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25-09-2011, 20:50
Yesterday saw my Beasts take part in their first ever tournament. The point limit was set at 1500pts an awkward size but it did make for fun and quick battles. An interesting but welcome inclusion was what the organisors called the filthy 6. The top six competitors with the hardest looking lists would play each other in the first round, something i was never in danger of being included in as a Beasts general, so it meant at least i'd get to aviod them for the first game at least.

Here is my list;

Great Bray Shaman, Lvl 4, Jagged Dagger, Ahw, Crown of Command, Talisman of Preservation.

Wargor, Bsb, Ha, Sh, Beast Banner, Gnarled Hide

Bray Shaman, Ahw

38 Gors, Full Command, Ahw

Tuskgor Chariot

27 Bestigors, Full Command, Standard of Discipline



The plan was for the Great Bray to join the Bestigors and take lore of Shadow, the other 2 characters would join the Gors with the Lvl1 taking Wissians Wildform.

Game 1 [U]

The first game was A Meeting Engagement. Perfect for my Beasts to get stuck in early!

My opponent was a guy named Nick who had High Elves. His list consisted of

Archmage Lvl3

Bsb with Battlebanner

3 Large blocks 1 Seaguard which included his mage, 1 Pheonix Guard for his Bsb and Sword masters.

Seeing his army i felt confident i could outmanouvre him and overwhelm him.

Deployment saw my Brayshaman left behind and his Pheonix Guard...


Turn 1

He rolled to go first. Seaguard reformormed to widen out the ranks, Swordmasters stayed whilst the Pheonix Guard entered play to the left of his Swordmasters.
Magic saw him roll high on the winds of Magic but range was not his friend. He threw six dice at final transumation getting an Irresistable force. 11 of my Gors turned to Gold and his mistcast saw his Mage take a wound and 14 Seaguard die.

In my turn my army moved forward, the razorgors setting up a flank charge on his Seaguard. Magic was poor with on Miasma dropping his Seaguards BS to 1.

Turn 2

He declared a charge with both his Swordmasters and Pheonix Guard, with only the latter making it into combat with my Bestigors. Magic again was a high roll however, once again he IF. This time on Transmutaion of Lead on the my Beastigors. His Mage again took a wound and the magic faze ended. Shooting led to 2 Gors dying. Combat the Pheonix Guard Beast my Bestigors but the Stubborn Great Bray kept us in the fight.

On my turn the Razorgors both charged the flank of the Seaguard, whilst the Gors and Chariot made it into the Swordmasters. Magic i could only Miasma the WS of the Pheonix guard. Combat began with the Razorgors making short work of the Seaguard killing them to a man who fled only to be caught. To improve my fortunes one of the Razorgor made it into the flank of the Swordmasters. In that combat the Chariot scored 5 impact hits which all manged to slay the elves. The return attacks saw 9 Gors die however the Gors, Razorgor and Chariot wiped the Swordmasters clean out. They then reformed to face the Pheonix Guard. The third combat ended again with a loss but the trusted stubborn hat stayed firm.


Turn 3

Straight to combat and this time the Bestigors and the Great Bray dished the hurt, killing the Bsb however he stayed put passing his break test.

My turn saw the inevitable with the Gors smashing into the Flank and the Chariot into the Rear. Combat was a Foregone conclusion, the Gors were Wildformed and the Guard were withered. Conclusion was no Elves remaining and not a single point dropped by the Beasts

Victory 20 - 0

25-09-2011, 20:51
Game 2 [U]

This was pitched as the Watchtower Scenario and saw me take on my friend Gordons Dark Elves. I was hoping to avoid playing any of my 2 friends at the tournament as they are both amazing players and to make matters worse they both had horrible horrible lists.

Here is his list,

Lvl 4 Sorceress, Sacrificial Dagger

Hag Queen, Bsb, Cauldron

10 Repeater Crossbows

10 Spearmen

30 Corsairs, Ahw, Banner of Frenzy

6 Shades

2 Hydras



Turn 1

I went first placing my Bestigors into the Watchtower, the Shades were deployed my lines to the right of my Bestigors so the chariot turned to deal with that treat. The Gors marched forward with the Razorgors advance towards the Crossbows. Magic was poor and all i could do was Miasma the Movement of One of His Hydras.

On his turn one of the Hydras charged the Bestigors in the Watchtower. The Other Hydra and the Corsairs advance towards my Gors with the Cauldron giving the Corsairs an Extra Attack. Magic saw the Bestigors strength reduced to 2 and in the Shooting phase the Crossbows took 2 wounds off a Razorgor. In the Combat the Hydra killed a dozen Bestigors but Stubborn saw me survive.

Turn 2

The Gors charged the Corsairs, whilst the Razorgors charged the Crossbows but only one made it into combat. The Chariot charged the Shades taking 2 wounds on the way in. Magic was at last fruitfull rolling 12 dice. Wildform was allowed past on the Gors whilst an irrestistable force saw his Hydra dissapear into the Pit of Shades. Combat and the Razorgor broke and caught the Crossbows. The Chariot wiped out the Shades and then it was onto the big one. With a staggering 63 Attacks i braced myself for the damage of the Corsairs. Once the dust had settled i lost 9 Gors. My returning attacks wiped out the Corsairs, overrunning into the Cauldron. Phew

On his turn he charged the second Hydra into the Watchtower. His Cauldron gave itself an extra attack. The Magic phase saw my Bestogors strength and toughness dropped. Combat his Death Hag challenged my Gor Champ which she cut down. The Hags failed to kill and Gors losing their lifes in the process. the Cauldron stood firm despite losing combat. The Hydra made mincemeat out my Bestigors again leaving only a couple standing next to the stubborn Great Bray.

Turn 3

The Chariot ambled forward to get in postion to flank the Hydra while the Razorgor that defeated the Crossbows set itself up for a rear charge on the Spearmen. The other Razorgor sadly lost its remaing wound on a Dangerous terrain check. Magic again was big and once again the Pit of Shades was IF on a Hydra but to my horror a 1 was rolled for the initiative test. The only Combat saw my Gors get snake eyes for my primal fury roll (a first ever) so the Hag Queen met her maker.

On his turn he charged the very fortunate Hydra into the Watchtower and the Spearmen went into the Gors. Magic saw him trying to Mindrazor his Spearmen but i was able to Dispell it. Combat the Gors killed the Spearmen leaving the Sorceress to Flee. the Gors elected not to pursue, instead turning to face the Hydra. In the Watchtower the Hydra reaked havok leaving a solitary 1 wound Great Bray standing.


Turn 4

The Razorgor ran the fleeing Sorceress down while the Gors and the Chariot combo charged the Hydra. Magic saw the Gors Wildformed and the Hydra's Ws Miasma'd.
The Gors made light work of the Hydra the sheer amount of attacks finding their way through the regen.

Victory 20 - 0

Against the odds i found myself in a fantastic position. Going into game 3 on the top table winner takes all.

25-09-2011, 21:44
Game 3

Battle for the Pass the scenario my opponent..... My friend Simon, playing two friends in a tournament is never welcome, worse when you know just how terribble his army can be!

His Daemons

Tzeench Herald

Khorne Herald

39 Horrors, Changling

23 Bloodletters

2 Fiends of Slaanesh

6 Flamers



Turn 1

I marched up as quick as my hooves could take me. The razorgor on my right flank setting up a charge on the flamers. Magic was a disaster attempting to miasma the I on the Horrors on 1 dice saw me roll a 2 failing to cast for the rest of the phase with my lvl 4. My attempt at Wildform was easily dispelled.


On his turn his moved his fiends back, while his flamers moved to the flank of my Razorgor, taking themselves out of charge range. Magic he IF Dwellers Bellow on my Gor Unit plunging 15 to their Doom. In the shooting phase the Flamers barbequed the Razorgor.

Turn 2

I attemped to charge the Bloodletters with my Chariot and Razorgor with only the latter making it in. The Gors reformed to provide stabitlity in ranks while the Bestigors moved into charge range of the horrors. Magic was heartbreaking, 12 dice in the pool and the first spell was Miasma on the Horrors. 2 dice rolled, double 6. The result was not good, large template over my Bestigors at strength 10. To increase my ill fortune mu Great Bray was sucked into the Warp while my Bray Shaman also copped a wound. Dissaster! In combat the Razorgor didn't get to lift a hoof before it was swiftly chopped down by the herald.

On his turn he charged the Gors with his Bloodletters, a Fiend charge the Chariot and moved the Flamers behind the Bestigors. Magic saw a few more Bestigors killed and in the shooting phase more were toasted. Combat somehow saw my Gors beat his Bloodletters in combat but stood firm. The Chariot did not fare so well as it was well beaten, fled and subsequently caught.

Turn 3

With only 2 units left the Bestigors charged the horrors. Magic saw my Gors Wildformed. In combat the changeling challenged the Bestigor Champion but neither could force a wound. The Bestigors manged to chop through 4 Horrors and despite losing combat they held.

On his turn the Flamers failed to Charge the Bestigors while a Fiend did make it into their flank. Magic saw an IF on Regrowth on the Bloodletters bring back 3. Combat saw the Bestigors finally put out of their misery, while on the otherside of the battle the Gors once again were the MVP on the Beast side remaining steadfast. after a tense challenge saw the Wargor and Khorne Herald exchange a wound apiece.


Turn 4

With only the Gors left it was straight to combat and a tense challenge saw the Wargor and Khorne Herald exchange a wound apiece.

His turn saw my resilience come to an end. Two flanks from the Flamers and a Fiend and it was lights out. The Herald finnishing off the Wargor the icing on the cake.


Loss 0 - 20

From what was such a promising beginning to the match didin't last long. Losing my Great Bray ended any faint hopes of a victory and it was all uphill from then on. I was however delighted for Simon though and glad that a friend was the eventual winner.

Reflecting on the Tournament i was delighted how my Beasts performed and can't wait to get them into another.

25-09-2011, 22:50
Great Reports! Nice pictures as well, helps set the scene.

25-09-2011, 23:42
2 for 3 ain't bad for Beasts. Grats!!
One thing though...thought only Core units of <20 could deploy in the Watchtower. Or has that changed?

26-09-2011, 07:14
I wasn't 100% sure on this so we queried it before the match. We were told that who ever rolled to control the watchtower could put a unit of 20 core inside. My opponent won the right but elected not to. After that it was open to any sized unit.

26-09-2011, 15:13
Yowch you did so well and then got boned over by a miscast that shouldn't have happend. Great read anyways and I was braying for your success the whole time!

26-09-2011, 16:50
Wow!:eek: Seems like the dark elf player was very hard done by! :D

26-09-2011, 18:25
@w3rm Thanks for great feedback. I was gutted with that Miscast however, its moments like that in games that really make for great stories.

@Gogs78 Seems like the Dark Elf player underestimated his opponent :rolleyes:

26-09-2011, 19:36
I wasn't 100% sure on this so we queried it before the match. We were told that who ever rolled to control the watchtower could put a unit of 20 core inside. My opponent won the right but elected not to. After that it was open to any sized unit.

Ahh my bad. Read it wrong lol.
Your exploits inspired me to pull my Beasties out once more...been quite a while since they've seen the light of day lol

27-09-2011, 08:38
Ahh my bad. Read it wrong lol.
Your exploits inspired me to pull my Beasties out once more...been quite a while since they've seen the light of day lol

Wow glad to have helped, would love to read another of your Beasts battle reports.

27-09-2011, 10:16
A shame to have to face two of your friends in the same tournament.

27-09-2011, 12:01
A shame to have to face two of your friends in the same tournament.

Very true, at least though we can now have a revenge match up :shifty:

27-09-2011, 14:30
Pretty cool paint job on the beastman

27-09-2011, 19:08
nicely painted army, and well done overall I'd say