View Full Version : 1000 pt Ogre List, First Try

03-10-2011, 14:33
Bruiser - extra hand weapon, hvy armor 112pts
Butcher - lvl 2, ironfist 138pts

7 Ironguts - bellower, standard bearer 321pts
7 Ogres - bellower, standard bearer 254pts

4 Leadbelchers - 172pts

Total: 997pts

My plan is to the bruiser in with the ironguts and the butcher in with the ogres and support them with the leadbelchers.

What do you guys think?

03-10-2011, 22:14
no input from anyone?

03-10-2011, 22:33
the iron fist on the butcher feels like a waste, I'd take the extra attack over a 6++ save. A sabertusk on the Banner of Discipline would be nice if you could find the points by dropping an Ogre somewhere.

03-10-2011, 22:50
yeah i thought about that and flipped back and forth on it. i might go back to an additional hand weapon before the game. i don't know about the banner, i have so few models to begin with, so i hate to take a model out fo the banner. i don't have the rule book in front of me, what does that banner do? stubborn?