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29-09-2011, 05:38
I've been putting together a pre-heresy Space Wolf army and I have a question regarding their movements during the Great Crusade. My idea was to have them all carry small tokens taken from another legion, representing a time when the legions worked together, since Russ and Logan are so well liked and there was a great fluff piece when I was a kid about a Long Fang talking/commanding the respect of a task force of marines.

My question is this:

Other than the incident which brought about a feud with the Dark Angels, are there other times recorded in fluff where the Wolves and another legion fought together?

Thanks everyone who knows their background better than me!

Lord Lorne Walkier
29-09-2011, 06:09
Battle for the Abyss. Space Wolves fought with the Ultramarines, World Eaters, 1k Sons.

A Thousand Sons. Space Wolves fight along side the 1k Sons.

29-09-2011, 06:30
In Battle for the Abyss, there was only a Wolf Guard and a pack of Blood Claws involved alongside an Ultramarines Captain + Honour Guard, A Thousand Sons ranking officer, a World Eaters Captain and a squad at most of his legionnaires. It was not a legion to legion or legion to enemy battle.

In A Thousand Sons, the Word Bearers, the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves legions fought together on the planet Shrike.

And its Lorgar rather than Logan, unless you mean Logan Grimnar, the current CM of the Space Wolves in M41.