View Full Version : Rambo or Ramb-No (Oh dear)

25-09-2011, 14:19
Does anyone have any experience using Marbo in their IG army. If so, is he a just an over priced one shot wonder or the ultimate killing machine?

25-09-2011, 14:26
he is a mix of both, sometimes he works a treat, others a total failure.

The best i have had with him it killing a squad of deathwing termies.

worst, blast scatters back onto him and killed him.

25-09-2011, 14:28
A little from column 'a' and a little from column 'b'.

In my experience he's a reasonably priced one shot wonder. For a sensible cost in points you get to pretty much drop a battlecannon shell wherever the hell you like. After that, you sometimes have a guy with a fancy pistol and poisoned knife who can go and tickle a wraithlord or whatever, but being only human and wearing nothing but a vest, you shouldn't count on him for doing much else beyond dropping his bomb.

The Marshel
25-09-2011, 15:15
From the opponents perspective, Rambo is annoying to face as he is unpredictable for me, but the owning player has full control over where he pops up. he can cause devestating damage too.

having the guy in your reserves will effect how your opponent plays his/her game. he is worth it for this alone

25-09-2011, 15:59
I've run up against him many times with my ork army. If my opponent knew where to put him he could easily turn a game, but all too often I've seen him dropped out in the middle of nowhere just to pop a squad of lootas or something else my opponent throught was threatening, but that didn't help him with any of the objectives.

Personally, I think he's a steal for his points, but he works better in conjunction with your main units, like popping him in the middle of the enemy's path to hit them with the demo charge and then distract them while they attempt to shoot and assault him. The best thing is that he is almost always going to draw some retaliation which he won't suvive, but that will allow your guard another turn of shooting at your opponent after they wipe Marbo out.

Don't use him as a one-man army, or a one-shot weapon; rather use him as a painful distraction.

Lord Damocles
25-09-2011, 16:03
It's certainly not difficult for him to take out at least his own cost in enemies with his Demo Charge when he arrives.

If he survives long enough to do anything else, great!
Even if the enemy shoot at him, what do you care? Go to ground for a 2+ cover and absorb fire.

The biggest problem I found when using him was when he arrived on turn 2 before the enemy had been forced out of their metal boxes, which robbed him of decent targets.

25-09-2011, 16:20
I love him. He usually blows up something important and then proceeds to divert a lot of fire towards himself. With his 2+, he can absorb a lot of fire.

25-09-2011, 17:34
He is an awesome unit, I use him to distract the foe or just pop up to damage a scoring unit. Best tactic is to put him in a ruin a story above the unit, still negating their cover because of the way ruins work, and then blowing them away or off an objective, while being safe from the charge scattering back onto yourself.

One of the best performances I got from him was when he popped up in a Tau players back field, took out a squad of fire warriors, weathered the next turn of shooting and proceeds to take out the ethereal making half the army flee lols.

Also really great at taking out important infinity units, plague marines in cover by an objective, IG command squads, ect...

25-09-2011, 17:54
I love him. He usually blows up something important and then proceeds to divert a lot of fire towards himself. With his 2+, he can absorb a lot of fire.

:D reminds me of the end scene from the third movie where he was held up in a fire fight against a whole army whiles in a trench. So the 2+ will explain how he managed to remain unscathed :shifty:

Lord Gabranth
25-09-2011, 20:52
I take him on a reguar basis and usually have him deepstrike behind either a piece of armour, like a fireprism, or a squad that is dealing death to my troops or tanks, like havocs. I have had great results with him so far because like with the example of the havocs. Nothing else was around to cover them when Marbo came in so after I wiped half the squad with the demo charge, either the havocs had to waste a shooting phase at a 65pt unit or get charged by him and maybe get tied up for 2 or more rounds of combat. Deffinatly worth the cost to use as a distraction.

25-09-2011, 23:20
The first time you kill a squad of 10 Incubi with a Demo charge, you'll run out of reasons why you shouldn't include him. :D

25-09-2011, 23:24
He either does a lot, or nothing.

25-09-2011, 23:40
He's just plain fun to use......and he's cheap in pts to boot so if you fluff up your demo charge you still have a decent gun and knife to kill a few things before ya go

25-09-2011, 23:42
Don't buy him expecting him to do a lot of damage. Buy him as a strong disruption tool against the enemy for a rather bargain price, and because there is not much else good in the Elite Slot for IG. Forcing the Enemy to prepare for and/or respond to an enemy in their backfield that can potentially destroy any non-superheavy unit is well worth it. Damage done is just a bonus.

26-09-2011, 01:36
I used to like him, but have come to think of him as fairly boring now. There is little skill in using him. You wait till he arrives (which you have no control over), you place him next to something nasty (which doesn't get a shot at preventing him from demoing) and then he either hits with the charge or it scatters badly.

In the end you're grand tactical skill is in...pointing at what you want dead.
The opponent's tactical blunder was...agreeing to play the game?
The rest is in the dice.

I guess you could chose to stay cooped up in tough boxes (ie landraiders and possibly stravens) if facing marbo...and let less than 70 points stop you from dealing with his other 1430+. No, actually the best defence against marbo is to all reserve and hope he pops out first...:( yay for exciting tactical gameplay.

Anyway, yes he is worth it. So much so that I'm tempted to call him a no brainer (for how clearly he is a good choice, not in how little choice you have in how he performs).

26-09-2011, 03:21
It beats facing a cheeky grey knights player....

Andres von Rienholt
26-09-2011, 03:58
As stated Marbo is great. My regular opponent hates him.

Last game Marbo popped out in cover and demoed a squad of 10 Termagants wiping them off an objective. In response the nearby tervigon spawned 9 more Termagants and they and a Tyranid Prime were redirected towards Marbo. He survived all the shooting, took the charge in cover and then killed the Prime. He then died to the Termagants.

26-09-2011, 05:03
Best case scenario: He uses a demo charge killing a deathstar unit or incredibly expensive vehicle long before it has done anything, then proceeds to hold-up a long fang/broadside/havok unit for a few turns thus preventing them from doing anything

Worste case scenario: He blows himself up, you are out a few points, and your opponent was still probably flustered by his mere presence.

Realistically: He will either make his points back or give another unit the chance to do it for him 90% of the time.

He is definately useable.

26-09-2011, 08:48
I still have nightmares about Marbo!
I remember him appearing in my Tau lines and destroying a Kroot squad with the demo charge, then subsequently charging and killing my shiny new great knarloc and my commander.

Marbo scales well in smaller games. In Combat Patrol or Kill Team he is a monster.

26-09-2011, 08:53
My Traitor IG use his stats to represent this awesome winged daemon I've got. Its about infantry sized, and his arrival method is represented by the wings. I call the demo charge some sort of warp attack, with the scatter representing the danger (instead of psychic test). Poisoned whip for the pistol, and you're good to go!

The model isnt really a coherent leader type character, just this rabid monster that arrives, sows death as long as possible, then returns to the warp. Marbo's stats cater to this perfectly!

Easy E
26-09-2011, 14:16
It is a good reason to make a cool conversion for your army.

That's all the reason I would need to take him.

27-09-2011, 01:11
lol I modified a vostroyan sergeant to use him, I think it fit well with the Urban assault theme of the army. Just call him something different :P