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03-10-2011, 20:09
1. The thundertusk- can you fire frost attack at a different target than the harpoon and chain attacks. frost attack is fired like a stone throw, and stone throwers do not pick "targets" rather place template in range.

2.Sniper maneaters, sniper allows them all to choose different targets? but all rolled together, no cheesing it and rolling each one at a time to see if you can go on to the next target with the rest?

03-10-2011, 20:40
1. You are absolutely correct in assuming that you will be able to fire the harpoon and chain attacks at one target and then place the "stone thrower" shot anywhere withing line of sight and between minimum and maximum range, even if it places the template over a different target then the harpoon and chain attack. Pretty neat huh?

2. Sniper RAW states that a model with sniper can shoot at a different target then the rest of the unit. As written the unit of maneaters can individually shoot at different targets one and all as they all have the sniper rule. All of them will be rolled togeather as the target is declared and then the shot is rolled. Since the unit all shoots at the same time it is reasonable to assume that the targets are also declared at the same time.

03-10-2011, 21:29
2. Declare targets before any firing is done, otherwise you have to assume that everyone is attempting to fire at the same target.
Some may be unable to see or even be in range as a result of not declaring each models target.

05-10-2011, 14:27
From precedents with runemaw and template spells beeing counted as targetting the unit, I would have thought that the stone thrower attack would have needed to target the same unit that the others, as per the shooting rule making all attacks from the same unit required to have the same target unit (excepted of course for the sniper rule exception)

What rule exactly are you referencing to allow the Thundertusk to target something else ?

06-10-2011, 15:46
The 1st paragraph on how to fire a stone thrower "place the 3" template anywhere completely within line of sight outside min within max range." if placed over a unit center it on a model"

so to fire you don't declare a target,but is based on the templates position.

that's how i interpret it at least. whats the ruling on rune maw? can it even displace purple sun?

07-10-2011, 15:01
Not purple sun, as the vortex has no target (it is placed and then move in a direction), but other templates when positionned directly above an unit where said to target this unit.

I think that there was some faq about it, but I don't have the exact reference, it's from memory, sorry.