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25-09-2011, 16:40
Hi All,

I am just about to start a campaign next week. I have only ever played one game of Warhammer Fantasy and that was last Thursday. I wanted to start a Wood Elves Army but haven't had the time or the funds to put anything together so one of the guys who's playing in the campaign is lending me his Dark Elves.

This is the list I've come up with so far.

Heroes (135pts)
Sorceress (135pts)
Wizard Level 2 (35pts)
Magic Lore: Dark Magic

Core (399pts)
Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen Unit (205pts)
20x Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen (200pts), Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Musician (5pts), Repeater Crossbow

Dark Elf Warrior Unit (84pts)
14x Dark Elf Warrior (84pts), Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Spears

Dark Riders Unit (110pts)
5x Dark Elf Riders (110pts)
5x Repeater Crossbows (25pts)

Special (291pts)
Black Guard of Naggarond Unit (241pts)
15x Black Guard of Naggarond (195pts), Halberd (+1 str), Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, Musician (7pts)
Standard Bearer (39pts)
DE - Banner of Murder (25pts) (Banner of Murder)

Witch Elves Unit (50pts)
Two Hand Weapons, 5x Witch Elves (50pts)

Rare (175pts)
War Hydra (175pts)

The idea being that Sorceress sits in the unit of Warriors in the middle of the board. The Repeater Crossbowmen sit to one side, whichever gives me a better view of the table and do nothing but shoot. The Black Guard and the Hydra try to charge straight at the enemy while the Dark Riders outflank. The Witch Elves unit is purely for getting in the way and holding something up for a turn.

Again, I'm brand new so any criticism or pointers would be great. Thanks for reading.

Dr Bannana
25-09-2011, 17:07
Your warrior unit looks a bit on the small side; I would try to find points to make them bigger.
If you have harpies, one way to do this would be to drop the DR and WE (for me, this small unit does not really add much to the list, and they are very easy VP for your opponent (not that many, but still... You could also proxy them as harpies if you dont have the models and/or the campaign organisers dont mind.) and 1 Black Guard (always best run in ranks of 7, these guys get CR through kills, not ranks.) to add quite a few models to the warrior unit. At 1000 pts, it's always a good idea to have 15 or so extra basic infantry.
Also, to preform the job of the DR, I would add a unit of 5 harpies to harass the enemy.
I would also split the xbows into 2 units of 10 (no command), and deploy thus:

xbows - BG - Spears - Hydra - xbows

Give the sorceress a tome of furion and the lore of fire, hope for big spells and chuck loads of dice at them; playing dark elves your wizards will probably die anyway so not to worry about miscasts (part of the DE spirit to miscast!).
Add 15 models to the spear unit and deploy 6x5 with the sorc.
Love the BG unit, they are great for dealing with armoured enemies, while the xbows can kill lightly armoured troops en masse.
Nothing wrong with a good'ol hydra:).Unless i have done my math wrong, that leaves you with three points spare, which cant really be used.
Hope I helped, and good luck with the campaign :).