View Full Version : are orks able to fight

14-04-2006, 00:51
are non speed freak orks able to win games because I was thinking about starting them because I like the model but i'd like to win games too.
My second question is should I avoid getting them until a new ork codex comes out or will there be one anytime soon

14-04-2006, 00:57

Orks were my first army, so many years ago. They are very competitive if you want them to be, but they don't have the new flash.:( The new Codex is about a year away (best guess) so I wouldn't wait if you want to play them.

You may wish to shy away from the exotic units, but I wouldn't avoid the army as a whole. From what I understand the fun stuff will be making a return.:D

14-04-2006, 02:53
Um... I play Orks, and one other guy in my area does.

I would stay clear of foot slogger orks, at least until their new codex comes out in 2007ish.

You are going to get people who swear by foot slogging orks, but they just like the pain. Its FUN AS HELL to play foot slogger orks, but if you intend on winning more than once a year...

I would just go speed freaks. They are also tough to play, but MUCH more deadly and rewarding than foot sloggers.

Also, converting Ork vehicles in my opinion is where ITS ALL AT baby!!!

Jester Boy
14-04-2006, 05:11
I've just played a few games against orks and despite being flogged in my first game I had a really good time. Having a poo load of 'foot sloggers' with a horde feel is really fun to play against. If your a ok gamer you'll be fine.