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05-10-2011, 10:34
What is the ruling on a remains in play spell that is cast but then lost. Say for example i was playing vampire counts and i cast curse of years on a unit however at the same time because i had used too many dice i rolled a double 6...then on the miscast table i rolled the lose d3 magic levels and when rolling for the random spell i lost, i rolled curse of years?? Logically i would think that curse of years is still cast but i can't cast it further in the next turn. However remains in play spells say that the wizard exerts part of his concentration to maintain the spell? So does that mean he has to know the spell to maintain it? Maybe i'm mixing up fluff with rules???

Another option would be say i used Warriors of Chaos and used the third eye of tzeentch sneaky ability. My sorcerer sees a level 4 wizard with lore of life and so i uses the throne of vines/thorns but ofcourse i lose that spell at the end of the phase if i was to say cast my own spells the following phase or choose the spells of another wizard within line of sight? So would that mean i lose the throne spell which i had cast previously???

Thanks for your time!

The bearded one
05-10-2011, 10:42
Seeing as there are no rulessections clarifying what happens to 'remains in play' spells if the wizard forgets them, I'd say they just continue on untill they are dispelled after which they can't be cast anymore. The caster indeed needs to concentrate on R.I.P. spells to maintain them, but we can imagine he's just syphoning magic power to the spell, without really knowing how the spell works.

05-10-2011, 11:00
The spell remains in play. See the magic section in the BRB FAQ.