View Full Version : Shooting heavy ogres?

immortal git
25-09-2011, 23:43
Ok so im thinking just a regular ogre build, three core units of bulls/guts, slaughtermaster, bsb, firebelly and now the fun begins :) 2 units of 6 leadbealchers, two scrappies and two ironblasters.

Your thoughts?

26-09-2011, 00:42
I think it could be especially good. You'll want some gnobs to slow down the enemy while shooting over their heads (especially trappers to force difficult terrain tests).

Don't forget:
- maneaters dual wielding handguns with the sniper/poison rules
- a second butcher to allow death magic for the -1 Toughness spell on units before you shoot
- the big gribly that has the stone thrower magic ice attack

26-09-2011, 19:46
I am thinking of a similar build, but mine has:

1 Deathstar of 20 Ogre Bulls, Musician, Banner, Iron Fist w/Characters
1 Unit of 10 Bulls, 4 wide, Musician, Banner, Iron Fist
1 Unit of 7 Leadbelchers w/Musician
1 Unit of 4 Leadbelchers w/Musician
1 Unit of 4 Leadbelchers w/Musician
1 Iron Blaster
1 Slaughtermaster, level 4 w/4+ Ward Talisman, Iron Curse Icon
1 Bruiser BSB w/Dragon Banner, Heavy Armor and Iron Fist
1 Butcher w/Dispel Scroll and ASF Sword - I am thinking Shadow to get Melkoth's if I don't get Lowering Strength or Toughness.

If you run your list, make sure the Leads have a Musician for the Free Reform, otherwise consider making them 3 units of 4 for more tactical flexibility in target selection.