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DE Elder
27-09-2011, 18:35
So I play 40k and have pretty religously the last 6 years. I have a substantial Dark Eldar army as well as Chaos Space Marines. I am looking for a change however. The more I see of Fantasy the more I want to learn about it. I know next to nothing about it and think it looks like fun to play.

I do have a dilemma though. Seeing the ew Ogre Kingdoms in the new White Dwarf got me very interested in them. I love the models and the playsyle is totally different than what I am used to. I like the idea of having only 30 models on the field for a 2500pt game. I know they are an in your face army and very resilient. I would not need to buy many figures which would help my less than expansive wallet, so that is a plus.

On the flip side there is High Elves. They look awesome and fit my playstyle nicely. They hit hard in almost every phase I am told and take quite a bit of skill to play, which is nice. They are not forgiving to those who just rush them forward and need to use strategy for them to succeed. Also, there is the Island of Blood. Very cheap for all of the people that you get. There is not one thing in there i would not use. I would prolly buy multiples of them to get more Seaguard and Swordsman.

So I gues what I am asking is, for some experiences playing either army. I am leaning towards Ogres more for a change up of play style, but go back to High Elves because I can get what I want for relatively cheap and they fit my playstyle as well.

Anyone give me any insight? Appreciate anything you guys can say.

27-09-2011, 18:44
Well, just a quick tip on the island of blood, while it might look good value, you're most likely not going to be using the reavers or the griffion lord (could work as an eagle though). IMO even playing seaguards is pushing it. Swordmasters are awesome though, but you're better off getting them from ebay.

Also: High elves have some pretty powerfull items you can bring around if you're having a hard time with your local meta. (Some would call Book of Hoeth/Teclis a "win button")

27-09-2011, 19:43
Get a loan... buy both.

DE Elder
27-09-2011, 19:43
I like Seaguard because they are versatile. They have bows and spears whereas the other Core have one or the other. Some people said they are expensive points wise. I dont know because I dont have the book, but I liek units that can be dual-rolled if possible. Also, I like the Battlebox HE get so I can get a block of archers and Spearmen in that as well.

With the Griffon Lord, I planned on using the Griffon as a Eagle. But because I dont know the game yet, might just play him as is and see how it plays out. With the Reavers I'll do the same thing. I'll use them until i make a bigger force. i dont see a lot of people use them, but for starting out I figure I can learn about cavalry and how the move and what not.

are both of the armies competitive? Both fun to play?

Andy p
27-09-2011, 20:17
Ogres!! Ogres!! Ogres!!

Not those yucky PIE elves ho ho ho.

27-09-2011, 20:22
What about mercenary ogres with an elf aesthetic? White cloaks and lions etc... You could call them High Ogres... wait that doesn't sound right... :p

27-09-2011, 20:22
Given that you are new to Fantasy, and will also be wanting a copy of the rulebook, it seems to me to be a no-brainer to go with High Elves, rather than Ogres, since the Island of Blood will give you a rulebook as well as a start on your High Elf army.

The only thing that makes me pause, however, is your attraction to a low model count army. Although High Elves are generally a small model count army, you'd be wanting to paint up a fair number of infantry in comparison to Ogres.

DE Elder
27-09-2011, 20:35
Fratz, That is where I struggle too. The rulebook is easy for me to get as I have a couple friends who have extra copies of it.

But painting is not a strong suit of mine and painting many models is doable for me but I do not want painting to be a deterrent.

Are both of them competitive and fun to play? As a beginner, would either ruleset be more difficult to master? From what i have heard, Ogres are pretty point and click. Move these massive bodies over here and charge and shoot. HE are more finesse. magic here, pick and choose your battle there.

27-09-2011, 22:31
High Elves are an elite army, and you have to put up with people complaining they have abilities to make them not suck (ASF + GW) at 20% more points cost than other armies elite troopers.

Ogres just have to hear the Hellheart is cheesy.