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28-09-2011, 22:35
Hello. I'll have a 2K tournament in a month but I'm used to play 3k lists. After much thought I made ​​the following:

Mannfred (with the ítem that grants reroll in the miscast table) - 500 pts

24 Skeletons Banner. - 200 pts

39 Ghouls - 312

5 Dire Wolves - 40 pts

5 Dire Wolves - 40 pts

40 Grave Guards Great weapons, Banner, Musician, Banner of the Barrows. 583 pts

Varghulf - 175 pts

3 Wraiths - 150 pts

Total: 2000 points.

Mannfred goes with the skeleton bunker. (Sorry my english, itīs not my first language). 39 ghouls because 40 donīt fit with the points. I donīt like only one Vaghulf, but I need another vampiric focus to speed up my rotten boys (or not so much, as I used it near the Wraiths). Dire Wolves to redirect (delay) and Grave Guards to do the killing stuff (Ghouls help against particular enemies).

The posible scenarios are Blood & Glory, Watchtower, Dawn Attack and Battleline.

In order to lose Blood & Glory I must loose the battle anyway. If they kill Mannfred Iīm almost done. The same if the Grave guard is exterminated and at the same time my enemy force me to get Mannfred out of the skeleton bunker. All depends of how many banners my oponnent takes and where he puts them.

Iīm confident about Wathctower. If I can get the Grave Guards in the tower, itīs almost a win. Only a few units can take them down fast enough. And reviving with magic, and using or creating "redirectors" I can delay my opponentīs units until the end of the game.

Dawn Attack could be a problem if the luck isnīt with me at all. And Battleline is the all life game.

My main concerns is about Skavens in general and Dwarves with 2 or 3 runed stone throwers and a lot of dispersion (runelord, anvil and equilibrium rune). The skaven can ave lots and lots of redirectors to delay me as he keep throwing stuff at my poors undeads. The dwarf simple throws runed rock after rock, and donīt let me revive my (again) poors undeads. :p

05-10-2011, 20:13
Most of the list checks out fairly well, the only major problem I have with it is Mannfred. 25% of your army on one character is a bit of a problem.

I would drop Manfred for a Vampire Lord of your chosing, and Wight King.

Also, since you expect to be playing blood or glory then the skeletons are a better choice, but if not for that Ghouls are better at keeping a mage lord alive as they take hits better at range and if the enemy gets to you, you are clearly doing something wrong.

It might also be fun to consider using Wraith Characters form the new white dwarf instead of them as a single usnt, depens on what you want from them. (as you do not have any Heros you this could work)

Also, Depending on the army you are fighting the Wolves will ether be a fun distraction, or just die. Tho they only come in at 80 points, but that could be used on a necromancer for a strategic Dance Macabre or heal. Also another mage is nice to have around when you mess up with your lvl 4 mage.