View Full Version : The Emperor Sigmar?

28-09-2011, 21:52
has there ever been rules for him, either official or unofficial?

I've been looking around but haven't been able to find any at all

28-09-2011, 22:35
The closest you're going to get is Valten (any evolution) since he's allegedly a reincarnation or an avatar or something.
But no, there were never any official rules for Sigmar the man because he exited stage North over two thousand years ago and none of the various editions of Warhammer have ever been that far back.
Also remember that the Emperor Sigmar was just a (pretty exceptional, i'll grant you) man. He didn't become venerated as a god until after that and it's not really certain that that's enough to actually make him into one really, but as with all things related to Chaos, if it seems lke it ought to work it probably will, but if it's guaranteed to, Tzeentch just lied to you.

28-09-2011, 22:39
i was beginning to think that the only way to pull it off would be to use Valten

anyone know if he's useable in 8th or is he strictly confined to being used in SoC games?

28-09-2011, 23:34
He'd be usable as long as your group says he's ok, but officially, no.

Not sure on his special rules, personally, they may need tweaking.

Lord Zarkov
02-10-2011, 14:37
Old KF used to have a special rule where he became Sigmar for a turn and set all his stats to 10. Whas brutal, especially since Gharl Maraz used to give +2 attacks in addition to its other effects.

02-10-2011, 20:12
Just use chaos lord stats, remove the armour and give him Ghal Maraz