View Full Version : Bretonnia: Knights of the Realm

04-10-2011, 15:57
Back in fantasy after a long while i have a question.

When the early verisions of the Bretonnian FAQs came there was a dispute that the 1+ req on Knights of the Realm were gone.

Have there bin any clarifications on that one? Or are they still 1+?

04-10-2011, 16:27
Still 1+ as the book still says 1+ in the entry, the FAQ did not remove this.
Its the same as how you have to take at least one paladin as he is also still 1+.

04-10-2011, 20:38
Technically its still in place as the 1+ besides the name isn't removed.
However, its very interesting that the explanation on the same page indeed has been removed.

Quite a few Bretonnia players on the Bret fansite believe it is intended to be removed but the 1+ is an oversight. You can ask your opponent or tournament organizer on how they see it.