View Full Version : 2000pts Tomb Kings- in need of advice

25-09-2011, 15:06
My Tomb Kings came out of the cabinet again recently, but I kind of need some help when it comes to creating a viable list with them. I've only just got the new TK army book, so I don't know what the best choices may be. At the moment, this is my list:
Grand Hierophant Khatep
Tomb Prince: Chariot, Great Weapon, Shield, Armour of Fortune, Dragonbane Gem
Tomb Prince: Sword of Anti-Heroes, Shield, Gambler's Armour
Liche Priest: Skeletal Steed, Lore of Light, Dispel Scroll, Level 2
3 Chariots: Command, Banner of the Eternal Flame
5 Skeleton Horse Archers
10 Skeleton Archers: Light Armour, Master of Arrows
20 Skeleton Warriors: Light Armour, Spears, Command
1 Warsphix: Fiery Roar
3 Sepulchral Stalkers
1 Casket of Souls
1 Screaming Skull Catapult: Skulls of the Foe

General strategy is that Khatep is placed in the archers (they're basically ten extra wounds for him) which are near the casket and catapult to act as a firebase. The warriors and prince engage basic enemy troops with the liche to augment them and the horsemen/warsphinx to break ranks if possible. The chariots hit enemy heavy calvary or elite infantry and the stalkers take out war machines and shooting units.
Please give opinions, corrections and tips, all!

26-09-2011, 06:09
Looks nice, except the prince on foot isn't really needed. I'd replace him by beefin' up the chariots and the stalkers.

30-09-2011, 08:10
You could use the TP on foot, but he will soon crumble to dust if you keep that unit only 20 strong... could drop the archers and make the prince's unit 30 strong...

Spiney Norman
30-09-2011, 08:21
You're spending too many pts on characters. Drop one of the princes and get another 10 warriors and 10 archers to enlarge your existing units.

If you drop the chariot prince buy another chariot as well. If you can find the points try and boost the chariots up to 6 as thats a better size.

01-10-2011, 09:53
I suppose dropping the prince on foot would be a good idea- I'll use his points to boost the archers up to 20-strong and put a few more warriors in. But, in all seriousness, the chariot prince is more viable than you know. Having Ws 5 chariots can really tip the balance against more elite units. For instance, I played a game against Skaven last week, and the chariots not only smashed up two units of Stormvermin (yes, two), but also destroyed my enemy's screaming bell- primarily because of the prince and his humble Great Weapon.
I agree with making the chariot unit a little bigger, though. Perhaps if I dropped the horsemen I could fit another in? That would take the unit size up to 5, including the chariot prince...