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30-09-2011, 01:08
In the codex it says A3(4). Why is the 4 in brackets? I'm still fairly new at the 40K game, so if someone could please explain how the attacks work for this unit I'd be grateful.

I have equipped it with Blood Talons, and I understand that for every unsaved wound I get an additional attack. But how many attacks do I get in the first place? +1 for having two close combat weapons, and +1 for assaulting, right? A friend of mine said they get 7 attacks when they assault, but I can't work out how that works - so either he's mistaken or I'm confused somewhere.

Cheers for any help!!

30-09-2011, 01:15
the attack number in parens is the amount it has including its 2nd close combat arm. So if it loses an arm it goes back to its base attacks which is 3 in the case of A3(4)

30-09-2011, 01:42
As Konovalev the extra attack for having two close-combat weapons is included in the statline. A charging Death Co Dread therefore would have 5 attacks taking into account the assault bonus.

30-09-2011, 07:36
So they don't get an additional +1 for having two close combat weapons, or is that included in the codex. It's not written in for any other unit is all...

30-09-2011, 07:43
for the 3(4) that Number 4 is the +1 attack for 2 close combat weapons. It doesn't get an additional one ontop of that unless your charging or have sanguinor near it(I think his aura works on it).

30-09-2011, 08:17
This is a surprisingly tricky thing, since it is not consistent across codexes. In this case, 4 normal, 5 on the charge. Generally speaking, you will add any bonus attacks to what is mentioned on the statline, UNLESS the unit's description says that the bonus was already included. GW codexes sometimes use parentheses to show the included bonuses for stats.

30-09-2011, 08:31
When a number is in brackets, it means the lower number is the base charactistic and that it got the higher number through some equipment, special rule, whatever. You use the higher number in all situations, except when the bonus is lost or when asked for your base statistic (or 'unmodified'). For toughness for example, T4(5) means that you use T5 for all situations, except when determining instant death (which triggers on base stats). A T4(5) model is thus instakilled with strength 8 and higher.

In this situation, the dreadnought got the fourth attack from the second claw, which is a modifier. Assault marines for example has 1 attack, but gain a second thanks to having 2 close combat weapons (pistol and sword). This isn't in their profile, but it is the exact same situation. The dread just gets its modifier added in his profile. The 3(4) attacks therefore means it has 4 attacks before other modifiers in all situations, unless the equipment which got him the fourth attack is lost, causing it to return to the base attack of 3.

30-09-2011, 08:33
Okay, thanks!

Do they get the reroll to wound like regular lightning claws, then the subsequent attacks if the wounds aren't saved?