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01-10-2011, 13:28
So I was toying with the idea of taking a solo Hero on Juggernaut, like I did sometimes in 7th.
I don't play Empire and Dwarves very often, there aren't many on the New Zealand Tournament scene.
So I was thinking perhaps the Dawnstone for a rerollable 1+ and the Sword of Swift Slaying for those all important re-rolls?
He should be able to tank small arms fire with absolute ease, kill chaff, charge into stuck combats to add resolution, hunt Warmachines or maybe assassinate Wizards (appropriate for a Khorne Hero)

What kit out would you guys give him?
And do you think he'd be any good? I'm not worried about him being optimal; he isn't. Bear in mind most comp out here limits Warmachines, Uber Spells and Deathstars so there will actually be Chaff for him to kill.

I run a unit of Chaos Knights, so if they don't have all that much Chaff he can go in there and add some punch, and against say Empire he'll benefit from the Blasted Standard.

Plus I ****** love the model.


01-10-2011, 13:43
Wow, I need to learn to read. I just wrote a reply thinking you were using Daemons... silly Tom...

Charmed Shield would be nice on him, just so that if you do run into cannons he can dodge the first hit (although canny players will just shoot him with light shooting first to see if he has it).

He'd probably be best as a character killer, even with the Stubborn Crown he has pretty poor ld (relative to other Crown carrying characters) so I don't think that'd be a good use for him. Or, load him up on attacks and just rely on him losing combat.

One big problem with Warriors is the lack of access to re-rolls, which can mean just one bad phase and he'll fluff everything. The +1 to hit sword would be really useful on him so that he's hitting on 2s most of the time, he's already got decent strength and attacks.

If all else fails, he could always be a unit filler.

01-10-2011, 13:50
One big problem with Warriors is the lack of access to re-rolls, which can mean just one bad phase and he'll fluff everything. The +1 to hit sword would be really useful on him so that he's hitting on 2s most of the time, he's already got decent strength and attacks.

This is indeed a massive issue for Warriors (Although I've been considering Heavens to help mitigate this a bit)

That's why I was thinking Sword Of Swift Slaying, 5pts Cheaper than the Sword Of Striking (30pts?! does it cost that much for anyone else?) and with I7 he should be re-rolling against damn near everything on the planet, 5 str 5 plus 2 str 5 from the Jugger is.. alright. I could give him the Helm of Many Eyes and a Flail, so str 7 with rerolls, but seeing as he'll be LD 8 alot of the time I don't want stupidity on him.

01-10-2011, 17:49
im thinking of a jugg hero in my list for specific duty.

golden eye of tzen
dragon helm
pot of foolhardiness
stream of corruption

he would be included alongside a unit of trolls, who he would hide behind. basically place your trolls, wait for the opponent to place their fire wielding unit down then use the trolls to shield the jugg as he get to that unit. its not perfect by any means, but when using a jugg you have to make some sacrifices i guess.

01-10-2011, 19:22

YES he is effective, if used correctly.

Indeed, Charmed Shield is almost a given. Cannons are not going to make your day. A drawback is though that you really don't need shields as you're spot on the 1+ maximum by just sitting on one of them Juggernauts
This leaves us with 45 points to spend (assuming you don't want him to be a Lord, which I assure you, is a good investment as well!

Let's discuss his different roles:

1) War Machine Hunter: M7 means two turns movement will probably be necessary to charge anything. This means that you need to survive those two turns - since even if your Hero is bare-handed there is no war machine that can survive a turn of assault from him, it's all about kitting him out for defense:
Charmed Shield
Potion of Toughness (worked so many times)

or maybe
Golden Eye (though you might want to save this one for your disc sorc if you have one)

Also, taking the Bloodcurdling Roar is a nice additional option - this puts your ExJugg at a nice round 250 points as well (or was it 245?). As your character has two rounds of walking, he may just as well scream at nearby things.

2) Character Hunter: Characters tend to be in units, which tend to be closer to the battle line and thus easier to get to: you'll easily get a second turn charge if you deploy well. So less defense, more killy stuff.
There is one problem, though. You're going to have to chew through the unit champion first. You either have to cause 4 Wounds (they have 3 ranks and banner, you'll have charge and 4 wounds) or have the Crown for it to be any effective. It can be done, though - remember the Jugger!

Charmed Shield/Favour
Axe of Khorne

Dangerous to use, but fluffy and KB helps the killing. Reliable on killing the target; not so much holding its own in combat. If you don't really care for fluff, this one's probably better:

Charmed Shield
Sword of Swift Slaying
Potion of Strength

^ also can be used to take down pretty much everything with 4 wounds or less in the game. Kill the champ easily with re-rolls to hit, pop potion next turn, profit. If you don't get 4+ hits with those re-rolls, buy new dice. The ones you use obviously changed their allegiance to Slaanesh.

Gifts-wise this character can benefit from the Nurgle gift I always forget the name of - Stream of Corruption, there you go! Extra 2D6 hits help you molecularize the unit champ, granting you free pass to the character. Best of all, you get to strike first with your normal weapons and if you cause sufficient wounds, save the SoC for later. It's a very nice "just-in-case" trump card.

Also note that you can keep this character in a combat unit initially: if you can deploy him in a block you can pull off a surprise charge, seeing that a jugger charges approximately 6" further than your unit does (just a wild shot in the dark here, really).

My favourite, though, is:

3) Monster Hunter: Many is the enemy that were disappointed at their favourite monster getting sliced by my ExJugg while being ABSOLUTELY SURE they could take him on - it is these sudden reaisations of impotence that my dark soul adores and revels in the most. It works both way though. Sometimes. xD
There's two points-effective ways to take down big gribblies - a tank build with a great weapon and a build with the Glaive of Putrefaction. xD. It's that blunt, really.
Tank usually is

Charmed Shield + Potion of Toughness
Bronze Armour of Zhrakk

Just sit out his assault, cause wounds and run him down. Doesn't always work as opposed to:

Glaive of Putrefaction
Dawnstone/Helm of Many Eyes

This build shines in that all you have to do to take out your enemy is to cause a single wound. Even if you Jugger dies afterwards, the monster is permanently reduced to S and Toughness of 2, which is laughable. If you stay alive, you'll kill it next round, period.

Soporific Musk is what helps the most in taking it down - more often than not, you won't kill it in a single round - if it runs away afterwards, you want to be catching it.
Also see the charge-out-of-unit thing above.

Happy hunting and remember, no Thunderstomps against monstrous cavalry! =DD

03-10-2011, 19:40
Kinda reminds me in a way of the solo doombull, but lacking some goodies (like D3 impact hits).

I'd would run the ASF helm and Daemonsword. You are already running a gamble so why not make him as killy as I can.

uh,. 5 base attacks at S5? So caps of 11 S11 attacks? I recall the FAQ saying random variables can take stats above 10. With ASF, Charge, a stomp he's beating CR on average.

03-10-2011, 22:54
Nah, Daemonsword specifically says not to increase above 10, sadly And it's +D3 Strength.
Other than that - death incarnate it is.

03-10-2011, 23:03
Sadly can't be taken on an Exalted Hero though ;)

Thinking of squeezing the Bronze Armour in there somehow. Dark Elves are everywhere atm, and they all seem to have Cauldrons. The Temples of Khaine must have some sort of Cauldron production line.

04-10-2011, 20:51
Nah, Daemonsword specifically says not to increase above 10, sadly And it's +D3 Strength.
Other than that - death incarnate it is.

Oh woops thanks! Ok,.. so 6-10 at S6-9. I still think he's viable as a lord :D

As for a Hero level, I believe it's the Chaos Ruinsword? Or Axe of Khorne (since he has to challenge) would be good.

05-10-2011, 21:06
Sword of swift slaying and dawnstine sounds likethe way to go fo a hero, although armor of destiny ( heavy armor with 4++) and shield would be good for a defensive build. Or dawnstone, halbard, bronze armor of zhraak.

For a lord fighter I'd roll with one of these 2...

Armor of Destiny
Sword of swig slaying

Rerollable 1+ armor save and a 4+ ward save and rerolls to hits.


Crimson Armor of Dargan
Helm of Many Eyes

1+ reroll armor, immune to killing blow and multiple wounds, rerolls to hit at str 6