View Full Version : Dwarf horde with HW+Shield or GW?

27-09-2011, 16:10
So, I have been working on my Dwarf army - and up to now I have had tunnel vision looking towards every model possible having a GW. This would include a horde/mob of Dwarf Warriors.

So a thought occured to me that maybe for the main block I can save the cost of GW and go HW+Shield and get a 6+ ward save in close combat. So most troops I see out there will cut right through their heavy armor like its nothing, and the 6+ might give them a small measure of increased durability. Thoughts?

27-09-2011, 16:14
I think this isn't really a rules question and would probably get better answers in the tactics forum (http://www.warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=13).

27-09-2011, 16:36
Not a rules question.

In most cases I would say the gain in survivabilty is not balanced out by the decrease in killing power. I would especally avoid the lack of killing power on a main combat block.

27-09-2011, 16:46
I will simply assume that a kind and benevolent Mod will move the thread soon, and answer with "Hordes are for offense. Unless you pack natural S4 and decent Initiative, go ahead and swing the big sticks."