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28-09-2011, 07:11
I've been throwing ideas around in my head for a variant of the standard Storm of Magic scenario. I'd like to throw the idea out and get some input.

Stormbound Ascension:
Everyone knows that the ultimate goal of any Warrior of Chaos, and indeed many followers of the Chaos gods, is to ascend to the side of their patron as a Daemon Prince. In this scenario, some wizard is using the power of the Storm to rush the process. Having gained control of a particularly powerful Fulcrum, he has enslaved an army to his will as he begins to draw the Storm of Magic within his own body in what will be catastrophic results one way or the other.

There are two armies, the attacker and the defender. The attacker can be any army (most characterful would be the same as the defender, showing loyalists or rivals trying to stop the Chaos Worshiper) chosen using the rules for the Storm of Magic scenario.

The defending army can be any army except Daemons (why would they want to ascend, they're already daemons?) chosen as for the Storm of Magic scenario with the following additions.
The army general must be a Lvl 4 wizard. This may not be a special character and may not be mounted. Characters with higher Ld may be present, but this wizard is the general.
In the case of Tomb Kings, this wizard will be the general (replacing the necessity for a Tomb King or Prince) but cannot be your Hierophant, who must be chosen from your other Tomb Priests (following all rules).
In the case of Dwarfs, this wizard will be a Runelord with the his cost raised by 90 pts (representing the purchase of 4 wizard levels). He will no longer generate dispell dice (that's why he doesn't cost 140 pts more), but can buy a single Arcane Item. Such an item will count as a Master Talisman rune for all purposes (point allotment, rule of jealousy, etc).
In the case of Warriors of Chaos, this should not be a Daemon Prince... okay?

The table:
There is 1 Grand Fulcrum and 3 Arcane Fulcrums. The Grand Fulcrum is placed in the centre of the defending players deployment zone (the general will be deployed here). The 3 Arcane fulcrums are placed in the centre as per the Reign of Magic scenario (p72 of Storm of Magic). See the diagram below (note, it is not to scale). Deploy other terrain as normal (or as you see fit).

The defending player will place his general in the Grand Fulcrum and a wizard in each Arcane Fulcrum if he has enough. If he doesn't then they remain empty. After this, deploy armies as per the alternating unit method.

First Turn: First turn goes to the attacker

Game Length: The scenario ends when the Stormborn Prince or Stormborn Spawn is slain or has slain everyone. See special rules.

Special Rules: (here we go...)

Arcane Fulcrums - See Storm of Magic.

Grand Fulcrum:
This is a particularly powerful Arcan Fulcrum. It follows all the Rules for an Arcane Fulcrum with the following additions.

The Grand Fulcrum is more powerful and more stable than a normal fulcrum and its power is being channelled into the wizard upon it. If the wizard on the Grand Fulcrum miscasts, he is not affected by any result that would result in his instant demise (he can still take hits that may kill him, though), reduces his ability to cast, or force him to move off the fulcrum. He therefore is not affected by by the 1-3 result of Dimensional Cascade and the D3 loss of wizard levels from Power Drain in the standard rulebook Miscast Table and he is not personally affected (though others can be) by Earth Shattering Kaboom!, I Think I'm Feeling A Little Odd..., Raaaaaarrgh!, or Did The World Move, Or Was It Just Me? from the Storm of Magic Miscast Table He will suffer a hit with Strength equal to the rolled number instead with no armour saves allowed. For Vwoorp!, swap 2 random Arcane Fulcrums rather than the Grand Fulcrum and take a S7 hit with no armour save.
The wizard on the Grand Fulcrum, being the general, will project his Inspiring Presence +6" more than normal (normally 18", 24" for Large Targets).
Nothing can move the wizard off of the Grand Fulcrum. Not the Magical Duel Cantrip (it will still deal damage), not casting Transagar's Transportation himself, not Hand of Gork, nothing.
The Grand Fulcrum grants a 2+ Ward Save instead of 3+.

At the start of each of his turns, the defending player rolls to see how his wizard is progressing in his ascension ritual. Roll a D6 at each Start of Turn step.

On a roll of 6 he has progressed to the next stage of the ritual (see the stages below).

On the roll of 1-5, he is delayed somehow, but the magic surges forward making it easier to progress. Each time he gets this result you will add +1 to all further rolls, even on the next stage.

Stages of the Ritual

1. You start here and the army functions as normal.

2. The general has drawn a fair amount of the storm into him and it is effecting his leadership abilities and the magic of the battlefied.
The army will no longer benefit from the Inspiring Presence special rule. He seems preoccupied, gibbering madly, and they don't trust his judgement anymore or he's just being too confusing to understand.
For all magic phases, roll 3D6 for the Winds of Magic now and give dice equal to the highest and lowest rolls to the dispelling player as his pool. On the defending player's turn, however, generate an extra D6 power dice for the general. Only he may use these power dice.

3. The storm is beginning to let up as the general has drawn an inhuman amount of power into his body. This, however, has unnerved his troops.
Characters are no longer able to control the frightened masses in the defender's army. Any unit that contains 5 or more rank and file models may not use the Ld value of any character in the unit for any Ld test or for comparative purposes. The characters may still use their own Ld if called to make a test or comparison on their own. Units with fewer than 5 rank and file models are bullied easily enough to still follow orders and so will use the Ld of any characters.
The Battle Standard loses the Hold Your Ground! rule. The army is no longer responding to the inspiration he gives. Undead and Daemon (if you went against my suggestion) armies lose the benefit of counting having lost battle by one less than they did due to the Battle Standard.
Roll 2D6 for the Winds of Magic and use the highest die for the dispell pool. On the defending player's turn, the general generates 2D6 powerdice for his personal use in addition to the 2D6 for the whole army.

4. The ritual is complete and the general turns into a Stormborn Prince. His army, now escaping his thrall (or having the magic sucked out of them), has completely disbanded (remove all other units from the defending player's army from the game). The fulcrums collapse to the ground, having been drained (remove them from the game, but any attacking wizards will remain unharmed where the fulcrum was). Replace the general on his Grand Fulcrum with a Daemon Prince (a particularly nasty one would be good). He now has the following stats:

M - 8
WS- 8
BS- 0
S - 6+*
T - 6+*
W - 6+*
I - 7
A - 6+*
Ld- 10

The Stormborn Prince adds +1 to its S, T, W and A for each Arcane Fulcrum the defending player possessed when he reached this stage. Any wounds the general suffered before his transformation are carried over to this form.

It is a Lvl 4 wizard and a Monster with the following special rules: Unbreakable, Unstable, Fly, Ward Save 4+, Loremaster (Death and Heavens), Terror, Large Target, Magical Attacks. The Loremaster rule replaces any spells he had before.

The storm has ended and any bound monsters (ie. monsters from scrolls of binding) are removed and Mythic Artefacts no longer function. Cataclysm spells and cantrips may no longer be used and the winds of Magic generate only the standard 2D6 dice per turn. Pacts, however, will still continue (and continue to degenerate).

It is now a fight to the death and the Stormborn Daemon has first go.

Death of the General
If the Defending general is slain before he completes the spell, his body begins to spasm and the ritual goes horribly out of control. Remove the defending army and the fulcrums as described above and the storm has ended as described above.

Replace the Grand Fulcrum with a large Chaos Spawn at the start of the next defending player turn (or immediately if it is his turn). It is a Stormborn Spawn with the Following stats and special rules.

M - Random Movement - 2D6"*
WS- 4
BS- 0
S - D3*
T - D3*
W - D3*
I - 2
A - Random Attacks D6*
Ld- 10

For each Stage of the ritual past the first, add an attitional D3 to the S, T and W (roll separately for each D3) and add D6 to the Random Attacks value. The values of S, T and W, once determined, remain that for the rest of the game. If the defender controlled at least 2 Arcane Fulcrums (other than the Grand Fulcrum), then the Random Movement is 3D6" instead of 2D6".

Unit Type: Monster
Special Rules: Unbreakable, Unstable, Random Movement, Random Attacks, Terror, Magic Regeneration*

Magic Regeneration: The Stormborn Spawn's magically created body is constantly changing as the arcane power of the storm is now venting out of it. It has Regenation (2+), but the regeneration is cancelled by magical attacks rather than Flaming Attacks.

It's a battle to the death. Stop the abomination or die trying.


Well, it's wordy, it's long, but its all there. This is several hours of idle thought all summed up. Comments? Questions? Statements of absolute boredom trying to get through all this?