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03-10-2011, 20:09
I use to play fantasy back in 5th and the start of 6th edition. I stopped playing in favor of 40k but 8th edition seems sort of interesting.

Previously I played Lizardmen, Dark elves, and a Lhamean vampire count army (are they still seperated by bloodlines?)

I am wanting to make a "shooting" focused army. My dark elves use to pretty heavy shooting and I enjoyed it but I have noticed the dark elf warrior model is still the same one I have downstairs from forever ago. So I am thinking of the possibility to just starting up a new army that is "the best" at shooting.

My question is what armies have the best ranged capabilities. I might just stick with my hordes of crossbow men and bolt throwers but id like to see what other options are out there.

03-10-2011, 21:24


Dark Elves

Orcs & Goblins

Are the 4 I can think off the top of my head!

Empire, by far, is the most shooty army out there:


Core troops that shoot! Add to that:


Mounted troops that shoot, and then:

Hell Blaster Volley Guns
Storm Rocket battery

For warmachines that shoot, followed by:

Steam Tank

A mobile tank that shoots! You can paint the army in the colors of Nuln, the Engineer city, black uniforms with red details, add some state troops assigned to protect their war machines for combat, and you're good to go! BY far the best option I think as it's VERY easy to add in combat units to get a different kind of army.

Dwarf - Crossbows/thunderers for shooting, with a range of warmachines - also they are Dwarf so they are resilient buggers!

Dark Evles - nasty shooty army and they can hit hard too - but you're not so excited on the models so I would count them out.

Orcs & Goblins

Now this is an outside shot - who would think 'gunline' when thinking Orcs & Goblins...well you can! Bows for core troops, lots of cheap and cheerful warmachines, you have mounted fast cav that shoot - the big soider model can be upgraded to have a a web flinger (weak version of stone thrower but added bonus is the enemy unit hit gains 'always strikes last' rule until next turn, and you have fanatics! While they don't shoot they are still very much like a shooting attack - and they delay the enemy from closing with you.

Savage orc boyz with arrers - not only do they shoot bows they are still Savage Orcs in close combat! Even the wolf chariots shoot - they have bows!!!

So toss up between:

Empire (serious man's shooting army)
Orcs & Goblins (funny man's shooting army!)

So just go for whatever appeals the most for models!

03-10-2011, 21:35
They can rune up their machines and have one two interesting options for their missile troupes like infiltrating great weapon wielding crossbow guys...I find they are an interesting gunline to play.
Hand selecting upgrades on your artillery is pretty good too.

03-10-2011, 21:54
I'lll add

wood elves, no war machines but you can pack in a lot of bow shots.

and skaven, no bows but a lot of wacky war machines.

03-10-2011, 22:17
Sounds like empire might be the way to go. Ive never cared for the fluffy uniforms but im sure with a little conversion work I can make an army that appeals to me. Tons of shooting infantry backed with warmachines sounds good. Plus I like the idea of the gunline actually using guns. :P

Is the detachment rules worth using now that the game is a % value in 8th. Or should I just deploy my gunline normally. The rule seems like a hold over from 7th.

The Low King
03-10-2011, 22:26
Gunlines dont work so well in this edition...

Dwarfs have the most multi-purpose missile troops aswell as the best warmachines...
Empire have the most numerous...

04-10-2011, 03:27
Empire seems to suit your playstyle and their models are nice.

04-10-2011, 21:55
Dark elves are a very fun shooting army as you get to roll LOTS of dice and they will tear to peices t3 and lightly armourd things. Shadow magic is really nice in supposting your shooting aswell as lore of metal. ahadow making your shooting more accurate and shadow making your enemy weaker so when you do hit them they are gonna feel it. However They arent that good if you dont want to go down the route of includiing much magic as they rely on cunning trickses to make there shooting more effective. They also suffer when the enemy reeaches them if you rely to heavily on shooting as they only being puny elves really feel it when something big and mean begins hitting them.

If you want to do a more honest shooting army I would suggest dwarves. The models are really cool for thunderers and worriors. You can take quarrelers with great weapons meaning your shooting now becomes super hard combat machines aswell which is a neat little trick, especially when you have a hord of 40. All the artillery is good especially the much feared runed up grudge thrower which will make nice big holes in enemy units rather relyably. Also t4 is massive meaning that when your poor gunline gets into combat as they eventually will in 8th edition with the current charge rules, they will stick around much better than elves or men. The anvil of doom will also be your friend playing shooty dwarves as it can slow enemy units down meaning you can have longer to shoot them and longer that the huge unit of death isent chewing through your guns.

However in 8th as mentioned before gunlines dont tend to far to well due to the sheer size of units meaning it is very dificult to do any reall damage. So you should allways make sure you have some combat potentiall to back you up as the other player will be able to close the distance really quickly. That's why 40 gw quarellers are so handy just for there sheer versitility. As balence will allways be your friend, as pure gunlines aswell as not being completly effective will not win you many friends as people tend to find them boring to play against.

Oogie boogie boss
05-10-2011, 11:27
I'd say Dwarves just beat Empire in a gunline. The fact you can put runes on your war machines makes them much more reliable, as well as having some nasty tricks. Also, you can still get plenty of Handgunners and Quarrelers, plus they're T4 with higher leadership and a better armour save.
Add to that the fact that Organ Guns are now the only war machine that does auto hits, plus you have Gyrocopters for some ultra mobile shooting, and viola!