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27-09-2011, 15:33
As the title says that's what the game is. I am using my Skaven (newly painted, with little practice) against my friend's Dark Elves, in a campaign from a previous edition with the current edition rules. I attacked an army on a map square that is supported by two others, thus the 400 point bonus he has. However, I am in a good position to wipe him off the map, as it is early days yet and this is is hq I have gone for (thus he can produce no more armies). Once 40% (I think) of the map is held by a single player, that player wins.

So, I have more experience than my friend with competitive play, and I do play more than he does (he has a wife and kids) so I think that will even the playing field a bit. There are no lords or special characters allowed until the 2,000 point mark (doesen't bother me as he ussually takes Malus Darkblade in his army).

This friend normally uses the following in his army: a horde of witch elves, a horde of corsairs, unit of spearmen, two bolt throwers, crossbowmen, a level 2 wizard, and 2 - 3 large-ish units of cold one knights. He could bring a hydra along too, but never uses too much magic.

So, I am using my Skaven, with 400 less points. I could go with a close combat army, or a firepower army. While combat would be nice, I think I will prefer to go with a firepower Skryre-style army, and present my list below for critique and assistane (the game is in three hours or so):


Warlock Engineer: Level 1, Doomrocket, Warp Lightning Condenser

Plague Priest: Plague Censer, Warp Scroll

Chifetan: Battle Standard (Banner of Clan Superiority), shield,


20 Clanrats: Spears, shields, full command, warpfire thrower

20 Stormvermin: shields, full command, shroud of dripping death, warpfire thrower

20 Skavenslaves: Champion and musician


20 Plague Monks: Full command, plague banner

5 Warplock Jezzaels




I also have: a hellpit abomination, a warp lightning cannon, various other character models, more clanrats, ratling guns, rat ogres, giant rats. I do not have more plague monks or a furnace, however.

21-10-2011, 04:00
Well, I modified this army, replacing the two doomwheels with a hellpit abomination and a warp lightning cannon. I also dropped the priest and the chieftan, as well as the condenser on the warlock engineer. I bumped the clanrats up by a few models, and took 4 squads of 10 Stormvermin with shields and weapon teams.

Long story short I won the game, destorying my opponents Dark elf army and destoying his base. He can no longer generate armies on the map, and has one left. I think I did pretty well.

21-10-2011, 09:15
Are you using 8th edition rules? If so.. You take lords up to 25% of your army. It's not longer based on what amount of unit types you can. Core can be no less than 25% everything cannot be more than 25%. barring that..there are some options you couldn't take. Like Hpa and cannon at such low points.

How did your stormvermin units of ten and maximum weapons teams work out for you?

23-10-2011, 13:45
Yes, we are using 8th edition rules, and I am aware of how an army is structured. However, this is a 6th/7th edition campaign, utilising the General's Compendium.

A friend is running it so he is GMing it his way, and hosting it in his own house. The stipulation on our campaign is no special characters, and no lords unless you have built up a minimum of 2,000 points in your own army. Otherwise, we are still using the normal rules for 8th edition warhammer army list structure.

I'm not sure where your coming from regarding the hell pit and cannon? A quarter of 1,500 is 375 points, and the total of those two units is 325, putting me under by 50?

The stormvermin units did very well. I had a few 2 warpfire throwers, which did not do great, and two ratling guns which were stellar, so I will be having more of those. They got 9 - 11 shots per turn off, more when you factor in the remnants of a horde of corsairs charging just a weapons team, twice, failing the charge with snake eyes. The stormvermin were speed bumps mostly, but one unit helped pincer the flank of a witch elf unit with some plague monks on the other side.