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29-09-2011, 23:57
I am a very new fantasy player and in my WE army I have a unit of 20 glade guard (banner of eternal flame, musician) with a BSB (hoda & bane) and a lifeweaver (lvl4, moonstone) attached to the unit. what is the best way to form up?
6x4 (with 4 in the last rank?)

Im thinking the latter is better and just volley fire so i get some extra shots but part of me wants to have everyone shooting? What is the best way to do this?

30-09-2011, 00:18
I am uncertain that I would put that many points in one unit, basically if it dies you lose. I would put it 10x2 to get 20 shots, the other way you are losing 4 shots...

I believe your bsb is illegal, not 100% sure because book isn't in front of me but i think taking the bsb loses your bow so can't take a HODA. (unless you take a magical bow) I think Bane is a sword but if its a bow nevermind me... :P

Your lifeweaver I would give a wardsave as well, but either way you have 800 points in a unit that is quite easy to smash!

30-09-2011, 09:41
the BSB and lifeweaver wouldnt be permanent parts the the unit. The BSB will be in there just long enough to use his HoDA and Asyendi's Bane is a magical bow so it is legal. but im going to so the 10X2 and just add the BSB when im about to use his HoDA.

the gribbly
30-09-2011, 22:34
Your character setup is fine although I question how good teleporting a GG unit will turn out to be, try it and see I guess. It may prove underwelming and sometimes costly though occasionally I could see it being pretty frustrating for an enemy. It is not worth losing shots over though IMO.
As already suggested form up in ranks of 11 for maximum shooting. When an enemy unit gets too close you can use swift reform if it seems profitable to change to 5x4 with 2 in the last rank.

30-09-2011, 23:52
Yeah, I would use the moonstone on something hitty, either treekin or wardancers, and I don't really see the point of taking GG if they're not going to be shooting. Might as well spend those 48pts on something else if that is the case.

01-10-2011, 01:18
i have thought about putting the lifeweaver with my unit of 6 treekin and make the jumps that way. also when i play at home (i have home field advantage) and my forests are big enough for my units :D

thanks again for all the input

06-10-2011, 17:28
Well if you have the Moonstone you are going to have a tricky time landing in a forest in formation without spilling out of the terrain. I am not sure using the Moonstone for a unit with both the de rigour characters is the way to go. I'm not saying it's bad or won't help, but what happens when you play on a table with just your forest?

General Tactics for Glade Guard:
10 - still really handy, they shoot and move really well plus it avoids people throwing big spells, mortars, and stronger units at them. If someone wants to cast Dwellers or throw a Mortar and kill 5 GG, go ahead. I also consider 12 or 14 the same size-group. At 10-man groups you can sprinkle 5x2 unit formations around the battle table and your opponent has a lot of chasing to do (unless they bring a lot of firepower).

20 - Standard 8th ed size. You can still run them 2x10 for all the shots. In my old list I had two units like this and each one had a character (one had the BSB, one had the lvl 4). Being wider meant Mortars did less damage too. You can reform at the last turn and still have, I believe, 16 shots.

30 - A good Horde formation. Pumping out 25 shots a round. As you are now in Horde and have committed a chunk of points the Rhymers Harp, Lore of Life Toughness boost, or Wissan's Wildform become tactics you'll want to build around. I like the Horde of 30 Glade Guard as it's pretty solid and provides 5 wounds before you start loosing shots.

I hope that helps and gives some suggestions. My biggest recommendation is play games, figure out what happens when you commit to certain tactics and learn from mistakes.

When I started playing with Glade Guard I always did a Stand and Shoot to learn what it's effective against and what it crumbles from. With bigger units I will stand and shoot because I want to have them hold (in which case normal 5-wide RnF is helpful).