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07-10-2011, 02:58
Got a game against a chaos horde this weekend.

(1) Slaughtermaster (Maw)
(1) Tyrant

(1) BSB with banner of eternal flame
(1) Hunter with harpoon and (2) sabretusks

(20) Gnoblars with FC
(10) Gnoblar with trappers
(8 ) Ironguts with FC and dragonhide banner (Tyrant goes here)
(7) Ogres with champ and bellower with ironfists (SM and BSB go here)

(3) Leadbelchers with champ and bellower
(3) Leadbelchers with champ and bellower
(3) Leadbelchers with champ and bellower
(4) Maneaters with champ and bellower with BoOP (poisoned attacks, sniper)

(1) Giant
(1) Giant
(1) Giant

The leadbelchers form a gun line and the ogres, ironguts and Gnoblar block line up behind each. The maneaters and giants each take a flank. The hunter/sabretusks and trappers go for the warmachines or monster hunt

07-10-2011, 04:14
do you know what he most likely bring...?
coming from a WOC player, i would expect big blocks of Maruaders probaly khorne with great weapons, and warriors or chosen with khorne and either halbreds or add hw...if he does the warriors and or chosen , then watch out for warshrines and possiby the hell cannon..

07-10-2011, 15:48
Giant are not very good - too random to work good.

08-10-2011, 06:29
3 giants? haha. that list is awesome in terms of fun. It'd definitely be a blast to play!

08-10-2011, 18:54
I feel like pirate ogres should have at least one Iron Blaster :)

Don't know how I feel about the hunter with harpoon and cats. The cat's want him to move, but the gun wants him to stand still. Keep the cats as solo models, use them to charge his diverting warhounds for easy points, or mislead his infantry blocks.

I like the flexibility of the eternal flame BSB. Does your opponent field many trolls? Might want to add him to the Lord's unit of guts if you need to go toe to toe with them. Any finally just for a bit of meta gaming, not sure what kind of gear your Tyrant has, but you could give him the item that forces rerolls for wardsaves. Help deal with that pesky mark of tzeench