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DE Elder
03-10-2011, 18:23
So i will play my first ever game against a friend in a couple of days. He plays dwarves. i told him to take it hard on me because i want to see how competitive this game is and I personally learn more getting my ass beat then being handed a game. I have read the rulebok and my army book quite a bit and am happy with the list I have. Please let me know if it is worthy. Thanks!


Lvl 2 Mage (High), Silver Wand


x19 Archers
x24 Spearmen w/ FC


x12 Swordsmen w/ Banner of sorcery, Captain upg


Great Eagle


Mage bunkers in with the archers while the spearmen and swordsmen go around and kill things. I am very limited on models but thought this looked ok. I know archers are seen as not so good, but having 19 of them I thought would be a good place for my mage and could do quite a bit of damage with Arrow Attraction on a unit as well. Let me know how it looks!

Dragon Prince of Caledor
03-10-2011, 19:20
Dwarves are a tough opponent for High Elves in my experience. Let's hope for your sake he doesn't take a gunline. Elves don't live long when they get shot with guns.
If your friend takes heavily armed stunties I would think about trying the Lore of Metal. At least it ignores armor saves.
Eagles are great for taking out war machines.
If you can keep your swordmasters alive they'll eat him. Especially if you get him in the flanks. You could also give your mage the sacred incense which will give him minus 1 to shoot at whatever unit you put him in. I would say put him in with the swordmasters because you really need to keep them alive. If you were to keep the High Magic lore on your mage you could have them with a -1 to be hit and a 5+ ward save (Shield of Saphery). That would be ok resistance to handguns.

Good luck! :)

03-10-2011, 19:35
If the Dwarf Player does take a gun line, hold back your forces and take out his war machines using archers and the eagle... apart from cannon and his quarrellers he does not have any long range stuff over 24 inch, so you can out-shoot him while using magic to protect your troops and damage his. Then kick his $@@ when he tries to come to you! Take those shorties down - they deserve it for stealing the Phoenix Crown from our halls!!!

Key to true victory is indeed to keep your swordmasters alive and get them into combat when the smoke has cleared.

04-12-2011, 02:55
I agree with trying lore of metal
I tried light my first game against dwarves and managed to win barely.
Tried metal next game... I was owning him, until... irrestable force and forgot all my spells... sigh.. still won though