View Full Version : 2.4k dwarfs

03-10-2011, 06:31
Im trying to make the list as fun as possibe whilst trying to keep it reasonably competative, as we have lots of people playing tourney style lists around hear, and thats not really what I'm into however I still wanna game so I wanna try and make a fun list with the stuff I like and still make sure I can compete in my local meta.

Dwarf lord shield bearers master rune of kragg the grim rune of fury rune of fortitude 246pts
Rune lord rune of spell eating 2 rune of spell breaking's 240pts

Thane bsb rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of stone 145pts

37 longbeards GW FC rune of battle 494pts (thane and lord go hear)
30 hw/s worriors FC 295pts
10 thunderers 140pts

Cannon rune of reloading rune of burning 105pts
Cannon rune of reloading 100pts
Grudge thrower 2 runes of penetraition, rune of accuracy 155pts
30 SLAYERS!!!!!! FC 363pts

Ogan gun 120pts

I think Im 8 points over any one got an ideas where I could find 8 points?