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27-09-2011, 19:01
When deployed if both armies are on the line is the distance 24"
It appears that there is some language changes in this 8th edition book that deems the distance enough and it has been argue both ways .
so :
1] Can a empire gunner shoot on the line targets in the top of the first turn ?

2] Also can vampire ghouls using ghoulkin[free 8" inch move ,then a march .then the danse macabre spell charge in the top of the first turn.
I am posting for a buddy.
We always played a big ole fat NO to all of the above but there is a valid argument with this new editrion

27-09-2011, 19:07
Onlly a few scenarios are closer then 24". Rule still applies you measure from the center point of the board 12" both directions. This is there for those who play on none standardized tables like a kitchen table that is only 40" or so. Rule still applies no first turn 24" shooting or spells unless you shift up.

27-09-2011, 19:26
24" is the minimun distance that should be betwen armies (in some scen), but if yo have a big table you can deploy them a little far away

27-09-2011, 19:28
The standard scenarios that have the armies start 24" apart all say "more than 12" from the center line".

This means they will start out of range as far as a weapon with 24" range is concerend.