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27-09-2011, 04:08
I need some advice on my Skaven list. This list is the foundation of my army, but I can't seem to be happy with it. For some reason it seems to be missing something. In the nest 500 point chunk I add a Plague Priest and 19 plague monks, and another Warp Lightning Cannon or Plague Claw Catapult.


Warlord with Halberd - 93


Chieftain wit battle standard bearer - 70


40 Clanrats with shields, spears, and full command - 220

20 Clanrats with shields, spears, and full command - 120

20 Clanrats with shields, spears, and full command - 120

19 Stormvermin with full command - 158

20 Skavenslaves - 50

20 Skavenslaves - 50

Warp lightning cannon - 90

My basic battle plan is to have the 40 clanrat unit covered by the the 2 smaller units, to cover the flanks. The Stormvermin are the harder hitting unit, and are supported by the slaves. And the Warp Lightning Cannon is there to simply shoot whatever attracts the most attention, or what I need to take a chunk out of.

I would like to somehow add in some weapon teams. I love Poisoned Wind Mortars and Ratling Guns. Any help or ideas would be fantastic.


27-09-2011, 05:59
My advice would be to drop the 3rd Clanrat unit and make the 40 strong unit just 30 and the remaining unit of 20 up to 30. On these 2 units I would then also drop the Spears. An extra 5 attacks, assuming that you didn't charge, is underwhelming when compared to a 6+ Ward Save if using just hand weapons and shield. Dropping the spears also saves a few points.
BAM! You've saved 110pts already. 2 good units of 30 will also be much better than a very strong unit of 40 and 2 very weak units of 20. Never take Clanrats in 20's.

Same with the slaves, I would combine these 2 units into one unit of 40, also you've costed them incorrectly in your list, 20 slaves is just 40pts. Maybe you've given them some equipment but not written it? If so, remove the equipment - when people ask me if my slaves have an armour save I laugh, they're literally expected to die and no amount of protection is worth it on them.

Savings now = 120pts

To the Stormvermin! A unit of 20 (or 19) is not worth the points. You need them in higher numbers (30 at least) or not at all. My suggestion would be to spend 70 of your 120pts saved - on them, making it a solid asskicking unit of 30(29), not a meek unit of 20(19). :)

Now if you still want a weapon team, you have to drop... something but I'm not sure what. Perhaps 10 slaves, would give you another 20 to your 50pts which is just enough for a Poisoned Wind Mortar. I wouldn't advise a Ratling Gun, they're not very good.

So in summary, drop one unit of clanrats, make the other both 30 and drop the spears. Combine the slaves and drop 10 of them as well as any equipment they have. Then bump the stormers up to 29 guys and buy a wind mortar.


27-09-2011, 06:35
Thanks for the reply. When do you recommend taking spears in Clanrats? I have 60 of them painted, and other 20 built, and I would rather not tear them all apart. That, and they look really cool. And what about a unit of 20 Monks? Would you recommend bumping that up to 30 as well? I'm looking for any tricks and tips you have. There are not a lot of Skaven players in my area. Also, is not taking slaves an option? Or is it a must?

Thanks in advance.

27-09-2011, 07:31
Slaves are certainly not a must, they're just a ridiculously useful unit and arguably the most cost effective in the whole army and possibly even the whole game. They're very very very good. Completely joyless and 100% maximum competitiveness lists usually utilise many many many large units of them. However they are in no way a must have and a Skaven army can function well enough with or without them. That being said, they are very very good.

I never recommend taking Spears on Clanrats, sorry. I suppose if you put them in horde formation with the spears in a unit of 50 or so then they might be okay as an offensive unit. Combined with Bless with filth or something that would be an okay fighting unit but an unnecessarily expensive one. I'll admit they look cool with spears - so it does depend on what you're trying to get out of this army? Competitive play? Fluffiness? How cool the army looks? Or a mixture? If you're not trying to be as competitive as possible and prefer the look of spears and already have 80 assembled with spears, then feel free to stick with spears.

Monks, Stormvermin, Clanrats, pretty much any infantry unit in the whole book should have a 30+ sign on it. Skaven aren't particularly resilient and they need to keep 3 ranks minimum for SiN and as many as possible besides that for Steadfast.
With Monks I've heard many success stories with a 7 wide unit of 35 monks. Gets 28 attacks! Not bad. Add the Plague Banner and you have a unit that can beat pretty much anything that doesn't have a 2+ armour save, for 1 round at least (which is often all it takes).

Any more questions, I'm happy to help :)

27-09-2011, 08:09
You are a freaking god-send.

so my new list. I have a feeling I will be asking you for help quite often. I hope you don't mind.

Lords and Heroes.

Warlord with halberd - 93

Chieftain with battle standard - 70


29 Stormvermin and full command - 228

30 clanrats with hand weapons, shields and full command - 155

30 Clanrats with spears, shields, and full command - 170

30 Skavenslaves - 60

30 Skavenslaves - 60


Warp Lightning Cannon - 90

This leaves me with 167 points left to spend. i am thinking of 2 weapon teams. But I am unsure. What do you think I should take? This army is meant to have a small amount of fluff behind it, but not a massive amount until I have some solid army lists. I don't need this army to be to competitive, but I want it to stand a fair chance against a few opponents. My buddy plays a pretty shooty Empire army, so I am thinking of including the Storm Banner.

27-09-2011, 10:51
Looking good and I'm happy to help I'm on school holidays at the moment so I pretty much don't have anything else to do with my time... :cries: hahaha :p

Anywho, this list is looking pretty good. Lots of infantry for a solid core, me likey! Remember that you should have about 100 models per 1000pts for Skaven. Right now you're sitting on 150, this is excellent. If you wanted you could probably drop one of the Slave units and get a Level 1 Engineer. Might be worth considering I think as currently you have no magic at all.

As to the 167pts you have left - a weapon team or two would be good, I'd go with 2 Warpfire Throwers as I absolutely love them, but you might want 2 mortars or 1 of each even might be the best way to go.
OR you could spend the points on an engineer OR better yet (IMO) you could drop the warlord and get a Plague Priest? Level 2 with a flail. This uses up most of your spare points and denies you any weapon teams. If this is a big problem, then make him just level 1 I think.

A plague priest does have a slightly lower LD than the Warlord but I think he makes up for it by adding some magic to your army and he's fairly tough too.

But that's just what I'd do, it'd be just as good to buy 2 weapon teams or a level 1 engineer and a weapon team or an engineer (no magic) with the doomrocket and a weapon team, it's up to you. The core of your army is set you're just adding spices to taste at this stage :)

15-10-2011, 15:46
But surely, you can't have a warlord anyway, due to the points-limit? Heroes only >2000p, right?

15-10-2011, 16:21
no the 8th editon is totally different now...up to 25 percent in lords, 25 percent in heros, atleast 25 percent in core, up to 50 percent in special, and up to 25 percent in rare...atleast i think....also i like your list but i would gear characters a little too, just in case

15-10-2011, 17:24
dammit, I thought this was the case, but it's not in the skaven book, so I went with what was there.. oh well. my list works anyway at least =) thanks