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29-09-2011, 00:21
So we have decided to try Fantasy (coming from 40k) and I have found myself with a couple of wood elf battalion boxes. After a bit of research and some experimentation, I think that I can build a workable list for our first few months of WHFB out of just the battalions (with a bit of modelling tweakage).

Any input on how to build out a workable list to learn the game on, using just the WE battalions (and characters) would be very welcome. My fellow 40k to Fantasy converts will probably be playing Skaven, High Elves, and Orcs.

2000 points

Spellweaver - lvl 4, Divination Orb, Amaranthine Brooch [will try both life and beasts]
Branchwraith - lvl 1, Murder of Spites, Annoyance of Nettlings
BSB - Light Armor, Hail of Doom Arrow, Asyendi's Bane

Glade Guard (14, musician)
Glade Guard (16, musician)
Glade Guard (19, musician) [bsb goes here]
Scouts (5) [spellweaver goes here]
Dryads (10)
Dryads (14) [branchwraith goes here]
Glade Riders (5, musician)

Wild Riders (5, musician) [converted from GR models]
Wild Riders (5, musician) [converted from GR models]

So... any thoughts on improving a list built entirely from the WE battalion box? Thanks!

29-09-2011, 20:56
Not bad, I would drop the glade riders and bump the wild riders up to 1 unit of 15, or maybe 12 with a noble or 2, you need some hitting power.

Don't forget you will need a citadel wood too ;)

29-09-2011, 22:51
The Dawnspear on a Noble works very well with Wildriders.

02-10-2011, 18:19
skaven highelves and orcs all got recent updates and are quite good in 8th, woodelves are a tad weak in 8th. If they set out with very competitive lists you could be in trouble.

Against highelves i would get as much shooting as possible, and if he takes a wizard with book of hoeth i would throw whatever you can at it to kill it. The highelves are a hard one but don't much like getting shot at with S4 bows.

Against skaven your in a bit of trouble, i would seriously consider getting a tree man, its a bit expensive to purchase but perhaps ebay? the monster can seriously make you better, mind you skaven has so much flaming attacks hard to say... but the treeman is a great unit in the wood elf list, he can beat many monsters, and his stand and shoot makes me chuckle.

Orcs play kind of similar to skaven but with less high toughness things generally, again i would shoot them and be careful not to engage your dryads against any big units as they might end up fleeing from combat resolution.

Keep in mind skirmishers are stubborn in a forest, so getting into combat in a forest can really help you.

I would make the wild riders 1 unit they while probably take shooting and 2-3 of them won't do much but if 6-7 get into combat they can do quite a bit. (against highelves i would try to get 3 of them into contact with his wizard, and kill it.)