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27-09-2011, 16:19
Ok I'm starting up a fantasy army, and am confused by the system in the army book for choosing an army. Do I use the percentage system, or the system in the army book?

27-09-2011, 16:21
You need a copy of the WFB rule book, my friend. The simple answer is %s - the rule book re-wrote the system outlined in the army books

27-09-2011, 17:27
You should check out the errata for your army book on the GW website, which will tell you to use the system in the rulebook and also detail all other relevant amendments and errata, such as the few magic items that are now obsolete, or have received significant functional changes—only three armies have received eighth edition army books, after all.

28-09-2011, 00:00
just for news

Armies with 8 th books

Orcs and goblins
Tomb Kings
Ogre Kingdoms

28-09-2011, 01:01
Aside from the 3 books listed by Grimgormx, every current warhammer army book was written for the previous edition (if not older!). A lot of things in these books don't make much sense any more. As such, once you've managed to wrap your head around the basic rules, take a look at the erratas and FAQ's on Games Workshop's web site:


There's a lot to process, but start with your own army book. Maybe print a copy off/upload a PDF to a mobile electronic device so that you can bring it with you when you game.

And welcome to Warhammer Fantasy!!