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13-04-2006, 17:43
The "Most-Owned Army" thread got me going the other night. I am curious how much stuff people manage to hoard. I think I have to be among the kings of hoarding GW stuff, but I've been at it for 20+ years!

Personally, I have virtually everything in the Fantasy Universe, having sold off all my 40K based stuff including all my 40K armies (4), Necromunda gangs (7), Gorkamorka mobs (4), BFG fleets (3), and rulebooks, codices, annuals etc + terrain for all of the aformentioned.

WFB: Every army including all SoC lists, Chaos Dwarfs, Kislev, Lustria etc. All somewhere between 2000 and 15,000 points. I roughly totalled up the points not including magic items and I'm somewhere around 120,000 points, a lot more with items. All the limited terrain pieces plus enough terrain for 6-7 tables.
Mordheim: Every "official" warband but Ostlanders and Carnival of Chaos, plus 4 full sets of terrain including Blood on the Streets.
Bloodbowl: 4 sets plus every team except new Elves and Vampires.
Warhammer Quest: plus Lair of the Orc Lord, Catacombs of Terror and all but the Bretonnian character pack.
Warmaster: Tons of terrain plus 8 armies; High Elf, Dwarf, Empire, Lizardmen, Chaos, Undead, Orcs, Skaven
Talisman: newer ed. plus all three expansions (tempted to sell, those things are gold on EBay)
Man-o-War: main game, Sea of Blood, Plague Fleet and 5 fleets (used to have them all, but foolishly sold them off a couple of years ago, still kicking myself)
I am slowly amassing the Warhammer novels from Black Library, I have about half of them currently.

Although not strictly GW, I have six 4x6 tables with Battlemats on them and plenty of terrain from GW and Armorcast to cover them with different themes (jungle, Khemri, farmstead, chaos waste, forest, foothills). I actually run a gameclub, and keep much of it in my classroom where I teach, but do occasionally have small tournaments in my basement.

The only thing I'm really lacking is four of the brand new tables they have in all the GW hobby centers in US. Those are nice... That and a discount for being a lifelong customer/cash cow.

edit: forgot to mention I like siege. I have three citadel fortresses and one Mighty fortress (the foam one). Plus 3.2ish copies of Mighty Empires for campaigning...

All right, how about it? Any other obsessive Fantasy addicts out there???

13-04-2006, 17:59
Wow, I mean that is a truly nice hoarding.

I salute you, for your hoarding is truly great.

Crazy Harborc
13-04-2006, 18:25
Let's see, I've been actively acquiring GW goodies for only , oh, 15 years. I've got approx. 6000, 25/28mm bodies/minies/models. About half of the 6000 is GW (the last 15 years of stuff). I've got 11 "pure" WHFB armies of at least 2500 points each (minimum). Empire is at about 5000 points, Orcs come in a close second at just under 5000 pts.

I've been lucky, over the years. I sold off (at local auctions) about as much as I've bought in numbers, not dollars. I've cut WAY back on money spent on GW goodies.

Now, as to my 40K..........enough for three decent sized armies. Make those SMs, Orks and IG. Numbers and money, not a clue. Anybody want to buy all that 40K dust collecting, space using......stuff??

13-04-2006, 18:33
no idea as half my pieces ae shambled parts of a decaying Vampire army. And as I keep converting everyhting it keeps changeing. but probably somewhere in the range of 7000 points,

Hashut's Li'l Helper
13-04-2006, 19:20
Is that painted??

I probably have almost that much stuff, but probably only half is painted
no necromunda, or gorkamorka but 5 armies woth of epic, and 4 of 40k

13-04-2006, 19:42
Lets see, wood elves around 1800 and vampires 2500points and chaos (all types) around 15000, and dwarfs 2500, ....God I cannot keep track. but most of it is fantasy I am getting 1850points of "black legion" in 40k though.

13-04-2006, 20:37
Well, I've been playing for four years... hmm, let's see...

Fantasy Battle:
-Chaos Dwarves, Bretonnia, Chaos (in it's all forms), Empire, Vampire Counts, Ogre Kingdoms, Dogs of War, all armies are between 2000 and 5000pts

-Dark Angels 2500pts, Imperial Guard 1700pts

-Dark Angels, 6000pts

-Three warbands

...and hunderds of other models, from unfinished army projects or bought only to be painted.

13-04-2006, 20:57
lets see
10000pts of guard
7000pts of dark angels
2000pts eldar
2000pts raven guard
2000pts fleash terriors
2000pts sisters of battle
6000pts epic
3000pt gothic
two necromunda gangs
two blood bowl teams
3000pts ogers
2000pts empire
1000pts tomb kings
3000pts bretonians
have been colecting for about five years

13-04-2006, 21:11
Crazy Harborc: Don't get me started on what I've sold. Put this way, last summer I cleared out my 40K terrain, a couple of armies, all my epic, some of my BFG, and some really old Fantasy stuff that I had duplicates of. All told, that EBay run alone netted me $3K. I used to finance new armies by selling old ones. I've probably owned three or four distinctly separate armies for several races. Much of that stuff I really wish I hadn't parted with. A good example is my old Slaan- note that's not Lizardmen. I had about 3500 points worth of 3rd edition Slaan with Troglodytes, Alligator Warriors, Lobotomized Slaves etc. I think I sold that for about $200 around 1990. I could shoot myself now... All I have left of that is a couple of Bull Slaan on old Cold Ones and several slaves I use in my Skavenslave regiments...

All in all, I've sold way more than I currently own. Kids, buying a house and an interstate move from San Diego to Seattle were the reasons for most of it saying goodbye.

As far as painted, most of my stuff is unpainted, but I do have about 15,000 points of Fantasy painted in three armies (Empire Conquistadors, Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins) as well as painted forces for Mordheim, Bloodbowl, Quest, ManoWar, Mighty Empires and a lot of terrain. Probably about 10% of my stuff is painted, most of it never will be painted, but for friendly games and running tourneys in my basement or club, nobody cares.

13-04-2006, 21:25
I don't have a whole lot, a couple of Fantasy armies (Vampire and High Elves) at a bit more than 2000 points each. I've got little else- I haven't bought the Warhammer boxed set, or even acquired the rulebook from elsewhere, no terrain... I've got a tin of dice and a tape measure, and that's about it!

But this time about 10 years ago, I had about 4000 points each of Orcs and Chaos, plus a combined force of maybe 3000 points of Blood Angels and Imperial Guard (When everything was far less organised, so I didn't have Rhinos for all my tactical squads, my guardsmen were all from different worlds, and so on). Plus I had quite a nice amount of terrain Orcs, Skaven and Dwarf Blood Bowl teams (The only Skaven and Dwarf models I ever bought by themselves), Warhammer Quest with both main add-ons and the Pit Fighter.

In the end, most of that got sold for a total pittance (If anyone here ever received a massive set of Orcs, Chaos, Blood Angels and Imperial Guard for a birthday about 10 years ago, you owe me a pint or ten!)... I can't really complain though, as my Blood Bowl mini's and my bits box both got thrown out when my dad moved a couple of years ago!! I had managed to save my small undead collection, that was when I started re-collecting vampires. It's a great shame though, I loved my Warpstone Wanderers, and I still had the old High Elves on their sprues, which could've found their place in the back ranks of my current units... well, not the Archers (Who needs another unit of 20 archers with light armour) but never mind...

Inquisitor Samos
13-04-2006, 22:22
I don't have any idea how much total GW stuff I own..... and I'm almost afraid to try making even a mostly-accurate assessment!

Like many others, I've been collecting the stuff for a long, long time: about twenty years, if I count all of the old Citadel stuff from way back in the early days. I have what can only be termed insane numbers of some of the lines...... particularly considering some of even the oldest stuff isn't painted! The amount of money I've spent over the years, well, let's just say I'm happy my wife has never thought of adding it up!

Just a few examples of my insanity:

-> I have more than enough Terminator Marines to field a whole First Company and then some, if I painted them all the same color.

-> I don't think I could physically lift a single box that had all of my Space Marine figures and vehicles in it: it'd be far far too heavy. And I have somewhat more Imperial Guard than I have Space Marines, and nearly that many Orks.

-> I've accumulated at least a 3500-point fleet of every race/force in Battlefleet Gothic, but my Imperial force is by far the worst: well over 20,000 points at the very least. Fourteen battleships, and enough cruisers and battlecruisers to have a proper fleet force composition (1 BB per 3 BC/CAs) to field all of them at once.

I think that's enough examples: I'm frightening myself! :p

Captain Brown
13-04-2006, 22:41
Far, far too much. I think I will be in physical pain if I think about it long enough and if I did put the total in print, someone would somehow pass a copy to Mrs. Captain Brown and she would want me to divest myself of 90%.

14-04-2006, 00:21
These are just estimates but here goes.

Eldar: 7800 painted/ 6000 unpainted
Space Marines: 3500 painted/ 3000 unpainted
IG: 3000 painted/ 4000 unpainted
Inquisitors (DH and WH): 1000 painted/ 1500 unpainted
Dark Eldar: 1000 painted/ 100 unpainted
Chaos: 2000 painted/ 3000 unpainted
Harlequins (waiting for codex): 20 troupers, 5 JB, 2 SS, 2 GH, 6 DJ painted/ 10 troupers unpainted
Necromunda: rules, minis mixed in with IG, enough for a dozen gangs or more
Space Fleet (AKA BFG): Eldar Fleet and Imperial Fleet
Blood Bowl: Dark Elf Team painted/ Chaos Team unpainted
Inquisitor =I=: 6 models unpainted
Rule books from RT and Astronomicon through 4th edition rule book, only codexes for my armies.

14-04-2006, 00:38
I refuse to answer that question.

Mostly because I measure my forces in kilograms, not points.:(

14-04-2006, 00:59
I know I've probably bought enough to post here. I know I had a 6000 choas fantasy force. I know I've got enough marines to build at least two companies.

But when alls said and done - I dont have a clue where it is.

I have begun to realise that GW minitures disintregrate, hence the need to buy more and more and more

*rushes off to buy a command squad...and some scouts... and maybe a tank*

14-04-2006, 05:10
Hmm, tough question.

At Home.......
A hundred or so of the novels, most of the WD, a shelf about 4 foot long of army books, all the roleplay stuff, 4000pts or so of most epic armies (old, not new), probably about 100 kilos in bits in the various boxes and bins in 3 closests, a few armorcast and FW pieces.

Three shelving units with 12 shelves each for fantasy and 40k armies. I remember bringing home about 20 packs of the old movement trays once to start organizing them. Used them all up and started making my own.

One closet is full of all the big boxes, various versions of epic, BFG, WHQ, and various expansions. And a gaming table full of models to put together.

A huge pile of about 70 boxes of damaged merchandise that I keep around for conversions.

At Work...
Hmm, it all belongs to me, so I guess it counts:
3 of the big GW glass displays packed with nicely painted armies, pretty much one of each for WFB and 40k, a few dupes. All the LOTR minis, including several large armies and 6 mumakil. 2 smaller cases full of GW stuff, and 3 more with other systems.

16 eight foot gaming tables, and enough scenery to cover them 2 times over.

A custom made 6' tall space marine.

And a quarter million dollars at retail in GW miniatures.

I keep looking at all the painted minis, and scenery, and tables, and thinking,
"Man, when I retire, I am going to need one hell of an add on to the house to fit all this stuff".

14-04-2006, 05:20
I'll take it off your hands.;) That is, if you have any concerns.:D

14-04-2006, 07:01
Mikhaila, fantastic.

14-04-2006, 07:18
The "Most-Owned Army" thread got me going the other night. I am curious how much stuff people manage to hoard. I think I have to be among the kings of hoarding GW stuff, but I've been at it for 20+ years!

I'm not much of a fantasy fan, but I do collect the models I like.
I got started with Rogue Trader and about 13 grand later I have more then a "few" boxes of GW stuff (mainly 40K) packed away in storage:D

Opus T. Penguin
14-04-2006, 08:18
If I start counting everything, it gets ugly. I was an avid FRPG player in the late 1970s, so it starts there with some miscellaneous figures.

By the mid 1980s I had a lot of the first White Dwarves and several games (Talisman 2nd ed and Blood Bowl 1st ed).

Now I easily have over 5,000 figures (I'd guess in the neighborhood of 8,000) and 20+ plus boxed sets/games. While GW might have soaked up more money spent than any other game company, they are certainly not the most valuable part of my collection. I cover all editions of 40k and editions 1-3 and 6 of WFB (I also have the Chaos Dwarves book, but I've never played the edition it was for). I also have a bit of the original WFRP.

The only thing I've dumped of theirs is Bloodbowl -- my gawd I hate that game -- and I don't regret it in the least. I also sold off my only copy of Dark Future, now that I think about it.

Morathi's Darkest Sin
14-04-2006, 10:15
Not as much as I once had, sold more stuff than I'd care to remember over the years (especially when I Temporarily dropped out of the hobby in 95/96,) but currently..

Druchii -6500pts
Chaos - Mixed powers (at least 1000pts of each)
Skaven, Empire, Vampire Counts - 500pts
Orcs and Goblins - 2500pts
Wood Elves - 2000pts
Ogre Kingdoms - 2000pts

Imperial Guard - two regiments.. one is about 4500pts, the other 2500pts, with Baneblade in reserve, and 5 tanks curently not attached to either.. inc Vanquisher, Hydra and Tank Destroyer. (thinking about starting a Tank company, especially with those Krieg figures coming out. *drool*)
World Eaters - 3500-4000pts
Tyranids - 2500-3000pts
Space Orks - 1000pts

Loads of terrain useable for both systems, inluding warhammer and 40k specific items, including Cliff face terrain.

Man O War
Every fleet and figure ever released, most fleets have two Man O war class. Alll supplements and a citadel Journal with Undead fleet rules and a fully converted Undead fleet.
Loads of themed Man O war terrain plus sea board.

Warhammer Quest
Two boxes, all expansions, plus all characters inc models.
Also just started to reccently make 3D dungeon terrain, going to be a slow process but well worth it.

Blood Bowl
Three Boxes (two old versions with astrogranite pitch so I can play Deathbowl.. Seven teams at the moment.. (I once had 17 painted, 23 in total :cries: ) ..inc Lowdown Ratz and Dwarf warhammerers.

Main box, plus additional Industrial complex, only have Escher and Goliath gangs at the moment.

Loads of themed terrain, included ruined city walls when near the edge of the city and at least twelve ruined building. (currently doing a church.) Also have several gangs including Beastmen, Undead, Orc and Goblin, Rieklander, Sisters, skaven and Witch Hunter.

Other stuff
Loads of background books and novels.. about 60ish
The roleplay game, nine books so far..
Most of the Computer games they have released (well had released for them. :D )

To cover moving costs and two small boys this is what I've had to sell in the last three years (although I admit some was because I had no real plans for them and plan to build all of my armies in the future piece by piece painting as I buy. It just gets to a point when you look at 10000pts of Empire and only a handful of units are half painted that you realise maybe buying compleate armies and then painting them isn't the best way to motivate yourself. :) )
10000pt Empire
3000pt Tau
5000pt High Elf
1500pt Druchii
350-400 Lotr figs including larger stuff
2000pts Space wolf
3000pt Scythes of the Emperor
1000pt Ultramarine
3 Blood Bowl Teams
2000pts Eldar

Dodgy Ed
14-04-2006, 10:36
Well I can play epic using 40K miniatures, and I don't even want to contemplate how many fantasy minis I own

Khornies & milk
14-04-2006, 11:03
Hi People!

I have 3500 pts. of Chaos

3200 pts. of SM

3500 pts. of DH

3000 pts. of Necron

I have a list made up for Eldar of 3500 pts., but will of course wait for new codex.

I am in the middle of (wait for it....) 4068 pts. of 'Nids

but before you call me an idiot or worse, that many points is 161 Minis.

This covers 6 Army Types - Balanced, Elite, Godzilla, Ranged Attack, FA, and


Just a couple of compromises to be made, because obviously once the Minis are tooled up I can't change them.

The end result is - 4068 total points - 161 Models,

which over the 6 types take uo 463 spots, for a grand total of 11944 points.

Not to shabby for $1,163.00 Australian.

And they all look pretty impressive set up on a Battletable.

Overall, money spent is roughly A$ 5,200.00 over 2 years.

Man, I am an IDIOT after all (cry, whimper, slashing of wrists)


14-04-2006, 16:56
Man, I would love to get together with some of the other hoarders and have one heck of a big Fantasy Battle. I once tried playing with a couple of buddies on an indoor tennis court becasue we wanted to make ranges realistic. It didn't work well. But with say 100,000 points per side...

Of course as far s I am concerned, all of you who spent $1,000s (sorry no pound key on my American computer) on 40K are idiots!;)

14-04-2006, 17:13
I don't have that much.

About 2100 pts Ultramarines.
About 350 pts Eldar (will be built up to 2000+ once the codex arrives).
About 900 pts Imperial Guard (just in tabletop standard painted - will go on ebay)
Cawdor Gang and some other Necromunda characters (about 25 models).
About 30 2nd edition core box "static" marines, some old vehicles, awfully painted (my first tries with 11 yrs).

14-04-2006, 17:34
Lets see...been in the hobby about 6 years now. This is what I've accumulated:

6000+ points of Tyranids.
4000+ points of Chaos Space Marines.
2000 points of Dark Eldar.
1000 points of Tau.
1000 points of Space Marines.
750 points of Orks.
500 points of Vampire Counts.
13 Tyranid BFG ships.
One necron Destroyer.

Add onto this a 80-odd issues of White Dwarf, dozens of Black Library novels, 3 Fantasy Army books, 7 40k Codexes, 2 40K Rulebooks, 4 videogames (Space Hulk, Dark Omen, Shadow of the Horned Rat, Firewarrior), and some other stuff I've probably forgotten.

14-04-2006, 18:10
I've been buying minis for 20+ years, the last time I counted them was August 2004. At that point in Fantasy I had 1589 painted figs for about 17,250 points. I didn't count 40K at all. If we lumped in unpainted and 40K it'd probably be up to 10,000 figs.
Figs are like the stock market; buy, buy, buy. The only stuff I've ever sold I've regretted, except for Battlefleet(ptoi)Gothic, man that game stunk on ice. You should spit ever time it's mentioned.

14-04-2006, 18:15
after 12 years, and purchasing various bits boxes off of friends leaving the hobby, i have/had a ridiculous amount(it's amazing the amount of lotr stuff that was acquired from my local store- they had hundreds of sprues to get rid of). when they destroyed all the 3rd ed 40k sets as well, i got around 250 dark eldar on the sprues. needless to say they became ebay fodder, as did over 100 lotr figs, a small tau force,some eldar vehicles, etc,etc. i have nothign on a par with you guys in terms of fixed forces though, just a 3000 point empire army, 2000 orcs&gobbos(probably anyway), 1500 Chaos 40k and 2k chaos khorne, probably 1k beasts of chaos. My collection is more a random mish mash of stuff. just started sorting out my 40k stuff for clearance, and the tally went something like

50 marines(half of which are various captains, commanders, techmarines, etc)
40+ metal scouts of various weapons
30 metal termies(oddly i have an abundance of storm bolter arms, and a lack of power fist/chainfists)
around about 25-30 metal guardsmen(cadians and mordians)
about 4 necromunda gangs
25 arbites
5 jetbikes(they escaped the eldar vehicle clearout)
a very random amount of various empire bits

(i intend on pawning the 40k chaos too, but they're nicely painted/in need of repairs :P)

15-04-2006, 11:37
Too much ... and my wife has noticed ;)


15-04-2006, 16:58
I pity you. If my wife knew how much I had spent on GW in my life, she'd go through me like a witch elf through a gnoblar...

15-04-2006, 19:03
To much, way to much. If only i would use it all :(

Crazy Harborc
16-04-2006, 04:07
I pity you. If my wife knew how much I had spent on GW in my life, she'd go through me like a witch elf through a gnoblar...

Guys/gals (just in case)........do NOT keep all your goodies in ONE location be it a box, a shelf, a closet or whatever. Scatter the stuff throughout a room, a whole house or flat is better;) ;)

Gotta go thunderstorms have arrived

Hashut's Li'l Helper
16-04-2006, 04:54
I forgot the complete white dwarf collection

16-04-2006, 07:17
Crazy Harborc, think me a fool?

Although I have a nearly 200 sq ft. game room in my basement, I also keep armies at my local store in the back, as well as some in their display case. I also keep my fortresses in our attic, about 200 WDs in the garage, and as many models as I can fit in drawers beneath my gaming table.

However, I think my time is coming. We just had our third child and my wife has made mention of needing another room. I hope she is referring to an addition onto our home (fingers crossed).:eek:

16-04-2006, 07:18
Just started collecting 2 years ago...

~2000 pts of Space Marines (with another 400-600 pts in boxes)
1300 pts Tau (with another 700 pts waiting to be built)
400 pts Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Waiting to be built
1500 pts Tau Farsight Army
1800 pts Dark Eldar
1500 pts Grey Knights
2500 pts Imperial Guard
~500 pts Bretonnians

At least the wife hasn't complained yet.

17-04-2006, 08:45
Quite sad, I've been playing for over 8 years now and in that time I have only ever truly completed 2 armies.

I have, or used to anyway, have enough models for about 2000-3000 pts of Dwarves for 5th ed. Plus ALOT (And I do mean alot) of extra stuff, such as opened blisters which've gone straight into the bitz box.

My current holdings still include some dwarves, a fledgling Wood elf army, A lot of unpainted (But assembled/converted Death Guard) and a completed Tomb Kings army. I also have many rule/fluffbooks, well not that many, but at least I've got Rogue Trader as well as Mighty Empires and Man O'War with the Sea of blood expansion. My latest obessione is Man O'war and I'm now desperately trying to build a fleet - the thought of completing one and gaming makes me errr...

...if you have Man O'war stuff you want to sell - PM me.

17-04-2006, 08:56
my first response to the title of this thread was "too much" but looking through the other posts here, I can see I'm just a "moderate user".

I own

1 warhammer army, VC, 7000 points

1 warhammer 40k army, Lost & Damned, 2500 points

2 full boxes of bits, mostly warhammer

Blood Bowl, with 6 teams

Warhammer Quest, both expansions, I think 6 additional characters

Other board games such as Blood Royale, Talisman, Rogue Trooper

I've sold a lot of stuff over the years, especially in Warhammer where I have sold off 5 armies since the start of 6th edition. All money went into the purchase of more VC models, plus the 40k army.

Brush your teeth
17-04-2006, 09:22
2000+pts of eldar

4500+pts of guard (spread over multiple armies)

3000+pts of empire

2000pts of vampire counts

1700pts orks

4000pts of chaos marines

one necromanda gang

one mordheim warband

4 gothic cruisers

3 inquisitor scale models

a 2' high pile of white dwarf

lots of army books and codex's

warmachine 300pts

lots and lots of bits and extra models
christ thats a lot and ive been 'playing' about 7 years

17-04-2006, 09:58
Hi GUys.

I own a massive 25.000 points necron horde, I paint them so fast that, before I knew it, I had about 20.000 points! Madness!

The Judge
17-04-2006, 13:04
It hurts me to think about it...

8-9,000pts of Empire
8-9,000pts of Fantasy Chaos
1,500pts of Ogres
3=4,000pts of Eldar
2,000pts of Black Templars
10 Necromunda gangs

And a lot more random display models and such...

I pride myself that all of this is painted.

17-04-2006, 16:00
Apart from the various odds and sods that fail to make up an army, but are a good history of GW's miniatures for all its games in recent years and every army,

Chainsaw warrior,
Blood Royal,
Mighty Empires,
Judge Dredd the RPG,
Horus Heresy, (remember the counter game?)
Armageddon (counter game)

40k Armies

2000 pts Greyknights
3000 pts Mordians
2000 pts Cadians
2000 pts Necrons


3000 pts Empire
3000 pts Skaven
5000 pts Brettonians (i do use some other manufactures in this army however)

Man O War box set
Dwarf Fleet (can't remember how many points its been that long since i played)

Goliaths, Orlocks, Escher

Easier to say every warband listed in the main game, plus beastmen,

Large collection of WD's (earliest is 163)

I think thats about it, :)

17-04-2006, 16:00
oh, and BB with human and Elf teams

Crazy Harborc
17-04-2006, 19:28
Then there was maze wandering in the far future........Space Hulk:D I have it buried in boxes on a shelf. Bugs, lots and lots of extra bugs:D

Without any of the new Dwarves or points eating characters, I have 4700 points worth of Dwarves and artillery. I mentioned less in a prevous post.

Don't tell my wife!!:eek:

17-04-2006, 21:40
Aaah Space Hulk. Fantastic game. I seem to recall selling that and the expansions (deathwing, genestealer) for around $40 15 years ago or so. Shoot me now.:cries:

Although the terminator models were about the worst crap GW ever produced (mind you I'm talking the original one peice versions with the antennas that ALWAYS broke.

Crazy Harborc
17-04-2006, 22:15
Think wire replacements:D for those plactic ones. I did prefer to "sneak in" some "real" terminators. Sigh.....the good old days, a blister with TWO metal termies for under $10(USA). Red ones, purple, green, orange, even white bugs:D

17-04-2006, 23:19
I guarantee i own pretty much the most amount of minis possible without making a single playable army.

18-04-2006, 21:34
Too much...lol. I have over 4000 pts of HighElves, 3000 Chaos mortals (with Khorne Deamons), 3000 pts of Empire and 2500 pts of Chaos Dwarves.

19-04-2006, 07:57
Heck - how much do I have?

Unpainted about 600 models (I could catalogue them, but that would be sad - hang on, I have catalogued them... and keep the list on my PDA. That is sad!).

Painted - too much. 3 seperate marine chapters, Imperial guard, Tau, and dark eldar in 40K (the latter don't have viable forces - yet). Dwarf, empire, Ork and Goblin, Ogre Kingdoms and Dark elf (small warband) in Fantasy.

Fortunately I don't have to hide my buying from the wife - she buys more than me for her Orcs, SoB, Lizardmen, and High elves, as well as contributing to my addiction.

Come to think of it the Ogre Kingdoms was a joint purchase.

I'm currently working on finishing all the unpainted models I have before purchasing more - only 15 Dwarves left to go.... but them, the new throne of power looks cool, the Tau Empire is fantastic, and FW have some brilliant stuff I may pick up at Lenton next time I pop in.

Hi, my names RevEv, and I'm a GW addict.

19-04-2006, 09:36
well i am a reforming addict

Currently own P - painted, U unpainted

BOOKS every current WFB and 40k and specialist games army books and rulebooks + all the WFRP books

5 k DOW (P) 1k (U)
5 K TK (P)
2.0K WE (P) 1.5k (U)
4 k Bretonnians (P)
2K OK (P) 1k (U)

2k Deathguard (P) 1 K unpainted
2l Necron (P)
3l Space marines (U)

3k skaven (P)
2.5k DE (P)
2.5k Khorne demons (U)

2k Necron (P)
7k of FOW tau (U)

3k Orks (U)

about 10k (in points) worth of assorted wfb and 40k stuff still in blisters

HOWEVER i am reforming - Im selling off what i dont need anymore - Sold about 6k of dwarfs and 3 k of slayers in the last 2 months. The TK, Space Marines, WM demons, Epic stuff and Necron BFG are all going for sale in the next few months.

Only keeping what im going to use from now on......

Alex Under
21-04-2006, 10:39
When I started I used to collect an army, game with it for some time, and then sell it. With the money I bought a new one and so on. This way I've owned Skaven, Chaos (ah... the time of the old plastic beastmen units, and all chaos fiends mixed together :D), Chaos Dwarves, Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Beastmen and Vampire Counts. Of 40K not much, I started with Chaos, then Eldar and jumped to Dark Eldar after that.

Since last edition of WHFB, I decided to paint and keep any army I started. I have around 3.500 of Hordes of Chaos (Nurgle themed), 2.000 of Wood Elves, and I've settled in 40K with a 3.000 Khorne army. I still keep my Van Saar Necromunda gang and I have a heavily converted Skaven band for Mordheim I never painted :(

In my bitbox, I have pieces of all the armies I've collected plus bretonian stuff, gorkamorka and unpainted miniatures of armies I once intended starting, such as high elves, orcs, etc... The most impressive collection I've seen though was 120.000 points of Tyranids. Of course, much of this was forgeworld stuff, and was owned by 3 brothers (with a lot of cash to spend and a strange fixation for 'Nids)

Rabid Bunny 666
21-04-2006, 11:21
well, 1 carry case full, 1 cupboard full, 1 filing cabinet full, the corner of my bedroom and under my Bed is White Dwarf and School report hidey holes

and loads more in miscellaneous boxes

21-04-2006, 12:41
I own about 1000 points of Tyranids, 750 points of Orks, a squad of Thousand Sons and an enormous collection of codices, white dwarfs, background books etc.

21-04-2006, 15:12
how much Crap do I own? God knows. Too much. If anyone needs anything at all, just let me know and I will probably send it to you for free (or close) I just want rid of it all.

21-04-2006, 15:17
how much Crap do I own? God knows. Too much. If anyone needs anything at all, just let me know and I will probably send it to you for free (or close) I just want rid of it all.


21-04-2006, 15:23
Lol, no chance. That is one of my "keepers" :D

I own a LOT of crap

21-04-2006, 15:52
Tell me about it!

I still have tons of bits like 2nd ed. 40k orks and grots, tones of 5th Ed. WFB lizardmen etc etc etc.

Hell, i found tons of Space Crusade bits the other day - i just never seem to throw stuff out...

21-04-2006, 18:29
how much Crap do I own? God knows. Too much. If anyone needs anything at all, just let me know and I will probably send it to you for free (or close) I just want rid of it all.Free Warhammer? I'm in!

Seriously mate, have you got a couple of Predators that you'd sell cheap? Preferably lascannon-armed.

21-04-2006, 18:49
yes one, but it has been Orkified somewhat.....

Brush your teeth
21-04-2006, 19:08
also on the subject of free crap, i guess valhallans and mordians arent in the list?

or anything that can go blood angel. i never say no to free stuff

Light of the Emperor
21-04-2006, 20:13
Lets see:
1000 points of unused marines
2200 points of DH (no grey knights or allies included) All stormtroopers baby!
1200 points of GK
2000 point armored company (9 tanks, variants etc)
3000 points of DE
2500 points of Necrons

and the mordheim box, warhammer box, over 100 issues of WD, most codicies, chapter approved, almost all black library novels (40K wise), all index astartes...

8x4 bombed out forest board, 8x4 cityfight board and about 50 more random figures including a RT era tzeentch sorceror on flying disk and an RT tech marine.

Free stuff eh :eek: ? Got any Sisters? Hell, I'd gladly pay/ trade for them!

The boyz
21-04-2006, 21:18
I have sadly chucked out most off the stuff that I have hoarded over the 10 or so years that I have been in the hobby. All I have left is my small Dwarf army and my ever growing Skaven army, 50 or so White Dwarfs and about half a dozen Black Library books, and several army books.

21-04-2006, 22:38
Don't talk to me about throwing stuff out - when i moved out my mum decided to 'spring clean' my room - along with the stuf that was in there.

Pretty much every WD since 159 and a good few army books went in the bin...