View Full Version : 2500 pt tournament list

29-09-2011, 00:42
Composition counts for 20% of the total tournament points. With this list I beleive I will score 18 out of 20 on the composition part. Looking for suggestions but I only have a couple more maodels than this, so character, item selection advice would be better received.

Archmage (Heavans)
Folariaths robe, Tricksters Pendant, Lvl 4

Noble BSB
Greatweapon, Armor Caledor, Guardian Pheonix

Mage (High)
Annulian Crystal

35 Spearmen
Full Command

20 Seaguard Command
Banner of eternal Flame

18 Swordmasters, Command
Banner of Swiftness

25 Pheonix Guard, Command
Banner of scorcery

10 White Lions

5 Dragon Princes

Bolt Thrower


Total 2498