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28-09-2011, 23:16
Suppose you have a chariot unit of 3 in a 3x1 formation. Then 1 dies and so you have a unit of 2 left.
If a chariot unit successfully charges a enemy unit (say in the flank of a 5x10 unit) and then in the magic phase one of the chariots is resurrected/regrown, does the chariot get impact hits as well, providing all are in base contact with an enemy unit. In this instance, are there 2d6 impact hits or 3d6 impact hits?

2nd. Can a monster thunderstomp/stomp (as applicable) a warmachine in combat.


28-09-2011, 23:30
1st: I've not read the rule specifically, but I don't think the Regrowth rule comments on charge bonuses. I think a regrown knight with lance would get his strength bonus, so a chariot should get its impact hits. I could be wrong.

2nd: You can't stomp the war machine, because it's not one of the troop types you can stomp. But you can stomp the infantry models who align up to defend it. (Again. Could be wrong.)

28-09-2011, 23:48
1st No this topic was up a few weeks ago again and the answer was still No

2nd No because read the warmachine rules and it will tell you why.

29-09-2011, 06:40
Just to chime in.

In regards to your first question. Papabearshane is correct. Take a look at the Rulebook FAQ pg10.

Q: If models are resurrected in a unit that has charged that turn, do the resurrected models count as having charged? (reference)
A: No, but remember that the unit will still count as having charged when working out the combat result.

29-09-2011, 19:15
Just to chime in.

In regards to your first question. Papabearshane is correct. Take a look at the Rulebook FAQ pg10.

Awesome! Looked there and got my answers. It's been a while since I've looked in there. It wasn't until I needed the rule that I actually noticed it in there. Thanks!

I ask the question on the warmachine because we weren't sure if the crew counted as infantry and so could be stomped or thunderstomped. I take it that it is still a warmachine and thus can't be affected by such effects.

29-09-2011, 19:20
Yep they are warmachines not infantry.

29-09-2011, 19:21
Essentially, War Machine crew count as Wounds.
They otherwise effectively don't exist and serve only as a handy reminder of how much of the war machine there is left to kill and how many attacks back it gets since unlike normal multi-wound models a War Machine's Attacks change as it takes damage.