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28-09-2011, 00:00
I havent seen this asked anywhere but around my area we have agreed that the warhammer forge stuff is balanced and fine to use, no permission needed. Now what I was wondering is how the mount option works for the warlord. Does it come naked or can you uby the mount option one upgrades just like the SOM version?

28-09-2011, 00:09
As far as I know there are no special upgrades. it has the same options as the standard horror.

Of course NOW the site is down. army builder lists extras as:
Lash Tail, Pestilent Breath, Rusted Armor, Skyre Claws

28-09-2011, 00:27
The general opinion around here is that it's fine to give the mount those options, none of them seem broken anyway. However I was just asking because a few people in my local GW have some objections and seem to think they are for SOM games only. I don't want to have a pick up game and be told to get rid of the horror.. infact I would just pack up right then if that was the attitude.

28-09-2011, 00:34
They may have a point regarding Lash Tail, since "tail attack" is only defined in SoM, but the rest are all generic 8e rules, IIRC.

28-09-2011, 00:51
True, I never intend to give mine that anyway, just the breath and armour.. perhaps the claws. I was just wondering what the general concensus was here :p

28-09-2011, 19:46
I used one in a game today. Warlord with Warlock Weapons, Distracting shield and whatever it is tha makes an opponent reroll successful hits. He helped a slave unit beat up a unit of 30 savage orcs pretty good. Other than that he just kind of floundered around. After winning and pursuing I had to take a turn repositioning, and then failed my next charge. I will definitely use one again, soon. I was hardly overpowered.