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28-09-2011, 04:33
Hey guys, not sure if this has been posted here but i was curious. On another sight I had seen a post. What if the loyalist Primarch's and the traitor Primarch's had switched rules during the Heresy. What if it had been Dorn or Roboute who turned against the Emperor and led their brothers to war?


- What would be the outcome
- Who would live/die

bonus, what would be the "Damon Prince" Mutations of the Primarchs that we know now to be Loyal

28-09-2011, 05:13
I thought B&C's Dornian Heresy was an interesting take on it.

Imperial Fists = Black Legion (literally, instead of Black Templar, they became Black Legion).
Space Wolves = Khorne (by being a little overboard on Prospero, yeah, big surprise).
Raven Guard = Tzeentch, becoming avian avatars and sorcerer covens.
Blood Angels = Nurgle, their bodies decaying, they harvest others to keep themselves going.
White Scars = Slaanesh, not Noise Marines, but more like Speed Cult.
Ultramarines = Left the Imperium, but did not turn to Chaos, kept advancing their tech, too. One picture showed a Marine in Mark 16 armor that definitely had some Tau influences in the design look.

World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Word Bearers, and Thousand Sons all stayed loyal. That's as far as they got in the first volume, though.

Over all, a very interesting read. I recommend it.

28-09-2011, 06:31
an interesting idea... can't think of what primarchs would be like. I like what Charistoph put though.
What about...alpha legion turning against the emperor, but everyone thinks that they are loyal?