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06-10-2011, 15:00
Hi all :) I'm new to this forum as poster, but i followed a lot of logs here,particularly the ones reguarding pre-heresy army, and finally I decided to register and start posting mine.
I've started,as u could argue from the title :P, a pre heresy TS army led by Hator Maat, master of the Pavoni cult, i have done since now 3 termies and started the conversion for Haator, actually i have photos only for the termies but Haator ones will follow as soon as I've a bit of time to make them.

Stop talking :) hope u like what u see.
(The date on the photo is wrong,i've never set the right date on my camera :P i've done this on August)


06-10-2011, 21:43
Good work. I like the scarabs.

the damned artificer
06-10-2011, 22:28
Looks good :D will follow your progress as this could turn out to be a very cool army.

Ohh and turn the date function off on your camera, it looks silly to have a date on a picture anyway :P

07-10-2011, 02:56
Great start! I am also a fan of the scarab emblems you added. I always liked the Egyptian glyphs and carvings of scarabs, and this is a perfect use for them. Loving this so far. I'll be lurking :)

08-10-2011, 17:33
Here is some shot of hatoor math conversion ^^ it's just a beginning,i still have to clear some ultramarine symbol,add scroll somewhere, finish the second arm and add something else to the heqa staff.
PS: the face is not so "rugged" as it seems from the photo,its just the macro function and the really short distance ^^')



10-10-2011, 16:13
I have found something that could be very useful ^^
Decal and symbol for the TS pre heresy,i know they must be printed on some particular paper, I will search for it this week :)


11-10-2011, 20:55
Hathor is looking very cool. I look forward to seeing him finished.

Bob Hunk
12-10-2011, 08:51
I really like the Terminators; they're a good combination of different bits and the poses are very dynamic. :)