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25-09-2011, 15:08
I've just decided to get back into fantasy after several years of absence. This is the first list I've cooked up, based simply on conversions I have in mind and units that have a cool vibe.

Daemon Prince [Mark of Khorne, Fury Of The Blood God, Diabolic Splendour]
365 points

Exalted Hero [Mark of Khorne, Banner Of Rage]
160 points

40 Marauders [Great Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Khorne]
250 points

16 Chaos Warriors [Great Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Khorne]
332 points

8 Ogres [Chaos Armour, Great Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Khorne]
480 points

8 Chaos Knights [Full Command, Mark of Khorne]
400 points

Giant [Mark of Khorne]
255 points

Total: 2242 points

The ideas would be to run the BSB with either the Marauders or the Warriors, use the Daemon Prince to hunt war machines, harass enemy lines with Terror, and bolster combat. The Giant, Ogres and Knights would be used to boost the combat power of the infantry.

I'm new to this edition of the game, and have no real idea of how effective this army would play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- BB

25-09-2011, 16:39
Mono-Khorne is a cool themed army tho hamstringing yourself so much by not taking a magic user is a shame, i would remedy this by making the daemon prince a lvl1 or lvl2 with the lore of fire, mainly to throw 3d6 fireballs at thing (you could just have this as a daemon prince throwing a flaming spear? etc)

Bsb should have defensive gear not a magical banner, Talisman of preservation + charmed shield/favour of the gods + halberd?

The marauders would be nicer at 50 but 40 is ok.

chaos warriors are better at 14/18/21 with halberds due to their high initiative, Banner of Eternal Flame and Razor Standard are good here.

I would drop either the ogres of the knights and then drop the other unit down to 6 and take another block of warriors, main reason is that warriors with halberds and mok are so much more points efficient than ogres or knights, a unit of m6+ can be nice to support but 800pts is a bit much.

I don't Really like giants but if you really want one / have a cool conversion
idea go for it :D

2x 5 hounds be nice if pts allow

hope i've helped, good luck! :)

Dr Bannana
25-09-2011, 17:54
also, with your last few points you can maybe find a couple of 5pt magic items which are useful (Favour and Ironcurse spring to mind)