-2006, 09:28
When I was hunting down miniatures for my AD&D game back in about 1979 at the local hobby shop

16-04-2006, 11:33
When WH Smiths sold board games i bought copy of Dungeon Quest, after that Hero Quest and then my mate got 1st edition epic.

18-04-2006, 14:37
Other ( please specify)

>My older brother got a box set of gorka morka when he was younger and i took a shine to it so when i got old enough i got a skeleton chariot but surprise, surprise my brother said i was still to young to paint it and said he would and done a real crappy job of it. So i forgot all about it untill one day i was passing by a store and had a look and becuase i was close to my home i decided to go when ever i could to browse around untill my birthday came and i bought a box set of 40k with space marines and dark eldar and out of the space marines came my company of ultramarines you know when they were still considerd smufs, but i made a name for me and my smufs and was eventualy regarded one of the tob ultaramines players of the store but know im 18 and a little rust but im coming back and in a campain at the moment im makin my way to the top ten and thats part of my lif story in games workshop and im sorry for takin up your valuable time.

18-04-2006, 14:46
Hehe, I remember how confused I was from reading the box titles...from Star Quest I knew that Chaos = Evil. When I read "Space Marines Terminators" I thought they must be chaos because they terminate Space Marines. On the other hand, Chaos Space Marines Terminators looked MUCH more evil so they could hardly be with the "good guys" to terminate CSM.:D

Ha ha! I was exactly the same; i saw blister packs with 'Traitor Terminators' in them and thought that they were Space Marines who hunted down traitors...

Ahhhh, those were the days.

18-04-2006, 15:56
A group of friends I hung out with between classes at University started to play this game called Warhammer 40K. The miniatures looked very cool and I thought it would be interesting to start. So I did.

20-04-2006, 17:05
My boyfriend at the time dragged me to Warhammer World after I expressed slight interest in his Blood Angels models, and I loved it.

Then I forgot about it after we broke up, until I came to university and realised that several of my new friends played 40k.

21-04-2006, 15:58
I used to play the dreaded Mage Knight but it's a easy way to get into war gaming. But I hated the background and how hard it was to make a army up of all the same faction so I went with my friend one time and well the rest is history.

21-04-2006, 16:17
In WD. I used to subscribe back in the day when D&D was the mainstay of the magazine. Back then WD really turned me off when it became a house mag for GW/Citadel.

I only came back to GW at all because of LotR, since which time I have sort of become "infected" ...

21-04-2006, 18:19
A friend of mine wanted to build and paint miniatures again (he stopped before about a year or two into college). I was interested in playing a miniatures game of some sort after FASA folded and our RPG experience wasn't rewarding enough. He suggested WH40K as something to try and it snowballed from there.

In two years, he's got 3 1500pt built and painted 40K armies with another 2-3 in the wings with a Skaven warband in the painting queue. I've got almost 2 1500 pt built and painted 40k armies and the start of a Bretonnian warband.

01-05-2006, 05:51
I was in year 6 at school and a m8 told me all about it....I got the original epic "space marine" and "titan legions" boxed set :D

Still have em!

Got some nid and sw 40k stuff too.

Now i'm a mad keen DoWpro fan :)

03-05-2006, 16:30
De Agostini's Lord of the Rings Battle Games in Middle Earth

03-05-2006, 17:33
An old friend named Andy (you out there mate?) told me about the wonders of the Space Marines, and the uber-cool Land Raider with tracks on top as well as underneath (It could drive upsidedown if it wanted to!!) when I was about 9, and then brought in a couple of White Dwarfs for me to borrow (though I think I still have them even now...)

That was.. many years ago.

03-05-2006, 18:13
Me brotha had an goblin army, 5th ed one, with netters and clubbers (:

03-05-2006, 18:32
A friend introduced me to Blood Bowl. A few days later I had bought a High Elf team, and a few weeks later I had begun collecting my first High Elf army...


03-05-2006, 18:42
My nephew played the game and I got quite interested. SInce then I havent stopped or looked back....

03-05-2006, 23:17
Im sorry but If over 50 prople have posted here howcome only 19 have said other???? I dont get it.

03-05-2006, 23:31
HeroQuest commercials on TV.Same here...

04-05-2006, 00:54
I was in William Lowe's (now long defunct supermarket), dragged along shopping with my old mum and whilst perrusing the magazine rack (a favoured passtime for young lads in those days when dragged to the supermarket) I stumbled across my first issue of White Dwarf. My mum wouldnt buy me it (I must have been about 10 at the time - she wasnt dropping 2 quid on it - the beano was like, 10p in those days!) and so I hatched a cunning plan... after begging the money off my gran later that week I took my first trip on a bus by myself (at age 10) to Cumbernauld town centre (regularly voted the worlds shadiest place, seriously) to purchase said issue. I was stopped on the way out by a security guard who thought I nicked it, as I had it out the bag and was reading in awe whilst I walked. Fortunately I waved my reciept at him indignantly and left him to pull the keystone cop routine on someone else.

When I got home my mum kicked my ****, as she "was worried sick whatever was I thinking". Confiscated Said WD until I mounted a daring rescue mission a few days later.

The rest, as they say, is history.


PS. This strong emotional attachment probably explains my deep seated resentment at the magazines treatment at the hands of the editors in later incarnations. No way I'd risk my neck springing the more recent pish from the dark fortress of "on top of mums bedroom cupboard". Pffft.

04-05-2006, 02:05
For me, it was about 20 years ago. I'd seen the White Dwarf magazine in the shops and had been interested from that point. My brother went round to our best friends house for a few hours and came back talking about bloodbowl, with treemen and minotaurs. To be honest, I was hooked at that point.

In terms of Warhammer, it was in 1988 when my brother bought the 1988 Citadel Miniatures catalogue. I didn't know what the miniatures were for, but I do remember spending hours poring over the photos (specifically of the models that represented what I later learnt to be the Empire), wishing I could collect them. Sadly for me at that time, the cost of the minis outpaced my ability to collect them and afford painting materials as well. To be honest, it's only been in the last 8 years that I have realised how much easier it is to follow the hobby than I thought it would be.

New Cult King
04-05-2006, 03:39
A kid at school started bringing in his brother's WD mags, and the Chaos Terminators sold me. I got Abaddon and a WD for my next birthday, and my soul has belonged to Chaos ever since.

Lord Balor
04-05-2006, 04:05
After a day in the city, I walked past a GW store and noticed some awesome looking toy soldiers. Had a demo game of Lizardmen vs Brets (Saurus/Skink Archers vs Knight of the Realm/Archers) when 5th edition was still around and although i didn't get everything, i was in love. The very next christmas i ended up with 2nd Edition Blood Angels (even to this day, i'm not sure why), but i stuck with 40K ever since. Only this year have i ventured into WHFB and (subconsciencely?) went with the Brets, the army i was in a demo game almost 7 years earlier...makes you think...

Insane Psychopath
04-05-2006, 07:25
Well my story of how it all started, this was way back almost ten years ago......... *going back in time now*

It was the Sept holidays here in Scotland & that the time I was ten years old. My mum & I where going on a trip to Edinbrugh as I alway like going to the castle. When walking up, I spoted this shop with cool military stuff which turn out to be Games Workshop, so bing a big military fan I walk in & went around cheacking all the models out & I was given a free booklet all about GW & the world of Warhammer.

I then went to my trip to Edinbrugh castle, reading the booklet all the way throught as I thought everthing was cool.

So after the trip, my mum took me back & I bought some Empier (sp) halbiders..... these where the "old" once, the once that where one pice models. After buying them, the staffer offer to show me how to paint them, also to note it was his first day on the job as well.

So it really went from there on, to where I not go to my local GW twice a week for gaming, I mainly play 40k now, I have a lot of armies painted & I attend the UK Grand Tournament for 40k.

But I remember that day & since then I enjoy all the painting, converting & gaming.

Cumbernauld town centre (regularly voted the worlds shadiest place, seriously) to purchase said issue

Wonderdog: Phil you are right. I been liveing here for 19 years (since brith)


04-05-2006, 11:45
I started with Hero Quest and Space Crusade in 1989-90. My friends got me into 40K about 1997.

04-05-2006, 13:03
I was first exposed to the "habit" when i was about 9.

My mate came round to play with my airfix soldiers and brought a beastman model with him.

I was the really old pre-slotta beastman that looked like a boy/horse ie 4 legs and hooves.

2 years later i played my first game of warhammer (2nd ed) at a mates house

Rabid Bunny 666
04-05-2006, 13:12
My Dad :D when i was about 9

He used to paint for fun, and i found a box of Orks being hidden, then got my first WD, the one with the Free Dark Eldar, before getting my first 5 mairnes :D

happy days...

Malen Kharn
04-05-2006, 13:53
I was staying at my grandparents when i was about 11, and i went to the news agents with my grandad to get a magazine and saw white dwarf. In it was a guard army converted to look like WW2 germans, and i was mad into WW2 at the time.

04-05-2006, 14:20
Necromunda had just come out and a friend had gotten into it. After playing a few games with his models I was hooked and picked up some of my own. We expanded to 40K and the rest is history ;)

04-05-2006, 15:41
I suppose it must have been about 10 years ago or so when i was in a local little toyshop with my mum and saw a wall covered in gw stuff, immediately drawn to cool pics of fantasy warriors beating each other up and all sorts, i couldnt afford anything at the time but remembered to grab a little freebie intro book that explained what gw was all about. I still remember the first model i really loved; Asmodai, he looked like a sci-fi Grim Reaper! When it came to my birthday i was down at the shop making my first gw purchase, the 40k paint set with 5 space marines in it; soon had them painted up as dark angels, i had even got some strimmer wire and attached it to the backpack of one of them as a little comms pack, i still have the little guys somewhere!


07-05-2006, 00:22
I used to walk past GW pretty much every time i was in town, i went in a couple of times, learnt how to play, pesetered parents for models for birthday/christmas, and hey presto.

08-05-2006, 17:30
Good old space hulk:D

08-05-2006, 19:51
Visiting Dad in hospital I came across a copy of White Dwarf (the one with the first installment of the Dark Future campaign rules) and was hooked instantly :)

08-05-2006, 21:16
Fighting Fantasy, then Heroquest, then someone lent me a copy of WD and before I knew it I was begging to go to GW Manchester where all the metallers hanged out and painted dodgy Slaaneshi paint schemes.

Ah, GW shops were far more interesting back then. Way too clinical and 'safe' now.

Anvils Hammer
08-05-2006, 21:34
I was introduced by a friend in 97/98. I was about 10 I think, and I remember lining up a squad of catachans and a cardbaord ork cut out dreadnough up against his ultra marines.
On the the first turn, I vaguly remember him considering weather to destryo the squad or the dreadnought with his sargents vortex grenade.

...the cheating b#####d!!!! :)

09-05-2006, 11:23
I started with hero quest when I was little. Bought its expansions and over time also added star quest and two expansion sets. Though mentions were made of GW and Citadel Miniatures, as my country lacked any GW store, I never knew something like warhammer existed untill later.

My memory is a bit hazy as to what happened next., as I do not know exactly what happened earlier. The Magic:TG hype or the release of MB's battlelords (i think it was called battlelords in english). A friend of mines (who also had introduced me to hero quest) got that and I came into contact with Warhammer fantasy advertisement for the first time. I think it was something like 1992-1993 then.

As I lost interest in magic tg, we're looking for something else. We had heard about ADND and wanted to try that. I finally found a hobby shop and went to there with my father as it was quite some distance away. Instead of buying ADND though, I left the shop with a warhammer starter set. The one with the brettonians and lizardmen. I got hooked, but my friends did not really. And when GW opened its first store in my country, things went fast.

monkey child
09-05-2006, 11:33
i first started with hero quest then space crusade, then "liberated" some of my cousins white dwarfs, back around 180 then started buying them myself around 190, got into 40k and necromunda, and painted lots of mini`s badly:)

09-05-2006, 11:56
I was 18, s friend of mine brought to school a plastic boxed set of 4th ed chaos warriors. At first I went like "your dolls are funny" but as soon as I went into "Estel" as independent store which was carring mainly GW and loads of fantasy and SiFi stuff i got the bug. I started with a box of skeletons, Undead paintset and an Undead book. Its over 10 years now and I am still into it. Estel has closed since then, but actually I now play only guys that were working there.

09-05-2006, 12:28
I used to play HeroQuest with my brother, but we lost it. Few years ago, he heard of Warhammer (probably because the indy store opened near him) and he bought the "new" 6th edition box. He made me try and I enjoyed it. Few months later, he showed me the store and bought me 100$ of skavens for my birthday (in the time, that was much more points).

09-05-2006, 12:47
There was a demo game running at a gaming festival where I was attending a M:TG tourney. I was hooked instantly.

09-05-2006, 13:07
A friend introduced me to 40k(he is no longer playing), we had a couple of games using the models from the 2nd edition box set. A few weeks later I started buying my first army of imperial guard...the first of many I’ve had over the years.

09-05-2006, 13:13
1990 in Italy was passing by a nice game store and a clerck invited me in and showed me the games I was immediately hooked on Eldar....Ah memories...

09-05-2006, 13:23
I saw an add in a Boys Life mag and i wanted to play so i called them up and they told me that there was a store near where i lived so i went there and 4 monthes later i had what was the Beginning of my Eldar army.

09-05-2006, 14:08
Heroquest i think. Remember playing 1st edition bloodbowl with my brother when I was about 12 though!

Really moved across to figures from roleplaying though!

10-05-2006, 00:59
I first came across GW back when they were still primarily a company making D&D supplements. I've never even seen a GW store in 25 years of gaming, so it was definitely an independent store. I didn't get into GW games until the late 80's.

10-05-2006, 01:35
how did I find it? well I was with my parents, and we were checking out a different area.. A town we never really went to before.. And my parents went into a craft store, and an office supply store... And well I was bored, so I went into a comic shop.. And that sure did change my life.. As a few weeks later I went for painting lessons.. And then I got some models.. and well that was about 8 years ago...

10-05-2006, 10:35
A nephew of mine started some ancient fantasy edition a long time ago. That's were I first saw gw miniatures. Didn't start playing tough. A few years later, some friends at school turned out to play warhammer. That's when I started an army myself.

11-05-2006, 16:12
For me, it was a combination of things:

A number of years ago my cousin got Hero Quest for christmas, and we played it with my uncle like crazy. Being incredibly interested in the little models, my mom was nice enough to bring me to our local miniature shop - it mostly had Ral Partha miniatures. I must have been 8 or 9 years old... maybe a bit younger. At the time, I had no idea that Hero Quest was GW, but a few years later - I must've been 12 or 13 - a friend of mine showed me an issue of WD. This was right around the release of WFB 5th edition, and we pooled our money to buy the boxed starter set of said edition (woo to plastic lizardmen and brets!).

After having a falling out with this friend, I kept a few models and bought a few army books, but painted little and gamed even less. Eventually losing interest and opting for friends who shunned me for my "nerdier" habits (ie. WFB and Magic) I kept GW and WFB in the back of my head for the next 10 years, secretly lusting over some day in the eventual future when I'd actually play and collect a GW army. Ah the countless times over the years that I visited the GW website and looked through the miniature galleries...

Luckily, I finally bit the bullet last october and started collecting WE. Since then, WFB has become my foremost hobby. I genuinely love playing and collecting my army - which makes sense, because I've wanted to play WFB for ten years now.

11-05-2006, 16:39
Played Heroquest over at a mates house....thousands of dollars later, here I am.

11-05-2006, 16:49
For me it was a friend who told me about it, he doesn't really play anymore(he still has his army but never uses it).
I started out with plaing 40k becasue at that time I was quite a lot younger and jsut liked the space marines(by now a support element for my lost and the damned)

12-05-2006, 09:15
Fire of Wrath!

It was the Heroquest commercial. I nagged my mother enough to eventually get the box, and I spent ages on playing that game along with the expansions (and Space Crusade, too). Awesomely atmospheric and fun.

Years later there was an article in a local newspaper about a gaming club, featuring an account of a game of 40K and some (bad) pictures of miniatures. I immediately recognised it for what it was (a Heroquest knockoff) and as such I got into 40K.

Flame of Udun
12-05-2006, 16:18
I used to play heroquest but it wasn't till I randomly found a copy of WD at our corner shop that I got hooked.

12-05-2006, 21:27
Was really curious about WD in the school library and had a look. Then some friends were talking about it. Started with them helping me through it and have been playing/collecting for 4 and a half years now.

12-05-2006, 21:48
Had friends who played it. Sort of stayed away from it for quite a while, then kinda found it was difficult to actually stay in conversations with the group unless I also started playing! Must be 5 years now...

13-05-2006, 13:37
I literally walked past Gw in Peterborough many years ago and saw the mini's in the display.
Went in anb bought myself wd 174 as well as an old blister of skeleton command (ones with metal banners lol) and a blister of metal skele's with heavy armour.....


Crazy Harborc
15-05-2006, 03:04
Actually.......my partners and I received a phonecall from another indie in our area. The owner wanted to know if we had "heard anything" about a "new company" that was claiming to have great everthings they made/marketed.

That was LONG ago, 26/7(plus??) years ago, when GW first invaded the US of A.

15-05-2006, 04:07
Walked by a GW store in the West Edmonton Mall (World's largest mall last time I checked) last summer. They have an excellent Thousand Son's and Tomb Kings army (among others) displayed there. I went in for two reasons: They looked awesome (and I like painting), and they were playing my then-favorite song (Reise, Reise by Rammstein)

15-05-2006, 08:55
2 words: Space Crusade.

Got a leaflet in another MB game - begged my parents for months, got the game, and was hooked instantly.

Then learned there was a whole world of GW stuff! - i think my next big buy was 40k 2nd ed. on it's day of release.

15-05-2006, 10:00
Similar to many others, it was Space Crusade and Heroquest that lured me in. After that, there was no escape!

15-05-2006, 11:32
I was in St. Andrews on holiday 8 years ago when I needed something to do. I went into a local newsagents, bought WD and went on my merry way.

This was still a time when WD actually captured the imagination...


15-05-2006, 19:10
I got interested into the hobby by a friend on a birthday party. The VCR went dead and there wasn't much to do so he offered us to tell us a story. That evening almost a decade ago I heard the tale of Horus Heresy for the first time.

15-05-2006, 19:45
Hero Quest. My parents bought me the game when I was young and we played it a lot back then. We developed our own dungeons, missions, campaign like settings, new rules and items. Got a few of the official expansions too. We even took it with us when we spent the summer holidays in spain. Great game. :)

My cousin got Star Quest, but it wasn't as good as Hero Quest. It wasn't fantasy after all!

Some of my cousin's friends started playing WHFB & 40K when Germany did not have any official GW store and when it was very difficult to buy rules or miniatures here. Most of the time the one or two stores in the area got a random selection of boxes every few weeks/month and if you were lucky the stuff you wanted was part of that. Blisters were rare as well.

After watching the game we decided to start playing too and I collected an Undead army. I got a few boxes of plastic skeletons, horsemen and chariots before we even started playing. I really liked the miniatures and I still have most of the old stuff. :)

Wolf Scout Ewan
15-05-2006, 19:50
Saw White Dwarf in Martins (newsagent) on the way home from school.

Lemme see... 20 years ago hehe.

15-05-2006, 19:53
Via a very good friend of mine - who is unfortunately no longer with us - he had had bought a "swamp troll/ogre" at the time when GW store staff sold some of their own painted minis via the cabinets in store. I still remember the first GW store I went in was GW Sheffield on "the Moor" - I dont think that GW is even there anymore. The first mini I ever bought - well actually it was a few at once were an IG model that was a 4 barreled gun on catterpilla tracks it came with a nice IG spotter with binos and another IG that was attached to the back of the gun in a firing/loading position - dont recall the name though, also a squat "Thudd Gun" and an IG beastman.

My first ever game was Heroquest though - I still have the very same first copy I bought and it is 100% complete. Wish I had kept hold of some of my other GW games - Dark Future, Man O War, Space Crusade, Space Hulk, ahh fond memories.......

Edit* it was called a IG Rapier ... here is a pic

Crazy Harborc
15-05-2006, 20:50
I rediscovered some of the REALLY OLD GW minies I have. We are talking first year stuff. Not all the same size/scale/whatever.

Way back, GW had some minies with "pegs" on the shield arm. GW had a very good set of decals for the plastic shields that went on the pegged arms of those metal minies.

I've even got a very few (Chaos type) GW minies that were not made for slotta style bases.

16-05-2006, 05:22
Came across a couple of issues of White Dwarf in the newsagents (154 & 155)... October of 1992, I think.

Unfortunately, White Dwarf was purely a British mag back then, so didn't have any listings for local stores that stocked their products (I don't even know if Warhammer was available in Australia at the time).

It was another year before I managed to come across my first Games Workshop fantasy game... Battle Masters. It wasn't Warhammer, but it was a start.

Sometime soon after (early 1994), I finally found a store that had the Warhammer game and Citadel Miniatures. I claimed the Goblins from the box and my brother claimed the High Elves. Soon after we each added a second army, Dwarfs for me, and Skaven for him. I also located a more reliable place to get White Dwarf - having only managed to get hold of another 2 issues over the following 2 years from the local newsagent:rolleyes: .

Just a thought...

16-05-2006, 05:55
Through my D&D group. One guy was a 40K player (Nids) and one day asked if I might want to give it a shot. When I found Chaos I was hooked.

16-05-2006, 08:31
My first purchases in store was a blister of Grey Hunters, and the Space Marine Paint set.

Viva la "Blood Angel's Orange"