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Marshal Roth
03-10-2011, 22:09
Hey, its been a while since I've played a game of fantasy and next week I have a game against my friend. The game is 2000pts and I was thinking of running this list;

Wizard Lord 290pts
-Lvl 4; Holy Relic; Rod of Power

BSB Captain 125pts
-BsB; AoMI; Dawnstone

Warrior Priest 98pts
-Heavy Armour; Great Weapon

Warrior Priest 96pts
-Heavy Armour; Shield

Battle Wizard 145pts
-Lvl 2; Seal of Destruction

Engineer 67pts
-Light Armour


Halberdiers 220pts
-40 Men; Full Command

Halberdiers 220pts
-40 Men; Full Command

Swordsmen 259pts
-39 Swordsmen; Full Command


(2x) Pistoliers 90pts (180pts)
-5 Pistoliers

(2x) Mortors 75pts (150pts)

Great cannon 100pts


If I've calculated the correctly I should be 50pts short. I was thinking of either getting more bodies in my Halbs updating my Pistoliers to Outriders.

The key Idea was to situate my Artillery in the centre surrounded by my core for protection from any fast units that might take the oppitunity to assault my artillry and only engage once the enemy is in charging range. Likewise my Pistoliers are their to hunt enemy warmachines then if still alive harass the enemies flanks and being a general nuisance.

Thank you for reading and looking forwards to any C&C

03-10-2011, 22:21
I would definitely up the size of your infantry block, maybe by lumping together your halberds. I'd also like to see about 20+ handgunners. How much magic are you expecting to face? I'd drop the lvl 2 and replace him with an Elector count with a GW and maybe a ward save. LD9 is pretty clutch, and it would allow you to add a magic banner to one of your infantry blocks. Either flame banner on previously mentioned handgunners to help deal with trools and abominations, or the +1LD banner on your general's infantry block to give your army LD10.

04-10-2011, 00:36
Drop the lvl 2 wizard and the Master Engineer and pick yourself up a Arch Lector for a LD9 General and 2+ dispel dice (and hatred yay!!)

04-10-2011, 02:05
i have to tell you with my empire army, i'm a big fan of gun lines. big blocks of infantry are great but i would also like to have more warmachines. 2 cannons, and 2 mortars are a good start. then i would add in more handgunners. i personally run outriders instead of pistoliers but that's a personal preference really.

04-10-2011, 15:01
First, don't drop the engineer, he is essential to a warmachine battery. Second, don't drop the level 2 wizard, he gives you an effective loremaster for cheap and added versitility. Third, don't make your halberds an 80 man unit as that would be too easy to tie up and flank to destroy.

Don't with the things not to do.

You will want a leadership 9 general as leadership 8, even with BSB rerolls, can get you into trouble. What I would suggest is drop the seal of destruction and the dawnstone to upgrade your warrior priest with great weapon to an Archlector. This will net you +1 dispel dice and +1 leadership to the army. What you lose is a dispel scroll, which you shouldn't need with a +4 to dispel and +3 dispel dice, and a reroll on the BSB's armor save, which you may need but you won't as often as you may think. The reroll on the BSB's armor save is the biggest loss and you can avoid that if you wish to as the points would really just be used to get your general some better gear. Ideally the archlector would have the armor of meteoric Iron and a great weapon but the armor is already taken. I would suggest you go with Heavy armor, enchanted shield and a hand weapon instead as his primary job is to buff the unit, not add two str6 shots. If you leave him too unprotected, particularly with a great weapon, he is going to die before he helps his unit kill things.