View Full Version : Chaos Tactics: Need some help!!!

04-10-2011, 16:52
Alright, I've been playing Chaos for almost a year now, and I guess I do alright. my problem is that no matter what I run, I can't beat the Orks OR the Eldar, and when I win against anyone it's very occational and it's only really against people who barely know the game. I need your advice. What should I run? I almost always take a lash prince, and I am in love with Typhus as well as Abby, but I don't take them very often. Chaos Termies are hot, and the greater Daemon is awesome. but I just can't win!

04-10-2011, 16:54
Wrong forum

04-10-2011, 16:56
crap sorry. I'll come back later with my warriors of chaos help questions hahaha

11-10-2011, 08:02
Depends on what you have. Against Orks a preadator with autocannon and a couple of heavy bloters are always helpful. siple five man squad witha lord is also pretty decent, although use a cheap hvy flamer as terms can soot heavies and move. Bezerkers or possessed are fairly decent against the larger mobs or even a small squad of nobs. Don't use havocs though as they are an unnessesary use of points, chuck in some obliterators instead, cheap tough, good armour and weapons.
At the end f the day got no idea against eldar, might be easier to hand them a beer and walk away if not lots of long range and cover i suppose.