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26-09-2011, 12:09
Got a tourney soon, running greenskinz and could do with any pointers. keep in mind untis cant be more than 40 models or 400 points.

(General) Black Orc Warboss, Pig, tlaisman of preservation, shield, crown of command and dragon helm.

Goblin big boss bsb, spider banner, light armour, shield, bow

Night gobbo shaman level2, dispell scroll, terryfying mask of eee!!

Savage Orc Great Shaman level3 ruby, ring of ruin, feedback scroll, obsidiant trinckett

33 x Orc big unz, command, shields, war banner, additional hand weapons

37 x night gobbos, 3 x fanatics, netters, bows, musician,

27 x xblack orcs, command, shields, banner of eternal flame

5 x savage orc boar boyz, musician, additinoal hand weapons

2 x speak chukkas with bullys

Mangler squigs

3 x river trolls

3 x river trolls

Ok well i have my gobbo shaman and bsb go with the gobbo unit givnig the gobbos posion ranged attack with nearly 30 shots on turn 2 onwards after i move them few inches forward and have a shot. Then volley fire. if they get charged as well they will relsease few fanatics, stand and shoot with poison, then the opponent will take a fear test and maybe go weapon skill 1, and netted going down 1 strength so with the numbers i have and the debuff on the opponent they may or may not expect...the little gobbos might win a fight :P

orc shaman jumps in with the big unz and the general with the black orcs. trolls either side of the black orcs. manglers and boarz either side of the table

The general with the crown i have to say has won me my last game against high elves as in the rounds i lost he couldnt shift me as i had ld 9 and bsb close by and i was against phoenix gaurd with the 4+ward save. My general wouldnt die, and black orcs were going down and down but they stayed long enough for my generals 4 pet trolls to come crashing into his flank. bye bye.
hence taking two units of three to go either side.

Any help would be appreciated if anyoen can think of anything else i could change or do better

27-09-2011, 07:56
I thougth it was a good list, but surely there must be some differences of opinoin let alone some suggestions on how best to use the troops i have selected